Fat Shiba Inu: How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight?

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If you own a fat Shiba Inu, and you don’t know how to help your pet, then this blog post is for you. Owning a fat and unhealthy dog isn’t cute. Obesity leaves a bad effect on your dog’s heart, organs, and causes difficulties with breathing. Although obesity in Shiba Inus is not common, the dog’s weight will depend on many factors. Besides choosing a well-balanced and healthy diet, your furry friend should have a lot of activities.

fat shiba inu

Why do you own a fat Shiba Inu?

Owning a fat Shiba Inu is not the fault of your dog. It’s your fault! You’re the one responsible for your pet’s health and fitness. Sometimes, dog owners are not even aware that they are the main culprits for their dog’s obesity. Overfeeding your Shiba with treats, and food leftovers can be only some of the reasons. Besides, if your dog doesn’t go on multiple daily strolls, and doesn’t play fetch or run, then he has no opportunity to burn excessive calories.

Another mistake that owners of Shiba Inus do is ‘following the guidelines on the package of dog food’. Note that every dog is different. So, you’ll know when is the time to stop from the moment you notice your Shiba Inu starts to rapidly gain weight. The directions written on the bag are only guidelines that may vary up to 30 %.

When did a Fat Shiba Inu become popular?

When we say popular, we think of a picture of a dog called Cody. This Shiba Inu was unhealthy fat that he could barely walk and move. However, there were still people who thought this dog is cute and cuddly. Cody’s pictures were shared all over the internet and while some were appalled, others thought he was cute.

fat shiba inu

Fortunately, Cody got a new home, so his new owner put him on a different diet and helped him lose weight. This dog previously lived with an older couple, so we guess they didn’t know to provide him with a better diet and care.

What is a healthy weight of a Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inus are considered very active, muscular, and vivacious dogs who are usually not prone to obesity. Since they are always looking for interaction and play, we can say they won’t be a good pick for lazy owners. Even though Shibas are independent, they are still loyal to their owners. At the same time, they can be difficult to train due to their stubborn nature.

To live with a healthy Shiba Inu, it’s essential to choose a well-balanced diet that will feature a proper amount of proteins and carbohydrates. These pooches belong to small to medium size dogs, and there isn’t a considerable size difference between males and females.  Most Shibas become fully grown when they are about 12 months old and their muscles shape by the 18th month.

A healthy weight for male Shiba Inus is between 8-11 kg, while for females, it should range between 6.9-9 kg.

A struggle of a fat Shiba Inu: How to help a dog to lose weight?

If you feed your pup table scraps or give him treats at every mealtime, it will be hard for him not to pack on the pounds quickly–especially if he doesn’t get enough exercise! Before starting any new diet plans with guidance from a vet, make sure your dog doesn’t have diabetes or other underlying conditions. You can talk to your vet before switching your Shiba to a new diet and ask him to perform blood and urine tests.

There are several options to help your Shiba Inu lose weight:

  • Switching to a raw (BARF diet)
  • Including low-sodium ingredients
  • Increase activity
  • Avoid commercial snacks
  • Adding fresh veggies instead of biscuits for rewarding

BARF diet for Shiba Inus includes feeding your dog with raw and fresh ingredients such as raw meat, and fresh fruits and veggies. You can also include boiled rice because it’s low in calories and won’t disturb a dog’s belly.

Cutting back on calories will also help your dog lose weight. If Shiba Inu shows mobility issues, then you should gradually increase his activities. In the beginning, your dog might quickly get tired and also have issues with breathing. However, by cutting back on calories and providing him with toys he can play with, your dog will make a good start.

Owning a fat Shiba Inu might be a devastating moment for you as an owner. Sometimes, we overdo feeding our pets because we think they are hungry all the time. So, that’s why it’s important to know when is the time to stop. Your Shiba should have a feeding schedule and always eat at the same time of the day. By respecting your dog’s feeding routine, you’ll make an important step in changing his quality of life.

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