Let your dog always look stylish, cute, and ready for new pawdventures. In our Shiba Inu dogwear, you’ll find a wide selection of hoodies, jackets, accessories, and all those items that will help your pet taste a superior comfort. Whether you want to wrap your dog into warm clothing, or you want to make him/her look adorable on special occasions, our Shiba Inu dogwear collection will be ready to step in.

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All Over Shiba Inu Raincoat Jumpsuit


'I am so happy I bought this for my dog. It actually does what it's supposed to do and keeps her dry while we're out walking in the snow or rain. '

Lisa A., our customer

Protective shield for extreme weather conditions:

If you're searching for the ultimate solution to keep your dog's fur dry when going on walks in rainy and snowy weather conditions, then you gotta check our All Over Shiba Inu Raincoat Jumpsuit. Made of waterproof PVC fabric, it works as a water-blocking shield around your dog's body.
This dog jumpsuit will help you forget about drying your dog's fur every time you get back from a walk. Since it provides full-body coverage, your Shiba will stay dry and safe from head to paws. It also comes with a practical hood that provides extra protection for his head and ears in windy and rainy weather. And for those nighty walks...we've put reflective strips on the back to improve visibility. Features:
  1. Made of waterproof fabric that keeps the dog's fur dry.
  2. Lightweight fabric
  3. The jumpsuit cut covers the dog's whole body.
  4. The hood can be used in rainy, windy, and snowy weather
  5. Reflective strips on the dog's back
  6. Available in 4 patterns
Why we love it? Forget about using towels to dry your dog's coat every time you get back from a walk because this raincoat is a practical solution to keep your pooch dry and safe from catching a cold. All Over Shiba Inu Raincoat Jumpsuit is available in 4 patterns and it covers both front and hind legs on your Shiba Inu. Besides, it also features reflective strips on the back to improve visibility in low light conditions.  

FBI Shiba Inu Jacket


'Thick, cozy, and warm. The button closure doesn't break my dog's fur and he really enjoys wearing it.'

Mike S., our customer Turn your dog into your bodyguard: Keep your pooch always trendy, cozy, and warm with this lightweight FBI Shiba Inu Jacket. Don't hit the trails without the brave and vigorous furry friend by your side because you won't find a better guard than a four-legged FBI agent.
Whether you're trying to help your dog remain cozy during winter or just want to make sure he doesn't get wet from dewy grass, the FBI dog jacket should step in. Available in so many colors and sizes, you'll surely have a hard time choosing. If you went with your dog on an outdoor adventure, this dog hoodie will be the best pick for keeping your pooch snug, comfy, and safe. Features:
  1. Keeps the dog's coat clean from dirt, seasonal pollen, dust, and mites.
  2. Emblazoned with FBI print on the dog's back
  3. Available in different colors and sizes
  4. Button closure on the belly for easy dressing
  5. Made of 100 % cotton
  6. Decorated with white stripes on legs
Why we love it? This adorable Shiba Inu hoodie will become your four-legged friend's best pick for the chilly and crispy weather. Even thous Shiba Inus tolerate cold weather quite well, it's recommended to dress them in warm clothes when spending a prolonged time outdoors. This adorable sporty hoodie will express your dog's vivacious spirit and keep him snug and safe from collecting allergens and dirt on his coat. FBI Shiba Inu Jacket will also be a cute pick when going on special occasions in case you want to make your dog spotted.

Fruits and Veggies Shiba Inu Hoodie


'The Fruits and Veggies Shiba Inu Hoodie is the cutest thing ever. It makes our dogs look like they're cute little fruit bowls! They love it, I love it, and so will you.'

Anna G., our customer

Cute Dog Costume and Hoodie at the same time:

Turn your lovely Shiba into a juicy apple, sweet banana, and fresh carrot by dressing him/her into Fruits and Veggies Shiba Inu Hoodie. It's made of a cotton blend that is so soft in touch that you won't want to stop petting your dog. Besides it gives your pooch a unique appearance and eye-catching detail on the hood, it will provide him/her with additional warmth when going on strolls. Features:
  1. Made of a soft cotton blend with fleece lining.
  2. Hand washable and machine washable at 30 C.
  3. Practical and trendy layer for cold days. The inner fleece layer helps a dog in maintaining its optimal body temperature.
  4. A design inspired by fruits and veggies.
  5. Adjustable hoodie drawstring.
  6. Double cuffs and hem for a better fit
  7. Available in many sizes
Why we love it? We adore this Fruits and Veggies Shiba Inu Hoodie because your pet will be noticed on every step. Besides, it's practical to wear during the shedding season and when your pet needs to spend a few hours outside. The hoodie features a soft inner fleece that is very gentle in touch and provides a sort of 'blanket effect'. Since hoodies are emblazoned with fruits and veggies, your dog can even wear this hoodie at a Halloween party or some other special occasion. In case you're going with your dog on a walking or hiking adventure, this hoodie will also be the perfect addition to be worn under a waterproof Shiba Inu jacket. In that way, your pooch will stay fully protected in windy and rainy weather conditions.  

Glam & Chic Shiba Inu Sweatshirt


'I love the inspiration taken from human clothes which I find very chic!'

Sophia L., our customer

Elegant and sporty dog sweatshirt at the same time:

Let your Shiba Inu always look trendy and stylish on special occasions by wearing this sweatshirt inspired by a famous human clothing brand. It's very soft and warm in touch and gives your Shiba a final touch of style. Whether you're just going on a stroll through a local park or you're soon going to celebrate someone's birthday, your little pet will be ready to respond to any occasion. He/She will surely look like a million-dollar baby in this chic sweatshirt.
Every Shiba Inu owner needs to know these pooches are not totally resistant to cold. In other words, they should also wear protective clothing to stay safe from hypothermia and other environmental factors. Even dust, pollen, dirt, and other allergy triggers could induce itchy skin and allergic reactions in your Shiba. As one of the best solutions for protecting your pet from these elements is to dress him/her in dog clothes. This Shiba Inu sweatshirt will make your dog stand out from the crowd and look stylish wherever he/she goes. Features:
  1. made of poly-cotton blend
  2. ideal for special occasions such as someone's birthday party or wedding
  3. a practical solution for cold winter days
  4. hand washable
  5. ribbed hem and cuffs
  6. keeps your pooch protected from environmental allergens
Why we love it? Who's told that clothes are only for humans? This adorable Shiba Inu Sweatshirt can keep our dogs safe from hypothermia and environmental allergens throughout the year. It's also a chic and trendy pick for special days such as someone's birthday party, wedding, and many other occasions.

Hawaiian Shiba Inu Shirt


'It's perfect for the hot summer days and the fabric is breathable so my Shiba doesn't get hot.'

Mila S., our customer
Chic and casual shirt for Shiba Inus:
We can never get enough of buying dog shirts. They look so chic, glamorous, and stylish at the same time. Besides, they can be worn both on casual and special occasions when we want our dog to look trendy and attractive on every corner. There is no better way to celebrate summer vibes and enjoy sunny days on the beach than wearing one of these gorgeous Hawaiian Shiba Inu Shirts.

Your Shiba Inu won't feel hot while wearing this dog shirt because it's made of breathable and lightweight flannel. At the same time, your pooch will get the essential protection from UV rays and environmental allergens. The shirt is available in 8 designs and we're sure that each of it will look gorgeous on your dog.
1. Color: navy blue, white, wine red, pink
2. Size:XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL
3. ideal to wear at pool and beach parties
4. emblazoned with tropical plants and palm trees
5. hand and machine washable
6. skin-friendly and breathable fabric
7. perfect to wear on special occasions
8. elegant V-neckline
9. button closure
Why we love it? You would love to see your little Shiba wearing this shirt because it's made of lightweight fabric and features amazing tropical designs. Your Shiba will definitely become noticed on every step and will stay protected from allergens and UV rays. The button closure makes the dressing easy and prevents hair plucking.

Padded Shiba Inu Jacket


'It is deeply lined and very warm. The hood is also useful for protecting ears. The jacket has button closure, so it stays on even with the wind.'

Marco W., our customer

The best warm layer for the winter season:

Let your Shiba Inu experience real winter protection in our Padded Shiba Inu Jacket! The winter season is definitely your Shiba's favorite part of the year, so you gotta keep him snug and safe from hypothermia! Thanks to thick lining, your pup's body temperature will stay within normal limits.
Have you always wanted to have a dog with the latest fashion in winter wear? Then all your dreams can come true, because our thick dog jacket comes in 2 different colors and 4 sizes. If there are any doggies lost at night, this jacket will no longer be out of sight-out of mind; just think how flashin’ cute they’ll look with their furry friends! Life transforms into an unpredictable adventure when you own a four-legged friend. You must tackle snowdrifts, mud puddles, and rainy days together. Features:
  1. Outer layer made of water-resistant polyester
  2. Reflective strips for extra safety in low light conditions
  3. Available in many sizes and in red and grey colors
  4. Padded with pp cotton
  5. Cuffs made of elastic fabric
  6. Buttons to prevent hair twitching
  7. A high cut to prevent potty messes
  8. Easy to dress
Why we love it? Although Shiba Inus have double coats, they still need to wear warm jackets when spending prolonged time in snowy and freezy weather. The jackets are padded with pp cotton that helps a dog to maintain his optimal temperature. They also feature hoods that are practical to use when going hiking. The water-resistant fabric will keep the dog's fur dry and make his strolls more pleasant.  

Plush & Glam Shiba Inu Jacket


' I got a lot of compliments from friends when my dog wore this jacket last time. It is perfect for special occasions.'

Jack A., our customer

Glamorous jacket for your Shiba Inu:

When it's time to look sassy and classy, make sure your Shiba Inu wears this glamorous dog jacket! This dog jacket is straight up a wintry hit! Made of soft plush, and made in warm colors of Beige and Brown. Zip that puppy up, for all those chilly walks!
People think we’re nuts. They see this fluffy little barrel of love, all bundled up in a jacket, and they laugh. But here’s the truth: Dog clothes are important! We want them to be warm and stylish during the cold months when they need it most. This Shiba Inu jacket is designed with soft plush fabric that protects against chilly and crispy weather. Features:
  1. Made of soft and pleasant plush
  2. Zipper closure for easy dressing
  3. Practical hood for protecting the dog's ears
  4. High cut that prevents potty messes
  5. Hand washable at 30 C
  6. Ideal for chilly and crispy days
Why we love it? Not only because of the glamorous design but also because of the fabric, your Shiba will enjoy wearing this plush jacket. It features a zipper closure, and the hood can be worn on windy days. The pattern is inspired by famous human clothing brand, so you can even create a matching combination when going on special occasions with your lovely pet.

Police Shiba Inu Shirt


'The shirt is perfect with its light material, breathability, and print. Not to mention the price!'

Johny L., our customer

Shirt for dogs with strong personalities:

Let everyone know that your Shiba Inu is the only one who can bring order in the neighborhood by dressing him into this cool Police Shiba Inu Shirt! If you want to show everyone how 'dangerous' your dog is, then this dog tee will be the perfect pick for spring days and nights.
Did you know that this dog tee can also be used as a cooling shirt? That's right! It can keep your dog cool when exposed to direct sunlight by soaking it in the cold water. By wearing a wet vest, your foxy friend will get a pleasant effect, while a breathable mesh will give his/her skin the over-needed ventilation. As the vest starts to dry, you can splash it with water to get the same effect again. Features:
  1. funny dog shirt for spring days
  2. available in multiple sizes
  3. made of breathable mesh
  4. double sewn cuffs and hem
  5. emblazoned with 'police printing' on the back
Why we love it? From now on, no one will be allowed to enter your yard or house without your dog's permission! This hilarious Shiba Inu shirt is perfect for spring and winter strolls when you want to keep your pooch protected from environmental allergens. Made of breathable mesh and extremely lightweight, your Shiba certainly won't feel hot and unpleasant while wearing it. This tank shirt is also perfect to wear while performing special obedience classes for working dogs.

Security Shiba Inu Hoodie


'It is cozy and fits my pup just right. Plus, it's just adorable to see him wearing it! My dog looks like a handsome bodyguard wearing it.'

Sonya D., our customer.
A hoodie for dogs with 'attitude':
Let your Shiba Inu become your own security when going through the town by dressing him into this cozy and soft dog hoodie. Emblazoned with a printed inscription on his back, you'll show everyone that no one should mess with your pet. The funny 'security' print on a dog's back will be cute detail when going on walks.

Cozy, stretchable, and eye-cathing! This clothing piece is everything your dog needs to stay comfy and safe. Whether you're going on a casual stroll through the neighborhood or an extreme pawdventure, your foxy-looking four-legged friend will always bring the attitude with him!
1. Ribbed cuffs and hem
2. Made of poly-cotton blend
3. Emblazoned with a 'security' print on the back. Printed with high-quality colors that won't fade or crack
4. Machine washable at 30 C
5. Ideal for chilly autumn and winter days
6. Stretchable fabric that supports all your dog's activities
7. Gives your pet the best of fashion and function
Why we love it? If you want to make your dog both comfortable and spotted, then this hoodie should become your favorite pick. It features a breathable and lightweight fabric that will be enough to keep your Shiba Ina safe from cold on chilly and windy weather. Besides, it comes with a hilarious print on the back that will surely put a smile on everyone's face while going down the street. The hoodie fits snuggly and provides enough space for performing all types of activities. Your dog can match it with Shiba Inu jackets and coats if needs an additional protection when spending a prolonged time outside.

Shiba Inu Colorful Winter Sweater


'My Shiba always has a smile on her face when she wears it and it keeps her warm while we play in the snow. ' Olivia V., our customer

Colorful dog sweater for chilly days: Let your Shiba Inu shower you with cheerful rainbow colors in this knitted winter sweater! It's made of soft and thick acrylic wool that supports all your dog's activities. Besides, the bright and eye-catching colors make your pet noticed on every step. Whether you're going to a local park or a casual walk through the town, this Shiba Inu will make her look chic and stylish, and ready for any pawdventure.
When in doubt about what your dog should wear, choose a holiday-inspired sweater for the winter season. It's made with a full heart for Shibas and their witty natures. Choose between 2 colors and the universal size will fit both puppies and adults thanks to the stretchable fabric. Features:
  1. Perfect for staying snug and warm
  2. Adorable clothing pick for special occasions and daily walks
  3. Hand washable in mild soapy water.
  4. Made of knitted acrylic wool, very gentle and soft in touch.
  5. Stretchable and easy to dress thanks to a knitted design that shapes according to your dog's body.
  6. Festive and holiday-inspired clothing pick
Why we love it? You'll definitely adore the stretchability and vivid colors on this dog sweater. Created with plenty of love for these cute pooches, your fluffy babe will be ready for cold winter days. Let your dog enjoy the winter season to the maximum level because Shibas are the kings of snowy adventures! The high cut will prevent your pet from potty messes, while the mix of colors will make her spotted on every corner!

Shiba Inu Female Diapers


'These dog diapers save my money and make my dog clean and safe wherever we go.'

Zayed R., our customer The coziest dog diapers that make them comfortable all day long: Help your Shiba Inu female easier go through her heat by using these Shiba Inu Female Diapers. These dog diapers are comfortable, convenient, and odorless. They’re like underwear for your pup! Even senior dogs can use them in case they've started to deal with bladder incontinence. Since your dog can use them multiple times, they represent a money-saving option for your budget.
These washable dog diapers will help your Shiba Inu easier go through different life stages. Whether you own a puppy who still isn't house-trained or your senior dog deals with mobility issues and seems incapable to control the bladder, then these dog diapers will be a life-savior solution. For better protection, your dog can also wear them with sanitary pads and other diapers as well. Features:
  1. Color: Blue, Green
  2. Feature: Easy to dress on and take off
  3. An adjustable buckle, makes the diaper fit the dog's waist perfectly.
  4. Keep the dogs healthy, comfortable during periods and physical activity.
  5. Made of super-absorbent and breathable fabric
  6. Hand and machine washable
  7. Velcro closure for easy fit
Why we love it? These Shiba Inu Washable diapers work best when used with a sanitary pad. You can simply stick it in the diaper in the appropriate spot. Your Shiba Inu's tail will help keep the panties in place. You can also use this as a cover for disposable doggie diapers if you’d prefer. They can also be used separately because in most cases, they will be enough to keep your space clean.  

Shiba Inu Frog Hoodie


'My dog can be my frog for Halloween, my birthday, and even Valentine's Day. Super plush and comfortable, I feel like I'm giving him the most thoughtful gift in the world.'

Monica L., our customer Funny dog hoodie for every occasion: Turn your lovely Shiba into a fluffy frog for special occasions such as Halloween parties, your birthday, and more. Made of plush fabric, your pet will get the essential warmth when spending prolonged time outside in the winter. This lovely Shiba Inu hoodie can also be the ultimate pick for keeping a dog safe from seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, Shiba Inus can show allergic reactions to seasonal pollen, so dressing them in protective clothes can keep their skin safe from allergens. Features:
  1. Made from a warm and cozy polyester blend fabric.
  2. Inner layer made of warm fleece.
  3. Machine washable at 30 C
  4. The hood is decorated with frog eyes making it perfect for standing out from the crowd.
  5. Perfect for special occasions and celebrations
  6. Double-layered cuffs and hem make a dog more comfortable during walks.
  7. High cut to prevent potty messes.
Why we love it? When in doubt about how to make your dog spotted, choose the Shiba Inu Frog Hoodie! Decorated with crazy frog's eyes on the hood, your little foxy creature will become the main star in the neighborhood when going on walks. Shiba Inu Frog hoodie will make your dog look cute and stay warm. Even though Shibas have double layers of fur, they still need to wear clothes to stay safe from hypothermia. Pooches who often go running, hiking, and enjoy outdoor adventures with their parents, should wear cozy and warm dog clothing. The hoodie is made of thick and soft poly-cotton fabric that stays gorgeous even after months of wear.  

Discover the largest collection of Shiba Inu dogwear! Besides Shiba Inu jackets, you’ll also find costumes, shirts, and hoodies to suit this breed. Designed to comfortably fit Shiba Inus, our dogwear collection will make your pooch snug and safe. Warm-up your furry friend and make him stand out from the crowd!

Why choose our clothes and accessories for your Shiba Inu?

Each item in our store has been carefully selected by our Shiba Inu team. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right cut and size. The fabrics used for our Shiba Inu clothing collection are of the highest quality, pleasant in touch, while colors are non-toxic and skin-friendly.

Even though Shiba Inus have thick coats, they still need to wear protective clothing in harsh weather conditions. Waterproof jackets and raincoats will keep their coat dry and safe from the wind.

On the other hand, Shiba Inu pooches are one of the most Instagrammed dogs in the world. They look insanely cute wearing hoodies, shirts, jackets, bandanas, and all those adorable dog accessories.