It’s that time of the year when we all need sweaters! Shiba Inu Sweaters will make your pooch look festive, cute, and ready for pawing through chilly days. Whether you need a lightweight cotton sweater or a knitted wooly cardigan, your dog will look like a million-dollar baby!

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Shiba Inu Colorful Winter Sweater


'My Shiba always has a smile on her face when she wears it and it keeps her warm while we play in the snow. ' Olivia V., our customer

Colorful dog sweater for chilly days: Let your Shiba Inu shower you with cheerful rainbow colors in this knitted winter sweater! It's made of soft and thick acrylic wool that supports all your dog's activities. Besides, the bright and eye-catching colors make your pet noticed on every step. Whether you're going to a local park or a casual walk through the town, this Shiba Inu will make her look chic and stylish, and ready for any pawdventure.
When in doubt about what your dog should wear, choose a holiday-inspired sweater for the winter season. It's made with a full heart for Shibas and their witty natures. Choose between 2 colors and the universal size will fit both puppies and adults thanks to the stretchable fabric. Features:
  1. Perfect for staying snug and warm
  2. Adorable clothing pick for special occasions and daily walks
  3. Hand washable in mild soapy water.
  4. Made of knitted acrylic wool, very gentle and soft in touch.
  5. Stretchable and easy to dress thanks to a knitted design that shapes according to your dog's body.
  6. Festive and holiday-inspired clothing pick
Why we love it? You'll definitely adore the stretchability and vivid colors on this dog sweater. Created with plenty of love for these cute pooches, your fluffy babe will be ready for cold winter days. Let your dog enjoy the winter season to the maximum level because Shibas are the kings of snowy adventures! The high cut will prevent your pet from potty messes, while the mix of colors will make her spotted on every corner!

Shiba Inu Warm Sweater


' Adorable and chic piece of dog clothing! I love the details and soft fabric.' Maria A., our customer

Keep your pup warm and comfy this winter with a stylish Shiba Inu sweater! Our pups love it because we keep them toasty while keeping them looking cool and chic. It's super soft and cozy - the perfect accessory for any outing with you!
No one can wear it better than a Shiba! This stylish dog sweater offers your pet a warm and cozy touch of acrylic wool when exploring the great outdoors on crispy winter days. It's emblazoned with glam details and can be worn on special occasions. Since it's stretchable, your dog will feel comfortable wearing it. Features:
  1. Ideal to wear on special occasions such as wedding celebrations, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations.
  2. Machine washable at 30 C
  3. Made of stretchable and warm acrylic wool that supports the dog's movements
  4. Emblazoned with stylish knitted details
Why we love it? For those chilly and crispy winter days when you want to keep your dog safe from hypothermia, it’s essential to dress him/her into a cozy piece of clothing. This Shiba Inu sweater provides your dog with protection against allergens, wind, and cold. Even though Shibas have thick coats, we still need to wrap a warm layer around their bodies when enjoying endless winter adventures.

Choose holiday Shiba Inu sweaters of premium quality!

We care for our dog’s health and their tendency to hypothermia. That’s why you should think about keeping your dog safe and comfy in harsh weather conditions. Our Shiba Inu sweaters are available in different fabrics and designs and may serve different occasions. With our gorgeous ‘ugly’ sweaters, your dog will get a festive and trendy appearance! Take photos of your pet and enjoy spending the best time of the year dressed in Christmas-inspired clothes!

On the other hand, dog sweaters also represent a great pick for layering through the winter season. Your dog can wear them under jackets, or as single layers when going outside. Lightweight cotton sweaters are stretchable, soft, and very pleasant in touch. They will be ideal for the spring and autumn seasons when your dog needs a thin layer around his fluffy body.

Woolly knitted dog sweaters will provide your Shiba with extreme warmth and coziness during winter walks. Besides, they are emblazoned with holiday details such as snowflakes, Santas, Snowman, and elks. Choose your favorite pick, and enjoy taking photos with your four-legged friend!