Who’s told that caps and hats are only for humans? Our dogs should also wear them in certain weather conditions or when we want to make them look adorable for special occasions. Our selection of caps and hats for Shiba Inus will be a perfect addition to your dog’s outfit both on sunny days and crispy noons.

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Shiba Inu Beach Cap


'The cutest and the best way to protect my dog from the sun when we're outdoors!'

Lana V., our customer The safest way to protect your pooch from summer hotness: Protect your lovely Shiba Inu while spending time in the sun by putting this adorable Shiba Inu Beach Cap on her head. Available in many bright colors and patterns, your pooch will stay comfortable to spend time outside in the summer.
These dog caps are made of breathable mesh, so they do not provide an additional heat effect. Since the mesh is breathable and features tiny holes for ventilation, your furry friend will feel pleasant all day long. The padded ear holes are soft and carefully crafted not to irritate the dog's skin and cause allergic reactions. The caps also come with an elegant satin bowtie to bring cuteness and elegance to every pawdventure. Features:
  1. Padded ear holes
  2. Decorated with a lovely bowtie on the back
  3. Made of breathable mesh to support ventilation
  4. It can be worn wet to provide a cooling effect
  5. Elastic band goes under the chin
  6. Available in 2 sizes
Why we love it? Your fluffy Shiba will stay protected from overheating and heat stroke by wearing Shiba Inu Beach Cap. It is lightweight, soft in touch, and made of mesh that supports breathability. To get the best cooling effect, our advice is to soak the cap in the water and then put it on your dog's head. In that way, your pooch will feel pleasant walking in hot weather.

Shiba Inu Beach Set


'A wonderful matchy-matchy set for special occasions!'

Linda T., our customer Feel the protection, comfort, and fashion: Looking for some cute and stylish detail to turn your furry friend into the most fashionable dog on Earth? With this adorable straw hat, sunglasses, and chain collar, your Shiba Inu will get the ultimate touch of style! Perfect for summer days and taking photos, your furry friend will surely take the spotlight wherever paws in.
This dog straw hat offers both fashion and function. It comes with an adjustable drawstring so it will comfortably fit on your pet's head. Since it's made of breathable and natural material, it won't make your Shiba hot in summer temperatures. To fulfill the complete outfit, a massive but lightweight chain collar, and retro sunglasses will bring a dose of bada** style. Features:
  1. The set consists of a metal chain collar, straw hat, and dog sunglasses
  2. Retro sunglasses protect your dog's vision in sunny weather
  3. The straw hat is great for keeping a dog safe from heatstroke
  4. A chain collar is suitable both for daily wear and special occasions
Why we love it? Is there any cuter set for those days when you want your Shiba to look spotted and attractive? Well, we're quite sure that every owner would love to take photos of his dog while wearing this straw hat, chain collar, and sunglasses. The shape of sunglasses is inspired by the retro look and they'll keep your pooch safe from sun rays. Get your dog's summer outfits from our one-stop shop! He/she can have three different styles including sunglasses, a straw hat, or a chain collar. And the best part is that everyone will turn their heads to see that furry creature walking down the street.

Why is it important for my Shiba to wear caps and hats?

Our caps and hats are specially selected to fit Shibas and their witty personalities. Since they’re highly active and curious pooches, we need to choose only caps and hats that will perfectly sit on their fluffy heads.

We all know that not all dogs find it comfortable to wear a cap. It’s because such a routine should be implemented from an early age. Buying these accessories for your Shiba Inu is not your whimsy. They are highly recommended to be worn on hot sunny days because dogs can also get sunstroke.

Baseball caps for Shiba Inus are made of lightweight and breathable fabrics. They feature padded ear holes to prevent any discomfort and adjustable chin straps. During the summer season, your Shiba can wear it wet, because in that way you provide him with a cooling effect. Caps and hats are highly recommended to use in case you’re planning to spend a day outside.