Let your dog experience the ultimate comfort and have the best time of sleep in one of our Shiba Inu beds and houses. Just like humans, our pooches also need a ‘safe place’ where they’ll chill, rest, and relax. Shiba Inu houses are perfect for crate training and anxious four-legged friends, while dog beds come in different shapes, designs, and features.

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Shiba Inu Nest Bed


'I love to see my Shiba sharing the couch with me and feeling snug in this nest bed.'

Hilary C., our customer The best snuggler for your Shiba Inu: This adorable dog bed is made of soft and cozy plush. It looks like a blanket or a pad that quickly transforms into a cave house. To get a snug effect, your dog can sneak inside and enjoy the warmth and coziness. This Shiba Inu bed features an anti-slip bottom and you can even place it on your couch when you want to share cuddles with your furry friend.
This dog bed is perfect to use on chilly and crispy nights when your furry friends need an extra layer to stay warm. Many dog owners use this padded bed as a foot warmer as well because there's no better feeling for a dog owner than sharing a couch with his pet. When the bed gets dirty, you can wash it in a machine at 30 C. Features:
  1. made of soft and warm microfleece
  2. filled with pp cotton
  3. hand washable
  4. emblazoned with cute Shiba Inu face
  5. round shape that semi opens
  6. easy to transport
  7. it can be used as pad bed and a cave bed
Why we love it? There is no escape from winter and the cold, but at least your pet can enjoy it with a cozy Shiba Inu nest bed. Made of thick plush material and filled with pp cotton that will keep them warm on cool nights. It's semi-opened, so your pooch can sneak into it and enjoy the warmth. The Shiba Inu nest bed is adorable, comfortable, and perfect for snuggling. It features a plush exterior that mimics the appearance of a cozy doggy den. Let your dog use it as nap pad or a Couch-sharing cuddle spot in cold weather!

Shiba Inu Warm Bed


'The bed seems very cozy for my dog! She simply enjoys spending time on it.' 

Nick R., our customer A dog bed that suits pooches of all ages: This dog bed combines the cradling and support with the cozy comfort of soft, plush interior bolsters to keep your pet feeling secure and comfortable. It's available in 2 colors, and comes with an anti-slip surface that will keep the dog bed in one place when your Shiba jumps in.
Thanks to the easy-clean fabric, this Shiba Inu bed will be easy to maintain. In just a few strokes of a damp cloth, you'll remove all the dirt, dander, and dead hair of your dog. The elevated edges provide your pet with a feeling of safety and serve as a pillow. Since the bed is filled with pp cotton, your dog will get complete comfort overnight. Features:
  1. filled with PP cotton
  2. warm, soft, shapes according to the pet's body
  3. easy to clean with a damp cloth and machine washable at 30
  4. the bed is made of durable and anti-scratch plush
  5. features anti-slip bottom
Why we love it? Since we all know how much quality sleep and rest are important, we need to pay special attention when choosing a bed for your furry friend. This Shiba Inu bed features elevated edges that will serve as a pillow and high-quality plush that is easy to clean. The bottom is covered with silicone pins to keep the bed in one place and prevent sliding when the dog jumps on it.  

Summer Cooling Shiba Inu Corner Mats


'This mat is the first place where my dog goes when we get back from a summer walk!'

Kendra V., our customer The best dog cooling bed for Shiba Inus: There's nothing better than having a cool and safe spot for the summer rest. This Shiba Inu Corner Mat will become your dog's best friend on hot summer days because the fabric provides a pleasant cooling effect. It's made of waterproof ice cotton fabric and provides a dog with an immediate cooling effect after summer strolls. Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from overheating. That's why we have to pay attention to their hydration and allow them to spend time in cool and safe spots in the house.
Take a load off your dog's back with the cool relief that this entertaining ice cream-styled bed provides. Because it has an elevated, scooped top edge for resting their head, it prevents those awkward and uncomfortable neck positions. It is so soft and comfy they may never want to get up again! Be on guard because after you buy one of our cooling beds we suspect you'll immediately be lavishing all three designs. Features:
  1. The pad bed is made of ice cotton fabric
  2. The outer layer is waterproof fabric, easy to clean
  3. The top side features elevated edges
  4. A perfect place for cozy and safe sleeping
  5. It prevents a dog from overheating
  6. To get the best effect, it should be placed out of direct sunlight
  7. Ice cream inspired design
Why we love it? Every dog owner wants to provide his/her dog with a safe and cool place for sleeping. This summer mat is ideal to use in those high temperatures when your Shiba Inu needs a cozy spot for chilling, The mat features an anti-slip bottom and ice cotton fabric on top that will keep him safe from overheating. You can choose between different sizes and designs, and we are sure that your pooch will enjoy spending time on this mat.

Why is it important for your Shiba Inu to sleep in its bed?

Just like us, dogs need to have their own dog bed or house for sleeping. In that way, we will prevent them to suffer from separation anxiety and other disorders. Shiba Inu beds and houses represent safe places where your dog will feel calm, comfortable, and relaxed. Dogs should sleep in their beds due to hygienic reasons too. Their fur can carry dust, dirt, allergens, and dander that can cause allergic reactions in humans.

On the other hand, teaching your Shiba Inu to sleep in his bed will prevent him from clingy behavior. That’s how your pet will become confident and independent, which are some of the key elements for building a healthy personality.

Shiba Inu beds and houses will also make your furniture stay clean. By teaching your dog to spend time on his bed, your furniture will be free of your dog’s hair.