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3D Shiba Inu Bookmark


'This lovely Shiba Inu bookmark brings more fun to my page-turning adventures!'

Layla C., our customer A unique bookmark for Shiba Inu lovers: Shiba Inu's expressive face will make you feel the book is talking to you and bring some funny mood in your reading time. What more can a good bookmark do? Not every bookmark needs power, but this one just might have something that will take your reading experience to another level. You can get this one for yourself or as a gift for someone else who agrees with you that Shiba Inus are the most hilarious dogs in the world - everyone deserves cute stuff once in their life!
There's nothing like seeing the face of an adorable dog looking at you while reading. But for those who long to see the wonderful world behind them, this bookmark is perfect! Made with durable PVC and flexibility, it has all of these amazing qualities. Features:
  • The bookmark is made of PVC
  • Inspired by a screaming Shiba Inu's face
  • Practical and cute gift for Shiba Inu owners
  • Brings fun and lovely detail to your time of reading
Why we love it? When you're reading an engaging book, you want a bookmark that's the best talking to keep your place. The 3D Shiba Inu Bookmark is more than just a piece of plastic. He'll be there more than plastered in any other shape- it looks like he could jump out and scare anyone who dares to touch your book! Plus, his cute little face will spoil the mystery on what lies ahead in this story for hours to come!

3D Shiba Inu Cluth Bag


' Carefully made for every girl who loves Shiba Inus and cares for her style.'

Katy T., our customer The bag that can be worn by kids, teenagers, and adults: Spice up your outfit and choose a unique clutch bag that will make you look trendy and chic on every occasion. Forget about boring handbags that just look like any other tote bag, 'cause this one is nostalgic! This doll-sized small purse is perfect for people who love dogs. The design is inspired by Shiba Inu dogs and it's very convenient to put all your essentials in and carry with you - not bulky at all!
This bag is the perfect accessory to complete the look for any girl who is loved by her Shiba Inu. Your new best friend will always be there to help you with your day-to-day tasks, with all its adorableness and style. The bag is emblazoned with realistic details and it perfectly displays the face of a Shiba Inu. Features:
  1. The bag is easy to match with different styles
  2. It's made of soft, printed fabric with realistic details of a Shiba Inu dog
  3. Width 18cm, Height 24cm, Thickness 2cm, Shoulder Length 120cm
  4. Adorable gift for kids and adults
  5. Hand washable in cold water
  6. Eye-catching detail for different occasions
Why we love it? We bet you won't go unnoticed by wearing this unique 3D Shiba Inu clutch bag. It features high-quality print and it's made in the shape of a Shiba's body. The long shoulder chain allows you to wear it in different ways and the design gives you a dose of catchy and sassy styles. The bag is big enough to pack your essentials such as your keys, mobile, documents, and wallet. It can be easily matched both with sports and casual styles and can be the perfect pick for a gift.

Anti-Slip Shiba Inu Socks


'He's able to walk up the stairs without slipping now and it'll totally protect his paws too'

Jacob C., our customer The dog socks that are worth checking out: How many times did you want to protect your dog's paws from hot pavements in the summer and icy terrains in the winter? Thanks to Anti-Slip Shiba Inu Socks, your fluffy Shiba Inu will feel comfy and safe to walk on hot summer days! The bottom is anti-slip and they are thick enough to protect his paws from heat, cold, or any sharp object he/she might come in contact with while walking around the house.
If your pets are slipping all over the place, you should invest in this product. It will give them some traction and protect their paws from environmental hazards. You can choose between many gorgeous patterns and wash them in a machine when they get dirty. Features:
  1. mechanical protection against hot sand, and hot concrete
  2. made of elastic polyester
  3. anti-slip bottom
  4. 4pcs in the pack
  5. knitted socks, available in cute designs
  6. machine washable
  7. made of durable fabric
  8. the bottom is covered with rubber
  9. suitable for senior dogs to improve traction
Why we love it? You'll love to see your Shiba Inu wearing these socks because they will protect his sensitive paw pads from hot pavements. Besides, they are also suitable for older pooches who started to experience mobility issues. The socks are available in multiple designs and sizes and can serve as the perfect protection of sharp terrains, hot sand, and even icy pavements.

Chubby Cheeks Shiba Inu Keychain


'The colors are great, as well as the details on the tiny Shiba's body! Perfect gift idea for dog lovers!'

Sonya V., our customer The cutest gift idea for Shiba Inu owners:
Add a hilarious and cute detail to your favorite everyday bag by choosing our Chubby Cheeks Shiba Inu Keychain made of durable resin. The cute chubby cheeks of these smiling Shiba Inus will always be ready to decorate your backpack, purse, and hold your keys.

The keychain is available in three colors and features a durable alloy hook that won't crack or open until you decide to do it. Each detail is carefully crafted with plenty of love for Shiba Inus, so you'll want to squeeze those fatty cheeks whenever you can.
  1. Material: alloy and resin
  2. Available in different colors and variants
  3. Perfect present for a Shiba Inu lover
  4. Easy to attach to different items
  5. Durable and unbreakable
  6. A stunning detail for your bag, wallet, or backpack

Why we love it?

Carrying around keys and without a keychain can make you disorganized. How many times have happened to forget where you've left one of the most important essentials in your life? Keychains are equally important both for men and women, even if it is just to complete a look or make a statement of how much you love authentic materials. This unique and charming Shiba Inu keychain will put a smile on everyone's face because they're created with plenty of love for these foxy pooches. Inspired by their fluffy appearance and chubby cheeks, these keychains will bring a dose of cuteness to any combination of clothes, and outfits.

Curious Shiba Inu's Owner Cap


' Great addition to my summer outfit when I want to stay safe from summer hotness.'

Alexandra U., our customer Essential sun protection for outdoor adventures: This sporty baseball cap is characterized by a simple yet stylish look. Embellished with a printed Shiba Inu, it will look good with any outfit and is a definite must-wear for the sunny season! Just remember how many times you felt nervous about a strong light obstructing your view. Well, thanks to this sporty cap, you can enjoy spending sunny days outdoors without feeling uncomfortable.
This baseball cap is made of lightweight and breathable fabric that doesn't cause sweating. It's available in many colors, and the unisex design makes it a perfect gift for Shiba Inu moms and dads. You can set the size by adjusting a velcro closure on the back, and handwash it in cold water when it gets dirty. Features:
  1. It's made of pleasant and breathable canvas fabric
  2. Available in different colors
  3. Adjustable velcro on behind to set the size
  4. Hand washable or dry cleaning
  5. A must-have item for everyday wear
Why we love it? This sporty Shiba Inu baseball cap features an unstructured and lightweight design. Therefore, it will be good to go for both the great outdoors or a night in town. Embellished with a printed Shiba Inu sticker, this cap will be easy to match both with sporty and casual outfits. It rocks a classic unstructured design, so it will be a  welcome addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Cute & Lovely Shiba Inu Doormat


'I placed it in my bath and it absorbs the water so quickly. What a wonderful addition to my interior.'

Michelle V., our customer Super-absorbing fibers for your interior: Welcome your guests by showing how much you adore Shiba Inus! Made of high-quality polyester fibers, this doormat features super absorbent capacity, fast evaporation, and floor protection from moisture. A lovely and fluffy Shiba will always be there to greet you and put a smile on everyone's face.
This super-soft Shiba Inu doormat will decorate your bathroom, bedroom entrance, and other places that are exposed to outdoor elements. By placing this doormat to specific places in your house, you'll keep your floors clean from dirt. Since it's made of soft and shaggy fibers, this mat will absorb the moisture in only a few seconds. Another great feature is that you can wash it in a washing machine and let it air dry. Features:
  1. Material: Polyester fiber
  2. Item size: 80*50cm/31.44*19.65inch(L*W)
  3. Package Weight: 450g/15.387oz
  4. Machine and hand washable. Simply toss the whole mat into the washing machine, wash cold, hang to dry, or air dry flat.
  5. Non-slip bottom
  6. A great idea for a gift for Shiba Inu owners
  7. High-absorbent fibers protect the floor from water
Why we love it? Not only because of the cute pattern of a Shiba but also because of the quality, you're gonna love to see this doormat in front of your door. It can be used in your bedroom, hallway, home entrance as an indoor mat, in the kitchen, or as an outside door mat. A non-slip bottom provides an excellent grip that is suitable for tiles, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, etc.    

Double-Sided Shiba Inu Keychain


'Lovely, cute, and unbreakable! The keychain just the way I wanted!'

Cynthia Q., our customer Add a lovely addition to your keychain collection:

Let your fluffy and foxy four-legged become your main key keeper. Somehow, keychains went from actually holding keys to adding extra detail to our everyday bags as well. You can attach it wherever you want- to your backpack, purse, wallet, or use it as a classic keychain. It's made of durable, elastic rubber, so it will stay by your side for many years.

The keychain features a strong clasp to prevent the loss of keys. Let this smiling face always remind you of how much you adore your four-legged friend. It will also represent a cute gift for special persons in your vicinity who are fans of Shiba Inu breed. Features:
  1. The best way to personalize your purse
  2. Made of soft and quality rubber
  3. Double-sided keychain
  4. Give a new life to your old bag
  5. Perfect idea for a gift
Why we love it? Who can better keep your keys safe than your Shiba Inu? With these adorable keychains, your everyday bags can get an eye-catching dash. Besides, you can also attach them to your wallet, or some other tiny makeup kit to make it more visible and attractive. When this keychain gets dirty, you can easily clean it with wet wipes. A metal keyring is durable, and it won't crack even by holding multiple keys. When in doubt about what to buy for a Shiba Inu lover or admirer, this keychain will surely be the right pick. Let everyone know that you're a huge fan of these amazing creatures.

Fruity Shiba Inu Keychain


'The combination of green details caught my eye! Exactly what every keychain should provide.'

Sharlotte F., our customer
Cheerful details and fresh colors for better visibility:
Let your lovely Shiba Inu follow you wherever you go and always remind you to bring your keys!  Fruity Shiba Inu Keychain is a great way to show your love for this foxy-looking dog breed. It's made of soft yet durable rubber. It's very practical but also super cute, which makes it the perfect gift for Shiba Inu owners and lovers of this breed!

This is not an ordinary keychain. It is a delightful dog-shaped keychain, perfect for the most charming of pet lovers. The Shiba Inu Keychain is made of rubber with a zinc alloy base, and it will remind you where you've left your keys every day. So go on, spend some time cuddling with this pup - your keys are safe in its little paws. Features:
  1. Made of elastic rubber
  2. Inspired by the love for Shibas
  3. Emblazoned with avocado and watermelons
  4. Golden color keyring and hook up
  5. You can attach it to your bag, purse, wallet, and even your dog's leash as a cute detail.
Why we love it? We bet you won't find a cuter keychain than this one! Choose between Avocado and Watermelon Shibas and let your furry friend always stay with you. The keychain is made of durable rubber so it can't crack. Besides for carrying keys, you can also use it as a lovely detail to your backpack, purse, bag, or some special item. If you're in doubt about what to buy for a Shiba Inu lover, we ensure you that you won't make a mistake by buying this gift.

High-Absorbing Shiba Inu Poncho Towel


'No more using several towels to dry my dog's coat after baths. This dog poncho really makes a difference.'

Brad H., our customer Dog towel with high absorbing feature: Say goodbye to wet dog smell with High-Absorbing Shiba Inu Poncho Towel! One robe which features a high absorbing power will catch your eye with its soft terry material that gently wraps around your dog's body. It soaks up any excess water so you don't require to use a hairdryer afterward. You can also machine wash it for easy cleaning.
Keep your pup feeling dry and cozy after swimming or bathing with this terry dog towel. The velcro closure on the belly is both fastening and easy to use, so your Shiba Inu won't be shedding all over the house. It's practical to use and really saves your time and energy. Since we all know there's nothing worse than feeling the smell of wet dog fur in the nose, finding a quality and high-absorbent dog towel is priceless. Features:
  1. Safe to machine wash and dry
  2. A small size that’s great for the car, on the go, and in the mudroom
  3. Highly absorbent, fast-drying fabric makes drying off quick and easy
  4. Easy-to-wear dog towel
  5. Available in 5 sizes from XS to XL
  6. Machine washable
Why we love it? We love this Shiba Inu towel because it wraps around your dog's whole body and absorbs the water from his fur. In that way, you'll save your time, and prevent your dog from catching a cold. This towel is also great to use in your car because you'll keep a good part of your dog's fur beneath it. You can also choose between many sizes and set the velcro straps around your dog's belly. This bathrobe can also be used in case your Shiba Inu gets wet in the rain or snow. It will help them absorb the moisture quickly from his/her fur.

Mona Lisa's Shiba Inu Men T-Shirt


The art and my favorite creature in the world in one clothing piece! I'm sooo in love with this tee!'

Michael P.,our customer
The T-shirt where two centuries collide:
Nothing can beat a trendy and comfy tee that will make your outfit complete. Mona Lisa's Shiba Inu Men T-Shirt will bring a dose of urban and vintage spirit at the same time. Even though it looks like Mona Lisa and Shiba Inus don't have anything in common, the truth is actually different. Their 'smiles' were our inspirational muses when we decided to create this t-shirt.

Made of the highest quality cotton fabric, this tee will suit even people with sensitive skin. It's lightweight, breathable, and features high-absorbing power. In that case, you won't feel overheated even on the hottest summer day.
  1. Made of 100 % preshrunk cotton
  2. High-quality print on the front, non-toxic colors
  3. Vintage and urban style in one. The t-shirt inspired by art and history.
  4. Perfect for everyday wear
  5. Casual piece of clothing with a unique design
  6. Machine washable
  7. Colors that won't fade
Why we love it? Did you know that Shiba Inus are older than Mona Lisa? Well, if you take a look at their history, you'll realize they're one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. That's why we think this tee represents a good combination of vintage, ancient, and modern. Show everyone that you're a proud Shiba Ken's dad and wear this original and unique tee wherever you go. Made of breathable and preshrunk cotton, this T-shirt will provide you with a pleasant and comfortable effect.

Muscular Shiba Inu AirPods Case


'A great & cheap investment to protect my very expensive investment. Definitely a smart choice for my AirPods.'

Anna B., our customer Both funny and smart pick for keeping my AirPods safe: Thanks to this Muscular Shiba Inu, no one will dare to approach your precious AirPods! The Muscular Shiba Inu case is a great waterproof option for anyone who needs full protection for their AirPods 1, AirPods 2, or pro. Since it's made of shock-resistant polycarbonate and silicone cand will survive accidental falls.
The case supports wireless charging and has a hole at the bottom to allow access to your AirPods charging port. In that way, you can charge them without removing the case. It's also important to note that, unlike some other cases, this one doesn’t have a dust cap to protect the charging port. Therefore, keep it out of the water and dusty places. Features:
  1. made of soft and durable silicone
  2. inspired by the world-famous Shiba Inu muscular meme
  3. funny and cute gift for every Shiba Inu lover and admirer
  4. protects your earbuds from scratches, dirt, and liquids
  5. suitable for AirPods 1,2 and pro
  6. strong metal carabiner for attaching to your backpack or belt loop.
Why we love it? Who would dare to touch your precious earbuds next to this muscular Shiba dog who will keep them safe from dirt, thieves, and liquids? This adorable and unique Shiba Inu Airpods case will surely become your favorite item for carrying your Apple gear. Let everyone know what creature you love the most by carrying this outstanding piece of art wherever you go.  

NASA Shiba Inu AirPods Case


'Super easy to clean off after bouncing around in my bag. It's durable too!'

Mina T., Our customer Easy to attach and carry your AirPods with style: Do you want this handsome Shiba Inu astronaut to protect your important tech gear? From now on, your Apple earphones will stay safe from dirt and cracks by carrying them in this AirPods case made of durable and elastic silicone.
Whether you want to clip the case to your purse, keychain, or bag, or simply hold it securely, this lovely Shiba inu has you covered — it comes with a metal carabiner that you can attach as needed. Made from soft, shock-absorbing silicone, it fits snugly over your AirPods 1,2, and pro charging case. Features:
  1. Perfect solution for protecting your earphones
  2. The case cover is made of durable silicone
  3. Lightweight, soft, and comfy to hold.
  4. suitable for AirPods 1,2 and pro
  5. Durable and elastic to endure the most rigorous of adventures.
  6. Built in carabiner to be able to clip it onto your bag, belt loops, or wherever you want.
Why we love it? NASA Shiba Inu AirPods Case is perfect for protecting those precious in-ear miracles. The case slips right over the case and adds a bit of thickness to your Apple gear. Thanks to soft coating, the dust will stay away from earphones. And...that's not all! Made in the shape of a Shiba Inu, you'll always think about your dog while listening to the music!