Add a sassy and wild Shiba Inu shirt to your dog’s closet that will make him/her look incredibly cute and stylish. Whether you’re going to a relaxing walk by sea or river, or you want to make your Shiba adorable on every corner, let his/her style speak for itself.

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Glam & Chic Shiba Inu Sweatshirt


'I love the inspiration taken from human clothes which I find very chic!'

Sophia L., our customer

Elegant and sporty dog sweatshirt at the same time:

Let your Shiba Inu always look trendy and stylish on special occasions by wearing this sweatshirt inspired by a famous human clothing brand. It's very soft and warm in touch and gives your Shiba a final touch of style. Whether you're just going on a stroll through a local park or you're soon going to celebrate someone's birthday, your little pet will be ready to respond to any occasion. He/She will surely look like a million-dollar baby in this chic sweatshirt.
Every Shiba Inu owner needs to know these pooches are not totally resistant to cold. In other words, they should also wear protective clothing to stay safe from hypothermia and other environmental factors. Even dust, pollen, dirt, and other allergy triggers could induce itchy skin and allergic reactions in your Shiba. As one of the best solutions for protecting your pet from these elements is to dress him/her in dog clothes. This Shiba Inu sweatshirt will make your dog stand out from the crowd and look stylish wherever he/she goes. Features:
  1. made of poly-cotton blend
  2. ideal for special occasions such as someone's birthday party or wedding
  3. a practical solution for cold winter days
  4. hand washable
  5. ribbed hem and cuffs
  6. keeps your pooch protected from environmental allergens
Why we love it? Who's told that clothes are only for humans? This adorable Shiba Inu Sweatshirt can keep our dogs safe from hypothermia and environmental allergens throughout the year. It's also a chic and trendy pick for special days such as someone's birthday party, wedding, and many other occasions.

Hawaiian Shiba Inu Shirt


'It's perfect for the hot summer days and the fabric is breathable so my Shiba doesn't get hot.'

Mila S., our customer
Chic and casual shirt for Shiba Inus:
We can never get enough of buying dog shirts. They look so chic, glamorous, and stylish at the same time. Besides, they can be worn both on casual and special occasions when we want our dog to look trendy and attractive on every corner. There is no better way to celebrate summer vibes and enjoy sunny days on the beach than wearing one of these gorgeous Hawaiian Shiba Inu Shirts.

Your Shiba Inu won't feel hot while wearing this dog shirt because it's made of breathable and lightweight flannel. At the same time, your pooch will get the essential protection from UV rays and environmental allergens. The shirt is available in 8 designs and we're sure that each of it will look gorgeous on your dog.
1. Color: navy blue, white, wine red, pink
2. Size:XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL
3. ideal to wear at pool and beach parties
4. emblazoned with tropical plants and palm trees
5. hand and machine washable
6. skin-friendly and breathable fabric
7. perfect to wear on special occasions
8. elegant V-neckline
9. button closure
Why we love it? You would love to see your little Shiba wearing this shirt because it's made of lightweight fabric and features amazing tropical designs. Your Shiba will definitely become noticed on every step and will stay protected from allergens and UV rays. The button closure makes the dressing easy and prevents hair plucking.

Police Shiba Inu Shirt


'The shirt is perfect with its light material, breathability, and print. Not to mention the price!'

Johny L., our customer

Shirt for dogs with strong personalities:

Let everyone know that your Shiba Inu is the only one who can bring order in the neighborhood by dressing him into this cool Police Shiba Inu Shirt! If you want to show everyone how 'dangerous' your dog is, then this dog tee will be the perfect pick for spring days and nights.
Did you know that this dog tee can also be used as a cooling shirt? That's right! It can keep your dog cool when exposed to direct sunlight by soaking it in the cold water. By wearing a wet vest, your foxy friend will get a pleasant effect, while a breathable mesh will give his/her skin the over-needed ventilation. As the vest starts to dry, you can splash it with water to get the same effect again. Features:
  1. funny dog shirt for spring days
  2. available in multiple sizes
  3. made of breathable mesh
  4. double sewn cuffs and hem
  5. emblazoned with 'police printing' on the back
Why we love it? From now on, no one will be allowed to enter your yard or house without your dog's permission! This hilarious Shiba Inu shirt is perfect for spring and winter strolls when you want to keep your pooch protected from environmental allergens. Made of breathable mesh and extremely lightweight, your Shiba certainly won't feel hot and unpleasant while wearing it. This tank shirt is also perfect to wear while performing special obedience classes for working dogs.

Shiba Inu Retro Sweatshirt


'I love how the shades of blue look on my Shiba. This sweatshirt is so soft and pleasant in touch.' 

Jim F., our customer Tie-dye dog sweatshirt to look spotted on every pawdventure: Prepare your lovely Shiba for chasing, running, and exploring the great outdoors in this adorable and unique dog sweatshirt made of pleasant and elastic cotton fabric. It can be used to protect the dog's fur from pollen, dirt, and other environmental factors, and to keep your pooch warm on chilly days.
This Shiba Inu sweatshirt is available in 3 colors. The blue one is suitable for boys, while the pastel pink and violet/red are specially designed for four-legged girls who adore being in the center of attention. When the sweatshirt gets dirty, you can wash it in a machine at 30C. In case your dog needs extra warmth, you can match it with one of our trendy Shiba Inu jackets. Features:
  1. available in 3 colors and many sizes
  2. ideal for spring, autumn, and winter seasons
  3. stretchable and ribbed neckline
  4. high cut on the belly to prevent potty messes
  5. it can be worn during the shedding season to keep your house clean of the dog's shedding
  6. provides protection against allergens
  7. machine washable
  8. inspired by human clothing brand
Why we love it? If you're one of those owners who enjoys dressing your Shiba into lovely and unique clothing, then this sweatshirt should become your next pick. This adorable Shiba Inu sweatshirt can be worn on special occasions or when you want to make your dog spotted on daily walks. Besides, it will provide protection against hypothermia and allergens which is important to consider especially because Shiba Inus are on a higher tendency to suffer from allergies.

Striped Shiba Inu Shirt


' Striped designs never go out of style! I've chosen the pink color for my princess and she looks spotted wherever we go.'

Anna W., our customer
Casual dog sweatshirt for everyday adventures:
We bet you would like to see your Shiba Inu wearing this amazing Striped Shirt! Turn your pet into an insanely cute creature that will make everyone turn their heads. Available in 5 colors and many sizes, your foxy furry friend will stay snug, cozy, and pleasant while wearing it. For additional warmth, we suggest you match it with one of our Shiba Inu jackets and coats.

Dog sweatshirts are great for the dog owner on a budget. They'll make your dog stylish without breaking your wallet! However, you'll want to look out for one that is both cute and cozy while also being practical in its use of materials and weather-proof design. Also, consider if it will keep your pup warm during colder months or when shopping around! Features:
  1. Made of poly-cotton blend which is stretchable and pleasant to wear
  2. Available in many colors and sizes
  3. Ideal for spring and fall seasons
  4. Trendy pick for Shiba Inu females
  5. Decorated with glitter heart
  6. Hand washable
Why we love it? You'll never get enough of dressing your Shiba Inu into cute and girly clothes because they are one of the most photogenic dogs in the world. Their million-dollar smile will always be there to brighten up our days! In case you're one of those owners who is always ready to spend 'unplanned money' on your dog's clothing, then Striped Shiba Inu Shirt gotta become your next choice. It can save your lovely fox from environmental allergens such as pollen, dust, mold, and mites. Besides, it is also suitable to wear during the shedding season to keep all the dead hair beneath clothes.

Bring summer vibes with Shiba Inu shirts

Our store offers you a wide selection of summer and elegant shirts for your Shiba Inu. They are made of lightweight and pleasant cotton and flannel fabrics, so your pet can also wear them under sweaters. The shirts are available in summer patterns and a gorgeous mix of colors, so we are sure your Shiba will be noticed wherever paws in.

For those special occasions, we’ve also prepared dog shirts with elegant and holiday-inspired patterns. Plaid or emblazoned with lovely Christmas details, the choice is up to you. The button closure makes dressing up easier and prevents hair twitching that is often caused by zipper.

Shiba Inu shirts can be worn on a breezy spring day or sunny summer noon when you want to make your pooch attractive for a laid-back gathering and vacation time. When the holidays roll around, choose beach-inspired shirts for your Shiba Inu and let the summer begin!