Go classy and sassy with our Shiba Inu Bandanas! They are available in cute patterns and will be a perfect addition to your dog’s birthday celebration and any other occasion. Easily adjustable to fit your Shiba’s neck, our dog bandanas will become the favorite items of every fashionable pet.

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Bandana Shiba Inu Collar


'The cutest and the safest detail when I take my Shiba Inu for a walk!'

Luke U., our customer Money-saving option that will keep your dog safe: Add a trendy detail around your Shiba Inu's neck by using the Bandana Shiba Inu Collar that features 2 in 1 solution when going on walks. It's available in different colors and the traditional metal buckle allows you to easy set the size.
In case you're one of those Shiba Inu owners who love to make their dogs both stylish and safe when going outside, then this collar-bandana should become your pick. The artificial leather is soft and pleasant to the skin, so your dog will surely enjoy wearing it. Features:
  1. Material: PU +cotton
  2. Dimension: 30.5*0.9cm
  3. Color: Black, Red, Blue, Hot Pink
  4. Stylish detail for everyday wear
  5. Belt design that is easy to adjust
  6. Bandana and a collar in one
Why we love it? You'll adore seeing your dog wearing this Bandana Shiba Inu Collar because it adds a distinctive detail to your pet's outfit. Besides, it's also easy to attach and features a metal belt buckle and a metal D-ring. The bandana collar is available in so many gorgeous summer colors, that will certainly look adorable on your Shiba Inu. We especially love the soft PU leather that the collar is made of. By wearing this collar, your pet won't get the uncomfortable effect around his neck and develop skin irritations.

Shiba Inu Bandana


'My Shiba gets a final touch to her style with this lightweight cotton bandana.'

Lucia W., our customer Gentle design and pastel colors that will catch everyone's eye: Express your Shiba's personality with one of these gorgeous dog bandanas made of breathable and lightweight cotton. Each bandana is inspired by gorgeous pastel colors and is carefully crafted to suit everyone's style. You can easily wrap them around the dog's neck and since they're made of elastic fabric, your dog will feel comfy whatever the occasion is.
You can wrap this bandana over your Shiba Inu's collar or harness and combine it with different clothes. Let your furry friend wear it over sweatshirts, tees, and sweaters when you want to make him/her spotted. If we have to pick just one accessory to make our Shibas look even more adorable, it would definitely be a bandana. Dog bandanas bring festive vibes and make your dog look special! Features:
  1. Size:42.5 x 30cm
  2. Fabric: cotton
  3. Decorative accessories for your Shiba Inu
  4. Can be worn over collar and harnesses
  5. Hand washable in cold water
  6. Easily adjustable fit
  7. Inspired by lovely and romantic patterns
  8. One piece in a pack
Why we love it? This one-size-fits-all cotton bandana is a perfect addition to your Shiba Inu daily outfit. Every pooch wearing bandana will enjoy different colors and prints from this pack. They are soft, breathable, and represent a cute detail that won't bother your dog's neck. Since they come in light colors, they don't attract the heat, so your pooch can also wear them in the summer season. When they get dirty, your can hand wash them in cold, soapy water.  

Get unique style with our Shiba Inu Bandanas!

Dog bandanas for Shiba Inus are available in gorgeous patterns, fabrics, and colors. A quality bandana around your dog’s neck is a classic way to style up him/her whenever you want. They are trendy, adorable, and come at affordable prices. You can even create a matching combination with one of our Shiba Inu collars, shirts, or sweaters to make the outfit complete. And for special celebrations such as the New Year or Christmas, we've even prepared bandanas inspired by festive details.

Shiba Inu bandanas are easy to put on and take off. They provide the dog with cute detail, so he/she will be ready for taking family photos. Reversible dog bandanas are especially popular in our shop because they’re a money-saving option. You can switch the side whenever you want and they’re all machine washable.