Do you want to snug and warm your four-legged friend on chilly and crispy days? Our Shiba Inu Jackets & Coats are comfortable, weatherproof, and water-repellent, so they will allow you a full range of motion while being active outdoors.

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All Over Shiba Inu Raincoat Jumpsuit


'I am so happy I bought this for my dog. It actually does what it's supposed to do and keeps her dry while we're out walking in the snow or rain. '

Lisa A., our customer

Protective shield for extreme weather conditions:

If you're searching for the ultimate solution to keep your dog's fur dry when going on walks in rainy and snowy weather conditions, then you gotta check our All Over Shiba Inu Raincoat Jumpsuit. Made of waterproof PVC fabric, it works as a water-blocking shield around your dog's body.
This dog jumpsuit will help you forget about drying your dog's fur every time you get back from a walk. Since it provides full-body coverage, your Shiba will stay dry and safe from head to paws. It also comes with a practical hood that provides extra protection for his head and ears in windy and rainy weather. And for those nighty walks...we've put reflective strips on the back to improve visibility. Features:
  1. Made of waterproof fabric that keeps the dog's fur dry.
  2. Lightweight fabric
  3. The jumpsuit cut covers the dog's whole body.
  4. The hood can be used in rainy, windy, and snowy weather
  5. Reflective strips on the dog's back
  6. Available in 4 patterns
Why we love it? Forget about using towels to dry your dog's coat every time you get back from a walk because this raincoat is a practical solution to keep your pooch dry and safe from catching a cold. All Over Shiba Inu Raincoat Jumpsuit is available in 4 patterns and it covers both front and hind legs on your Shiba Inu. Besides, it also features reflective strips on the back to improve visibility in low light conditions.  

FBI Shiba Inu Jacket


'Thick, cozy, and warm. The button closure doesn't break my dog's fur and he really enjoys wearing it.'

Mike S., our customer Turn your dog into your bodyguard: Keep your pooch always trendy, cozy, and warm with this lightweight FBI Shiba Inu Jacket. Don't hit the trails without the brave and vigorous furry friend by your side because you won't find a better guard than a four-legged FBI agent.
Whether you're trying to help your dog remain cozy during winter or just want to make sure he doesn't get wet from dewy grass, the FBI dog jacket should step in. Available in so many colors and sizes, you'll surely have a hard time choosing. If you went with your dog on an outdoor adventure, this dog hoodie will be the best pick for keeping your pooch snug, comfy, and safe. Features:
  1. Keeps the dog's coat clean from dirt, seasonal pollen, dust, and mites.
  2. Emblazoned with FBI print on the dog's back
  3. Available in different colors and sizes
  4. Button closure on the belly for easy dressing
  5. Made of 100 % cotton
  6. Decorated with white stripes on legs
Why we love it? This adorable Shiba Inu hoodie will become your four-legged friend's best pick for the chilly and crispy weather. Even thous Shiba Inus tolerate cold weather quite well, it's recommended to dress them in warm clothes when spending a prolonged time outdoors. This adorable sporty hoodie will express your dog's vivacious spirit and keep him snug and safe from collecting allergens and dirt on his coat. FBI Shiba Inu Jacket will also be a cute pick when going on special occasions in case you want to make your dog spotted.

Padded Shiba Inu Jacket


'It is deeply lined and very warm. The hood is also useful for protecting ears. The jacket has button closure, so it stays on even with the wind.'

Marco W., our customer

The best warm layer for the winter season:

Let your Shiba Inu experience real winter protection in our Padded Shiba Inu Jacket! The winter season is definitely your Shiba's favorite part of the year, so you gotta keep him snug and safe from hypothermia! Thanks to thick lining, your pup's body temperature will stay within normal limits.
Have you always wanted to have a dog with the latest fashion in winter wear? Then all your dreams can come true, because our thick dog jacket comes in 2 different colors and 4 sizes. If there are any doggies lost at night, this jacket will no longer be out of sight-out of mind; just think how flashin’ cute they’ll look with their furry friends! Life transforms into an unpredictable adventure when you own a four-legged friend. You must tackle snowdrifts, mud puddles, and rainy days together. Features:
  1. Outer layer made of water-resistant polyester
  2. Reflective strips for extra safety in low light conditions
  3. Available in many sizes and in red and grey colors
  4. Padded with pp cotton
  5. Cuffs made of elastic fabric
  6. Buttons to prevent hair twitching
  7. A high cut to prevent potty messes
  8. Easy to dress
Why we love it? Although Shiba Inus have double coats, they still need to wear warm jackets when spending prolonged time in snowy and freezy weather. The jackets are padded with pp cotton that helps a dog to maintain his optimal temperature. They also feature hoods that are practical to use when going hiking. The water-resistant fabric will keep the dog's fur dry and make his strolls more pleasant.  

Plush & Glam Shiba Inu Jacket


' I got a lot of compliments from friends when my dog wore this jacket last time. It is perfect for special occasions.'

Jack A., our customer

Glamorous jacket for your Shiba Inu:

When it's time to look sassy and classy, make sure your Shiba Inu wears this glamorous dog jacket! This dog jacket is straight up a wintry hit! Made of soft plush, and made in warm colors of Beige and Brown. Zip that puppy up, for all those chilly walks!
People think we’re nuts. They see this fluffy little barrel of love, all bundled up in a jacket, and they laugh. But here’s the truth: Dog clothes are important! We want them to be warm and stylish during the cold months when they need it most. This Shiba Inu jacket is designed with soft plush fabric that protects against chilly and crispy weather. Features:
  1. Made of soft and pleasant plush
  2. Zipper closure for easy dressing
  3. Practical hood for protecting the dog's ears
  4. High cut that prevents potty messes
  5. Hand washable at 30 C
  6. Ideal for chilly and crispy days
Why we love it? Not only because of the glamorous design but also because of the fabric, your Shiba will enjoy wearing this plush jacket. It features a zipper closure, and the hood can be worn on windy days. The pattern is inspired by famous human clothing brand, so you can even create a matching combination when going on special occasions with your lovely pet.

Shiba Inu Fur Parka


'My Shiba Inu stopped shivering when we go outdoors. He's always happy and wagging his tail!'

Stacy J., our customer Thick pick for the winter season: Is your pup way less enthused about the winter than you are? Has he been cranky and moping lately during his walks, shaking off snowflakes left and right to avoid outerwear as a cheetah does to the dust bunnies that plague his domain? We hear you! Might this be one of those moments in life where we find ourselves saying it’s better for our little dog to feel safe and snuggly inside a cute jacket on these cold days instead of shivering out there without so much as their teeth chattering because they just can't hack it anymore in this weather. If that sounds pretty spot-on accurate, then read on.
From now on, your fluffy Shiba will get the essential protection against harsh weather conditions by wearing one of these trendy Shiba Inu Parkas. They're padded with faux fur to provide extra warmth on chilly winter days. Available in different designs and colors, you'll surely find the one for your pet. Features:
  1. padded with faux fur for extra warmth.
  2. Available in different patterns and sizes
  3. Protective layer for the winter season
  4. Serves to save your pet from hypothermia
  5. Machine washable at 30 C
Why we love it? Who's told that Shiba Inus don't need to wear jackets and coats in the winter? Even though these fluffy friends have double coats, they still need to wear an extra layer when staying outside for a few hours in the winter. Therefore, if you're planning to go hiking in chilly and windy weather conditions, this dog parka will be the right choice!

Shiba Inu NASA Windbreaker jacket


'It's windproof, warm, and reflective. Now my dog doesn't have to feel cold when she's out on walks in the winter!' J

Julian L., our customer

The cutest space-inspired dog jacket:

Immerse yourself in a feeling of camaraderie with your pet - get this NASA-inspired, windproof, and highly reflective jacket for your pup! Made of high-quality fabric that works as a protective shield around your dog's body, she/he will stay fully protected on every pawdventure.
For days when the rain just won't let up, think of your best friend shivering when going outdoors. A wet pup is not anyone's idea of a good time. Keep your favorite furry pal dry with our Shiba Inu jacket! Worried they'll catch some cold or start shedding? This dog jacket will become your furry friend's best friend in the rain and wind. Let him/her look adorable and trendy even when going on daily strolls. Features:
  1. Made from waterproof and windproof fabric.
  2. The inner layer is made from breathable mesh. Allows the dog's skin to get a proper ventilation.
  3. Zipper closure for quick dressing.
  4. The fabric is reflective at night. It becomes neonic for better visibility.
  5. Ideal solution for keeping your pet's coat dry in rainy and snowy weather.
  6. Machine washable at 30 c
  7. Adjustable drawstrings on both sides that helps you seth the length of jacket.
  8. Cuffs on the sleeves are made of elastic bands to provide a dog with better comfort.
Why we love it? The Shiba Inu NASA Windbreaker jacket will always keep your furry friend warm and dry, both in the rain and in those windy snowstorms. This space-themed coat features adjustable band drawstrings on both sides and a hood that can't be blown away by high winds! Dresses up in this 'puppy ready for a rain' jacket, with a reflective fabric, you'll be able to see your little guy at night.

Shiba Inu Overall Jacket


'My pup is always so cold, but now that he's wearing the jacket he's all bundled up and warm.'

Jacob C., our customer. Sporty outdoor gear for your Shiba Inu: Keep your dog’s coat dry and protected when walking outside in rainy and snowy weather conditions with this waterproof and windproof Shiba Inu Overall Jacket. Available in two colors, and emblazoned with sporty print, it'll catch everyone's eye when going on a walk.
This Shiba Inu jacket will provide your pup with the essential protection against rain, snow, and wind. If you're enough of drying your dog's fur every time you get back from a walk, then this dog jacket will be a life-savior solution. It also features reflective strips on the sleeves to make your pet more visible to vehicles in evening conditions. Features:
  1. Zipper closure for easy dressing
  2. Available in 2 colors
  3. Emblazoned with printed details
  4. Machine washable at 30 c
  5. Windproof and waterproof fabric keeps the dog dry.
  6. Adjustable elastic band drawstrings on both sides.
  7. Sporty outfit for everyday wear.
  8. Reflective stripes on the sleeves to improve the dog's visibility.
Why we love it? How many times did you want to find a lightweight Shiba Inu jacket for your furry friend? Well, from now on, your dog will be able to enjoy autumn and winter adventures by wearing a jacket made of wind-resistant and wind-breaker polyester fabric. The jacket has reflective details on the sleeves and adjustable drawstrings to set the length. Your Shiba will stay protected from hypothermia and will feel pleasant when going on long strolls in crispy and windy weather.

Shiba Inu Padded Jacket


' I started to worry that my Shiba wouldn't be able to cope with the harsh New York winters but this dog jacket has been worth its weight in gold.'

Jean L., our customer Trendy and protective Shiba Inu jacket for harsh weather conditions: There's nothing better for a dog than enjoying winter adventures and staying warm at the same time. Shiba Inu Padded Jacket will make your pet stylish, comfy, and protected while exploring the great outdoors in harsh weather conditions.
For when the winter goes from borderline uncomfortable to full-on blistering, you'll be glad your pup is cloaked in warmth and waterproof protection. It's also perfect for rainy days because it totally blocks out moisture so rain gets no chance of soaking through that furry coat! Highlights include its padded design, as well as a zipper closure (so they're ready to go in two seconds flat). Features:
  1. Padded with PP cotton. Thick layer for the winter season.
  2. Outer shell made of waterproof and windproof fabric
  3. Keeps a dog protected from hypothermia
  4. Zipper closure for easy dressing
  5. Machine washable at 30 c
  6. Air drying only
  7. High neck collar to keep the dog's neck warm
  8. Elastic band cuffs
Why we love it? Your dog will not only look adorable while wearing this jacket, but he will also stay warm when exposed to cold weather for an extended period of time. Filled with PP cotton, this Shiba Inu jacket is extremely soft in touch. The outer layer is made of waterproof fabric, while the inner part features a silky polyester that doesn't irritate the skin. You can choose between 2 designs such as a city map and a tye-die pattern with the 'the dog face' logo. If the outer layer of the jacket gets dirty, it will be enough to clean it with wet wipes or wet cloth to remove the stains.  

Shiba Inu Raincoat


'The raincoat is made of lightweight material and has a button closure which is fantastic because I don't have to worry about it falling off. '

Sonya F., our customer

Lightweight and waterproof coat for your Shiba Inu:

Are you enough drying your Shiba Inu's wet coat every time when you come back from a walk? This dog raincoat will be the perfect pick for keeping your pooch dry and safe in rainy weather conditions. It's transparent, thin, and carefully tailored to suit Shiba Inus.
Made of lightweight PVC fabric that doesn't overheat the dog, this coat can be worn throughout the year. Thanks to its transparent design, a dog can even wear the hood without becoming worried if it obstructs his/her field of vision. The edges are padded, and it's very easy to dress on and take off.
  • PVC fabric
  • waterproof layer
  • available in many colors and sizes
  • a 'must-have' item for autumn and winter seasons
  • button closure
Why we love it? We all know that Shiba Inus have double coats that keep them warm and snug. However, their fur isn't waterproof, so they need to wear raincoats or waterproof jackets in wet weather. This Shiba Inu Raincoat is available in many colors and features plastic buttons to ease dressing. It also comes with a hood, so the hood will provide full-body protection in rainy and snowy weather.  

Shiba Inu Space Jacket


'I love the shiny fabric that makes my dog visible in the evening. He also stays protected from the wind and rain when we go outside.'

Michael K., our customer Hologram design for better visibility: Bring space-time into your dog's closet and let him stand out from the crowd in this hologram dog jacket. With this amazing color, your dog will stay noticed wherever he paws in. Besides, it features a breathable mesh inside which allows your dog to get the essential skin ventilation.
The future of fashion is here and the dog isn't left out! Sleek, waterproof, and fully equipped for any weather condition, our fashionable jacket will have all the other dogs jealous. With a unique design that includes a hood to protect your pup's ears from the cold wind or rain, this jacket is perfect for any dog who enjoys looking their best. Features: Perfect for making a dog spotted wherever you go. Hand washable in cold water Attractive neon/ hologram design The fabric shines in the dark Adjustable drawstrings High cut to prevent potty messes Lightweight and cozy for autumn and winter seasons Why we love it? Say hello to the future and dress your dog into this dazzling piece of clothing. Made of waterproof and wind-resistant fabric, this Shiba Inu jacket will make your pooch spotted wherever paws in. A hologram design makes your dog visible in any part of the day, while adjustable sleeves and high cuts will prevent him from potty messes. The comfort is promised, as well as style, coziness, and warmth!

Shiba Inu Windbreaker Jacket


'Amazing design! I've chosen the camouflage pattern and my Shiba Inu gets total rain and wind protection.'

Amelie J., our customer Complete rain and wind protection for your Shiba: From now on, your furry friend will enjoy strolls in snowy and winter weather because his fur will stay dry in our Shiba Inu Windbreaker Jacket.
When there’s a blizzard outside your door, instead of leaving them out in the cold with their wet fur and whipping wind, get them ensconced in our Dog Jacket! The quality materials will keep them warm and dry while reflecting stripes on the sleeves allow you and your pup to be safe while taking night strolls! Features:
  1. Mesh Lining that provides essential skin ventilation
  2. Water & Wind Resistant Polyester
  3. Available in 3 colors
  4. Machine washable at 30 C
  5. Velcro and zipper closure
  6. Reflective details
  7. Elastic band drawstring
  8. High cut on the belly
Why we love it? Made of scratch-resistant, windproof, and waterproof fabric, this Shiba Inu jacket will keep your dog's body dry and prevent him from catching a cold. The jacket features reflective parts on the sleeves and hoodie, so your furry friend will stay visible to vehicles in low light conditions. The elastic band drawstrings help you to set the size around the dog's belly and sleeves, while zipper closure makes the dressing easier. When the jacket gets dirty, you can wash it in a machine, and ironing is not needed. In extreme weather conditions, your Shiba can use a hood to protect his ears from wind, rain, and snow.  

Shiba Inu Winter Parka


'What a casual and warm jacket for my Shiba! I love how it matches with my jacket too!'

Jennifer P., our customer Complete winter protection for Shiba Inus: How many times did you want to protect your Shiba's coat from wind and cold and you couldn't find the right coat to keep him/her protected? Leave such worries far behind because this winter parka features everything a quality piece of clothing should have.
Padded with faux fur and pp cotton, this Shiba Inu jacket is available in 2 colors and many sizes. You can wash it in a machine when it gets dirty, and remove the hood when needed. The jacket is decorated with sporty pockets on the dog's back and features elastic cuffs and hem. Features:
  • Material: Polyester Cotton blend
  • Color: Green, Khaki
  • Size: XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL
  • padded with faux sheep fur
  • faux fox fur on the hood
  • decorated with sporty pockets on the back
  • elastic cuffs made of quality band
  • high cut to prevent potty messes
Why we love it? Your Shiba Inu will get ultimate protection against cold and wind in this adorable dog parka. It's made of poly-cotton blend and features faux sheep fur on the inside. The hood is decorated with faux fur as well, which is very suitable for cold weather. The snap buttons are easy to wear and take off, so your pet won't get nervous during dressing.

Discover the best Shiba Inu Jackets & Coats!

Whether you need a lightweight raincoat to keep your dog dry, or a windproof dog jacket when planning to go hiking and spending time outdoors, we have them all. Choose your favorite design and let your dog feel safe in harsh weather conditions. Even though Shiba Inus have thick coats, they can still suffer from hypothermia when spending a prolonged time outdoors.

When buying Shiba Inu Jackets & Coats, it’s important to consider the stretchability, quality, and functionality. Our dog jackets offer you great coverage and a performance fit, so your pooch will get maximum comfort and protection. Besides standard dog jackets for your Shiba Inu, we also offer you harness dog coats with warm lining. They are not only a money-saving option but also very handy and easy to dress.