Are you searching for cute Shiba Inu hoodies to make your dog spotted, snug, and safe in harsh weather conditions? Our hoodies for Shiba Inus combine superior comfort, pleasant and stretchy fabrics, and trendy designs. They come in different thicknesses, sizes, and gorgeous color combinations. Who can look cuter than a Shiba Inu wearing a badass hoodie? Sneak into our great collection and make your dog stylish on every occasion.  A dog without a hoodie is like royalty with no crown. After all, they can’t be the cutest pup in the neighborhood if they’re not wearing our highest-quality designer Shiba Inu hoodies!  We guarantee you’ve never seen such stylish dogs on Instagram before now! P.S. We’ve prepared matching hoodies for dog owners too. 🙂

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Fruits and Veggies Shiba Inu Hoodie


'The Fruits and Veggies Shiba Inu Hoodie is the cutest thing ever. It makes our dogs look like they're cute little fruit bowls! They love it, I love it, and so will you.'

Anna G., our customer

Cute Dog Costume and Hoodie at the same time:

Turn your lovely Shiba into a juicy apple, sweet banana, and fresh carrot by dressing him/her into Fruits and Veggies Shiba Inu Hoodie. It's made of a cotton blend that is so soft in touch that you won't want to stop petting your dog. Besides it gives your pooch a unique appearance and eye-catching detail on the hood, it will provide him/her with additional warmth when going on strolls.Features:
  1. Made of a soft cotton blend with fleece lining.
  2. Hand washable and machine washable at 30 C.
  3. Practical and trendy layer for cold days. The inner fleece layer helps a dog in maintaining its optimal body temperature.
  4. A design inspired by fruits and veggies.
  5. Adjustable hoodie drawstring.
  6. Double cuffs and hem for a better fit
  7. Available in many sizes
Why we love it?We adore this Fruits and Veggies Shiba Inu Hoodie because your pet will be noticed on every step. Besides, it's practical to wear during the shedding season and when your pet needs to spend a few hours outside. The hoodie features a soft inner fleece that is very gentle in touch and provides a sort of 'blanket effect'. Since hoodies are emblazoned with fruits and veggies, your dog can even wear this hoodie at a Halloween party or some other special occasion. In case you're going with your dog on a walking or hiking adventure, this hoodie will also be the perfect addition to be worn under a waterproof Shiba Inu jacket. In that way, your pooch will stay fully protected in windy and rainy weather conditions. 

Security Shiba Inu Hoodie


'It is cozy and fits my pup just right. Plus, it's just adorable to see him wearing it! My dog looks like a handsome bodyguard wearing it.'

Sonya D., our customer.
A hoodie for dogs with 'attitude':
Let your Shiba Inu become your own security when going through the town by dressing him into this cozy and soft dog hoodie. Emblazoned with a printed inscription on his back, you'll show everyone that no one should mess with your pet. The funny 'security' print on a dog's back will be cute detail when going on walks.

Cozy, stretchable, and eye-cathing! This clothing piece is everything your dog needs to stay comfy and safe. Whether you're going on a casual stroll through the neighborhood or an extreme pawdventure, your foxy-looking four-legged friend will always bring the attitude with him!
1. Ribbed cuffs and hem
2. Made of poly-cotton blend
3. Emblazoned with a 'security' print on the back. Printed with high-quality colors that won't fade or crack
4. Machine washable at 30 C
5. Ideal for chilly autumn and winter days
6. Stretchable fabric that supports all your dog's activities
7. Gives your pet the best of fashion and function
Why we love it?If you want to make your dog both comfortable and spotted, then this hoodie should become your favorite pick. It features a breathable and lightweight fabric that will be enough to keep your Shiba Ina safe from cold on chilly and windy weather. Besides, it comes with a hilarious print on the back that will surely put a smile on everyone's face while going down the street. The hoodie fits snuggly and provides enough space for performing all types of activities. Your dog can match it with Shiba Inu jackets and coats if needs an additional protection when spending a prolonged time outside.

Shiba Inu Frog Hoodie


'My dog can be my frog for Halloween, my birthday, and even Valentine's Day. Super plush and comfortable, I feel like I'm giving him the most thoughtful gift in the world.'

Monica L., our customerFunny dog hoodie for every occasion:Turn your lovely Shiba into a fluffy frog for special occasions such as Halloween parties, your birthday, and more. Made of plush fabric, your pet will get the essential warmth when spending prolonged time outside in the winter. This lovely Shiba Inu hoodie can also be the ultimate pick for keeping a dog safe from seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, Shiba Inus can show allergic reactions to seasonal pollen, so dressing them in protective clothes can keep their skin safe from allergens.Features:
  1. Made from a warm and cozy polyester blend fabric.
  2. Inner layer made of warm fleece.
  3. Machine washable at 30 C
  4. The hood is decorated with frog eyes making it perfect for standing out from the crowd.
  5. Perfect for special occasions and celebrations
  6. Double-layered cuffs and hem make a dog more comfortable during walks.
  7. High cut to prevent potty messes.
Why we love it?When in doubt about how to make your dog spotted, choose the Shiba Inu Frog Hoodie! Decorated with crazy frog's eyes on the hood, your little foxy creature will become the main star in the neighborhood when going on walks. Shiba Inu Frog hoodie will make your dog look cute and stay warm. Even though Shibas have double layers of fur, they still need to wear clothes to stay safe from hypothermia. Pooches who often go running, hiking, and enjoy outdoor adventures with their parents, should wear cozy and warm dog clothing. The hoodie is made of thick and soft poly-cotton fabric that stays gorgeous even after months of wear. 

Shiba Inu WOOF Hoodie


' My pup is always getting chilly outside and I was so excited to find this product that would make him safe and warm even when it's cold!'

Franco J. our customer
Padded dog hoodie for extra warm effect:
Is there anything cuter than dressing your Shiba into this adorable sporty hoodie? Prepare him for outdoor running, chasing, and hiking by dressing him into our Shiba Inu WOOF Hoodie. By wearing this dog hoodie, your Shiba will be the talk of the neighborhood! Made of soft and elastic cotton, your lovely pet will get the essential protection and warmth when going on outdoor adventures.

We all care for our pets so that's why it's important to dress them in protective clothing when spending plenty of time outdoors. Even though Shiba Kens are known as canines that can sustain living in harsh weather, exposing them to cold weather when they just stepped from their owners' warm houses can lead them to experience a hypothermic shock. Therefore, this Shiba Inu hoodie represents the ultimate solution for keeping your dog comfy, safe, and cozy when going outdoors.Features:
  1. Made of soft cotton.
  2. Stretchable design that allows the dog to move freely.
  3. Warm fleece lining
  4. Comes in many colors and sizes
  5. Ribbed cuffs and hem
  6. High-cut to prevent potty messes
  7. Emblazoned with sporty prints
  8. Ideal for daily wear
  9. Slit for fitting a leash
Why we love it?
If you're looking for an ultra-soft and cozy hoodie for your Shiba Inu, check this amazing pick for the autumn and winter seasons. With ribbed sleeves and soft hems, this hoodie will be perfect to wear on chilly evenings.  In case you want to protect your Shiba Inu from dirt or environmental allergens, this amazing sporty hoodie will protect the most sensitive parts of his body. Armpits, chest, and back will stay free of seasonal pollen and the lightweight fabric will also take a big part in protecting him from mosquito bites and other insects.

The Dog Face Shiba Inu Hoodie


'In this cozy and soft hoodie, my Shiba stays warm when we go on long walks in crispy weather conditions.'

John C., our customerSporty dog hoodie for everyday wear:Are you tired of searching for the right sporty and trendy dog hoodie that will make your dog comfortable when going on strolls? The Dog Face Shiba Inu Hoodie comes in many colors and sizes and it's made of a soft and quality cotton blend. With a quality print on the dog's back, your pup will get a sporty and noticeable outfit for different occasions.
Your dog will feel a superior comfort and get the essential protection against cold when going outdoors. Besides, it will also work as a protective layer against environmental allergens such as dust, pollen, dirt, and mites. During the shedding season, your home can stay cleaner by dressing your pet into this versatile dog hoodie. Those are enough reasons why your dog gotta have it in his closet.Features:
  1. Made of poly-cotton blend
  2. Available in many colors and sizes
  3. Comes with a printed sticker on the dog's back
  4. The hood is great to use in windy weather
  5. Elastic hem and cuffs that supports the dog's jumping, running and chasing around
  6. The inner side is extremely soft in touch
  7. Machine washable in cold water
Why we love it?The Dog Face Shiba Inu Hoodie is a way to make your dog's outdoor experience just as cozy and comfortable as their indoor one! Made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester for warmth, this sporty design can be worn every day. Ribbed cuffs and hem support any activity your pup will do during the day and the high cut will prevent potty messes. Let your dog wear quality dog clothing regardless of occasion.

Shiba Inu hoodies offer you warm and trendy layers for your furry friend at reasonable prices. Carefully made to suit their bodies, your dog will make everyone turn their heads while seeing him pawing down the street. Give your dog sporty and athleisurewear on those cozy and breezy days. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a fluffy dog wearing a hoodie. Whether you’re searching for thick fleece Shiba Inu hoodies or those made of lightweight cotton, we have them all!

A warm and snug layer for different occasions!

Zip-up hoodies for your Shiba Inu will be especially helpful when you want to dress him into multiple layers. Sporty dog hoodies and sweatshirts represent inevitable items in every dog’s closet. A quality piece of a dog’s sportswear will be an ultra-warm and cozy pick for every pawdventure. Choose your favorite color combination, cut, and fabric, and make your dog spotted on every corner! Fleece, zip-up, cotton, and even water-repellent Shiba Inu hoodies- We have them all!