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Shiba Inu Interactive Bone Toy


'It really helps my Shiba Inu to become pleasantly tired at home.'

Alessandro G., our customer
The best dog interactive bone for home conditions:
Help your Shiba Inu release his pent-up energy by providing him/her with an endless time of playing. This bone toy will never stop rolling even when colliding with walls and furniture. Wheels on the bus go round and round - like those of our rubber dog toy! But unlike other obnoxious rolling toys, this one won't stop until your pup is worn out. Made from durable high-quality rubber and PVC rings; we even set it to different modes to tire out more active dogs at their own pace!

With this Shiba Inu toy, you'll never run out of bones. You can make your dog entertained during the hours of your absence and prevent him from feeling anxious and depressed. Let your pooch have an exhausting afternoon with the flick of a switch! Take a load off and watch those doggy eyes light up for miles!
  1. Bone Weight: 570G
  2. Bone Size: 151.5*64*64mm
  3. Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
  4. Wireless connection: above BT4.0, 2.4GHz
  5. Maximum speed: 3.5 m/s
  6. Battery capacity: 470mAh
  7. Control distance: 20 meters
  8. Compatible devices: ios9.0 (or above) or Android (or above)
  9. Material: FDA class plastic and rubber
Why we love it?
Let your dog stay busy and entertained all day long. Choose between interactive auto-play modes or control the toy by installing an app on your phone. The toy is programmed to attract your dog’s attention and does not require manual operation! It features 12 types of emotionally driven systems and acts responsively to chasing, teasing, avoiding, etc.
Drive Mode: The great thing about this Shiba Inu toy is that you can control the dog toy through the Wicked bone available for iOS and Android), and move it with its virtual joystick.
Safe & durable: FDA food-grade polycarbonate of the body, cover, and tires, strong and soft, protects your puppy's claws and teeth. Long battery life: Built-in 470 mAh lithium polymer battery. USB charging for 1 hour, lasts more than 30 minutes in App mode, more than 2 hours in interactive mode, and 1 month in sleep mode!

Stainless Steel Double Shiba Inu Bowls


' The height is nice because she doesn't need as much bending over compared to other bowls - her food level matches her head better.'

Olek T., our customer Let your dog eat comfortably without the pain of getting down: Let your dog have enjoyable meals and drinks from these antibacterial Shiba Inu bowls with a metal stand. The elevated design is perfect for senior pooches who need relief to their joints and neck during meals. Collapsible, easy to install, and modern design are also some of the things why you have to choose these elevated dog bowls for your pet.
Many products on the market for senior dogs have been designed to help them cope with various ailments. There are a lot of facets that can add up and, in some cases, could be causing pain or discomfort while eating or drinking. One product design team has taken care of many potential sources of pain while dining by creating a raised dog bowl feeder! This brilliant device induces no strain when feeding your pet food or water because his/her neck will stay in a healthy posture. You may think it would take away from the traditional feeding experience but this is not so at all! Your pup will get the best feeding experience, especially if he/she suffers from arthritis, painful joints, and other skeletal disorders. Features:
  1. Bowls are made of stainless steel
  2. Removable, dishwasher safe
  3. The metal stand is durable and safe for senior dogs
  4. Ideal for pooches who suffer from arthritis and hip dysplasia
  5. By eating from these bowls your dog will relocate the pressure from his/her joints
Why we love it? We are sure that you're gonna love these Shiba Inu bowls not only because of durability but also because of the modern design. From now on, your dog will be able to relocate the pressure from his joints and neck and eat from antibacterial bowls. Stainless steel dog bowls are one of the best picks for pooches with a tendency to allergies. Therefore, if your Shiba Inu deals with allergies too, then these bowls should become your choice.  

Summer Cooling Shiba Inu Corner Mats


'This mat is the first place where my dog goes when we get back from a summer walk!'

Kendra V., our customer The best dog cooling bed for Shiba Inus: There's nothing better than having a cool and safe spot for the summer rest. This Shiba Inu Corner Mat will become your dog's best friend on hot summer days because the fabric provides a pleasant cooling effect. It's made of waterproof ice cotton fabric and provides a dog with an immediate cooling effect after summer strolls. Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from overheating. That's why we have to pay attention to their hydration and allow them to spend time in cool and safe spots in the house.
Take a load off your dog's back with the cool relief that this entertaining ice cream-styled bed provides. Because it has an elevated, scooped top edge for resting their head, it prevents those awkward and uncomfortable neck positions. It is so soft and comfy they may never want to get up again! Be on guard because after you buy one of our cooling beds we suspect you'll immediately be lavishing all three designs. Features:
  1. The pad bed is made of ice cotton fabric
  2. The outer layer is waterproof fabric, easy to clean
  3. The top side features elevated edges
  4. A perfect place for cozy and safe sleeping
  5. It prevents a dog from overheating
  6. To get the best effect, it should be placed out of direct sunlight
  7. Ice cream inspired design
Why we love it? Every dog owner wants to provide his/her dog with a safe and cool place for sleeping. This summer mat is ideal to use in those high temperatures when your Shiba Inu needs a cozy spot for chilling, The mat features an anti-slip bottom and ice cotton fabric on top that will keep him safe from overheating. You can choose between different sizes and designs, and we are sure that your pooch will enjoy spending time on this mat.

Anti Slip Shiba Inu Double Bowls


'No more dirty floors after my dog's meals. This anti-spill design simply rocks!'

Melo B., our customer The best dog bowls for messy and greedy eaters: Keep your Shiba Inu's meals and water safe from spilling by choosing dog bowls made of high-quality stainless steel placed on a silicone anti-slipping mat. We all know how hard it can be to control your playful pup on a day when it's really hungry. Chances are, the food gets scattered around more than in the dogs' mouths with high-energy dogs or sensitive pooches with health concerns. So what's the solution to this doggy mess? Some stainless steel dog bowls and an anti-spill mat we have here at Shiba Inu Shop! These modern Shiba Inu feeding bowls come in different sizes and shapes so you can choose which ones best suit your home and pet ownership needs.
Besides standard dog bowls, you can also choose the set that consists of an anti-choke bowl and a water bowl. Anti-choke feeding bowls are perfect for greedy eaters that are prone to fast eating. By using the anti-choke bowl, your dog will learn to 'work for his food' and won't deal with painful gasses and bloating. Features: 1. Made of environmentally friendly silicone material of cyclic utilization no pollution to the human body and the environment, safe, non-toxic, and odorless! 2. Contains silicone material with soft, flexible, durable, non-slip, and anti-pollution properties, no need of worrying about the breakage of pet bowl; 3. The protruding edge design to play an anti-spilling and leakage proof role; 4. Two stainless steel pet bowls to get the dog food and water placed separately, easy to remove or wash at any time; 5. All-in-one design of pet bowl and mat, easy to fold and store as the essential pet feeding supplies; Why we love it? Your dog will love to eat meals and drink water from these bowls because it comes with an anti-slip silicone bottom. Besides, you can also place a slow-feeding bowl inside in case your pooch eats fast.  The bowls are durable, unbreakable, and dishwasher safe. The bottom can be only hand washed in cold or mild water. Available in different sizes, and suitable for dogs of all ages, these food bowls will surely stay your pet's meal and water dish for years.  

Shiba Inu Automatic Voice Feeder


My anxious pup stays entertained when I'm outside the house. It really soothes his anxious episodes.'

Yana M., our customer The Best Automatic Feeder for dogs who spend a lot of time alone: From now on, your Shiba Inu won't deal with anxiety during your absence because this Automatic Dog Feeder will keep his mind occupied and stomach full. Have you ever felt guilty about leaving your pup home alone while you're away? Have no worries! Stay calm and confident with this amazing product. This sleek, automatic feeder is perfect for solo pet owners like yourself.
Record your voice and soothe your Shiba Inu's anxiety. It will help in keeping your dog's mind occupied and entertained all day long. Schedule timers so that at mealtime your dog will be greeted by your recorded voice exclaiming "MEAL TIME!". Let this amazing product take care of it for you all day - making sure there's fresh food available when your furry friend needs it. Features:
  1. You can feed 4 meals at a scheduled time
  2. Every meal have 1-20 portion controls
  3. The infrared smart sensor
  4. Allows you to record your voice
  5. Works on a power adapter or batteries
  6. Removable, easy to clean
  7. Material: ABS + stainless steel
  8. Input: AC 100 to 240 V
  9. Output: 5 V / 0.2 A
  10. Voice record: 10 second
  11. Weight: 3.54 pounds ( 1.61kg )
  12. Size: 18.6×32.4×35.6cm( 7.32×12.76×14inch)
Why we love it? You can feed your pet 4 meals at scheduled times, and every meal has 1-20 portion controls, which can help the pet to develop a good eating habit. Infrared induction: With an infrared smart sensor, when the bowl fills with a certain amount of food. The machine will stop automatically and prevent food from spilling. Voice recorder: This feeder will allow you to record your voice in 10 seconds, so it will call your pet to come and enjoy his meal time with your voice. Eliminates the loneliness and anxiety of your Shiba Inu during your absence. Multipower supply: You can either use the power adapter or batteries (not included) in order to deliver power to your automatic pet feeder. Keeps food fresh: The head part where you put the food features good leak proofness and keeps food fresh. The feeder will deliver fresh food for your pet. The bowl is made with high-quality stainless steel which is removable and easy to clean.

Shiba Inu Anti-Slip Bowl Mat


'It really shortens my time of cleaning after my dog's meals. The bowls stay in one place even when he eats greedily'

Adam R., our customer The anti-skid mat that keeps the bowls in one place: From now on, your Shiba Inu feeding bowls will have a pleasant time of eating thanks to this Shiba Inu Anti-Slip Bowl Mat! It will keep the bowls in one place even if your pup is a messy eater. The mat features a special harsh surface that is made of PVC.
Keep your floors in pristine condition and make mealtime more enjoyable for everyone with the anti-skid mat for dog bowls. The specially made top layer of PVC is scratch-resistant and prevents wet food spills; we recommend you add one to your cart today! Choose between gorgeous colors, and wash them with water when needed. Features:
  1. Made of solid PVC that features combed plastic shape
  2. Anti-slip mat with anti-slip bottom
  3. Dimension: 45*26cm/1.77*1.02 inch
  4. Available in different colors
  5. Waterproof and scratch-resistant
  6. Perfect for greedy eaters
Why we love it? If you want to keep your floor clean of your dog's food and water, then it's the ultimate time to use this anti-slip bowl mat. It will keep your Shiba Inu's bowls in one place and prevent spilling food and water. The mat is bite and scratch-resistant and also waterproof, so your carpet and tiles will stay dry and clean.

Ceramic Shiba Inu Wooden Stand Bowl


'The most elegant and the most practical feeding and water bowl for my Shiba! I love the marble pattern!'

Stella G., our customer Clean & Stylish Scandinavian Design: Serve up your dog's daily meals in this elegant and modern Ceramic Shiba Inu bowl. Available in different varieties, your pooch will have enjoyable mealtimes. It's time to ditch the old plastic bowls for a durable and high-quality ceramic bowl that comes with a stand. There is no need to break your finances because you can choose from single or double sets that are available in different colors! The dishwasher-safe ceramics are also eco-friendly and perfect for our pets' needs.
The elegant wooden stand will keep the bowl there off of all that expensive carpet or flooring, and you can even put some water in the bowl for a hydrated pup; we’re getting thirsty just looking at it! Choose between gorgeous pastel colors and even marble designs that will bring a stylish detail to your interior too. Features:
  1. The bowls are made of antibacterial ceramic
  2. Choose between single or double bowls in a pack
  3. The bowl comes with an anti-slipping wooden stand
  4. They feature modern Scandinavian design
  5. Dishwasher safe
  6. Capacity: 400 ml
Why we love it? Made of 100% porcelain ceramic and natural wood material, these bowls are free of lead and cadmium. The wooden stand prevents the bowls from sliding around, while the smooth surface offers convenient cleaning. You can order the bowl separately or in a double pack. The design is inspired by Scandinavian culture and it easily fits different interiors.

Slow Feeding Shiba Inu Bowl


'A great way to decrease stomach gasses in your dog. My dog eats 5 times slowlier!'

Ioana D., our customer The best Shiba Inu bowl for dogs with flatulence: Slow down your dog's mealtime and prevent him from bloating and flatulence by using one of these Slow Feeding Shiba Inu Bowls. With a spiral design inside the bowl, your furry friend will eat 10 times longer and will have to work for his/her food.
Get ready to watch your dog chew his food, rather than just inhale it like he normally does. The anti-choke bowl will slow down meals and make chewing easier for your pup. Make mealtimes less stressful and more satisfying with our simple solution: The anti-choke bowl! Gone are those endless moments of watching your hungry little pup madly chew his/her meal. It's never too late for a change. All that's left now is healthy food access, quick clean-up, and a gasses-free belly. Features:
  1. available in different shapes
  2. prevent the dog from painful stomach bloating
  3. easy to clean
  4. available matching water bowls as well
  5. anti-slip bottom that keeps your Shiba Inu's bowl in one place
Why we love it? Teach your dog to eat slowly by allowing him to eat from this Slow-feeding Shiba Inu Bowl. The bowl is available in different shapes and features circular partitions that will make your dog work for his food. This Shiba Inu bowl is 100% BPA-free and easy to clean with soapy mild water. During the dog's young age, it's extremely important to use slow feeding bowls because our four-legged friends tend to eat fast.

Collapsible Shiba Inu Bowl


'A handy solution for my dog's meals and water when we spend time outdoors!'

Kimberly K., our customer The Shiba Inu bowl that takes up the least space: From now on, your dog will be able to enjoy his meals and drink water from the dog bowl even if you're planning to spend a day outdoors. The Collapsible Shiba Inu Bowl represents the ultimate solution when traveling, walking, and camping with your furry friend.
As many pet owners know, your furry family member can always be counted on for a little mischief. They're inventive when it comes to making messes, whether that's by eating their food out of the bowl or playing in mud outside before coming back into the house. You'll never have these issues with this bowl because you'll never leave home without it—it collapses down to 1" tall and is small enough to attach easily to your dog's leash. For all those people who hate carrying around bulky items when walking their dog, fear no more - this silicone, collapsible bowl will eliminate clutter wherever you go! Features:
  1. Collapsible, easy to use, and carry
  2. Feels very soft, smooth, lightweight,
  3. Made of high-quality silicone material, no smell, non-toxic
  4. Material: Silicone
  5. Easy to hook up on the leash or backpack
  6. 1000ml :Top Diameter:17.5cm, Unfolded height: 7cm,Folded height: 1.5cm
  7. 350 ml :Top Diameter:13cm, Unfolded height: 5cm,Folded height: 1cm
Why we love it? The collapsible Shiba Inu bowls offer a safe, convenient, and portable food and water option for every pet owner! The dish is collapsible and comes with carabiner clips to easily clip to a leash, bookbag, handbag, belt loop to easily take with you on the go. The bowls are portable, easy-to-clean, so you'll have an option that is convenient to bring along when you are walking your dog, traveling, hiking, or taking a trip to the dog park. Made with food-grade silicone, each bowl is BPA and lead-free for safety and is truly an ideal addition to your assortment of pet supplies for your four-legged friends!

Shiba Inu Warm Bed


'The bed seems very cozy for my dog! She simply enjoys spending time on it.' 

Nick R., our customer A dog bed that suits pooches of all ages: This dog bed combines the cradling and support with the cozy comfort of soft, plush interior bolsters to keep your pet feeling secure and comfortable. It's available in 2 colors, and comes with an anti-slip surface that will keep the dog bed in one place when your Shiba jumps in.
Thanks to the easy-clean fabric, this Shiba Inu bed will be easy to maintain. In just a few strokes of a damp cloth, you'll remove all the dirt, dander, and dead hair of your dog. The elevated edges provide your pet with a feeling of safety and serve as a pillow. Since the bed is filled with pp cotton, your dog will get complete comfort overnight. Features:
  1. filled with PP cotton
  2. warm, soft, shapes according to the pet's body
  3. easy to clean with a damp cloth and machine washable at 30
  4. the bed is made of durable and anti-scratch plush
  5. features anti-slip bottom
Why we love it? Since we all know how much quality sleep and rest are important, we need to pay special attention when choosing a bed for your furry friend. This Shiba Inu bed features elevated edges that will serve as a pillow and high-quality plush that is easy to clean. The bottom is covered with silicone pins to keep the bed in one place and prevent sliding when the dog jumps on it.  

Shiba Inu Octopus Toy


'It so funny to see my dog fighting this Octopus toy!'

Tanner R. our customer The best pick for playing fetch with your four-legged friend: Get ready to watch the funniest fight between an Octopus and your Shiba with this creepy and squeaky Shiba Inu Toy. It's a never-ending game of fetch - and it's for dogs! The long legs of the Octopus Toy will keep your furry friend coming back for more. Plus, each leg releases squeaky to make even the most stoic pup go wild with delight.
The company that makes this octopus toy is totally committed to making playtime great for your Shiba Inu. Your furry friend will definitely love the long legs, which will help him get pounce-ready on his next game of fetch with you. When the toy gets dirty, you can wash it in a machine and the quality plush won't lose shape even after rough plays. Features:
  1. made of durable plush
  2. machine washable
  3. available in different colors
  4. releases a squeaky sound
  5. ideal for playing fetch
  6. the Octopus legs will trigger the dog's attention
Why we love it? Your dog will enjoy playing with this funny Octopus toy because 8 legs will swing and move around as your dog carries it in his mouth. The toy is made of plush, so you can also wash it in a machine when it gets dirty. Choose your favorite color, and let the endless game begin!

Interactive Shiba Inu Puzzle Toy


'My Shiba plays hours and hours with this toy while I'm finishing my errands'

Tom U., our customer The best Shiba Inu toy to keep a dog occupied and entertained: Keep your dog entertained, improve his intelligence, and teach him to eat slowly with this fun and interactive Shiba Inu Puzzle Toy. This clever toy features hidden compartments that require tricky sniffing and paw-work to score a delicious diet obstacle. A dog's appetite will stay in check, while he improves his intelligence with this companion game designed expressly to keep them busy during the owner's absence.
A good, old-fashioned dog puzzle toy is the perfect way to spend those long hours without your beloved 4-legged friend. This one not only has hidden compartments that you fill with irresistible treats for pooches to find as they work their little canine brains, but also helps teach them to eat slowly -- just like humans! Features:
  1. The toy is available in different shapes and designs
  2. It's made of wood or non-toxic PVC
  3. An ideal choice for anxious dogs who chew home items
  4. Improves the dog's intelligence and makes a dog to work for the food
Why we love it? This Shiba Inu toy is available in many shapes and options, and it allows you to teach your dog to eat slowly. At the same time, it will help your Shiba to work for his food and distract the attention from the owner's absence. To use this toy, you should hid the treats inside of hidden boxes and your Shiba will have to discover how to reach them.