Show everyone how much you love your Shiba Inu! These items are specially selected for their owners and fans. Whether you want to buy a piece of jewelry, a t-shirt, slippers, or a phone case, we have everything that will remind you of your four-legged friend.

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3D Shiba Inu Bookmark


'This lovely Shiba Inu bookmark brings more fun to my page-turning adventures!'

Layla C., our customer A unique bookmark for Shiba Inu lovers: Shiba Inu's expressive face will make you feel the book is talking to you and bring some funny mood in your reading time. What more can a good bookmark do? Not every bookmark needs power, but this one just might have something that will take your reading experience to another level. You can get this one for yourself or as a gift for someone else who agrees with you that Shiba Inus are the most hilarious dogs in the world - everyone deserves cute stuff once in their life!
There's nothing like seeing the face of an adorable dog looking at you while reading. But for those who long to see the wonderful world behind them, this bookmark is perfect! Made with durable PVC and flexibility, it has all of these amazing qualities. Features:
  • The bookmark is made of PVC
  • Inspired by a screaming Shiba Inu's face
  • Practical and cute gift for Shiba Inu owners
  • Brings fun and lovely detail to your time of reading
Why we love it? When you're reading an engaging book, you want a bookmark that's the best talking to keep your place. The 3D Shiba Inu Bookmark is more than just a piece of plastic. He'll be there more than plastered in any other shape- it looks like he could jump out and scare anyone who dares to touch your book! Plus, his cute little face will spoil the mystery on what lies ahead in this story for hours to come!

3D Shiba Inu Cluth Bag


' Carefully made for every girl who loves Shiba Inus and cares for her style.'

Katy T., our customer The bag that can be worn by kids, teenagers, and adults: Spice up your outfit and choose a unique clutch bag that will make you look trendy and chic on every occasion. Forget about boring handbags that just look like any other tote bag, 'cause this one is nostalgic! This doll-sized small purse is perfect for people who love dogs. The design is inspired by Shiba Inu dogs and it's very convenient to put all your essentials in and carry with you - not bulky at all!
This bag is the perfect accessory to complete the look for any girl who is loved by her Shiba Inu. Your new best friend will always be there to help you with your day-to-day tasks, with all its adorableness and style. The bag is emblazoned with realistic details and it perfectly displays the face of a Shiba Inu. Features:
  1. The bag is easy to match with different styles
  2. It's made of soft, printed fabric with realistic details of a Shiba Inu dog
  3. Width 18cm, Height 24cm, Thickness 2cm, Shoulder Length 120cm
  4. Adorable gift for kids and adults
  5. Hand washable in cold water
  6. Eye-catching detail for different occasions
Why we love it? We bet you won't go unnoticed by wearing this unique 3D Shiba Inu clutch bag. It features high-quality print and it's made in the shape of a Shiba's body. The long shoulder chain allows you to wear it in different ways and the design gives you a dose of catchy and sassy styles. The bag is big enough to pack your essentials such as your keys, mobile, documents, and wallet. It can be easily matched both with sports and casual styles and can be the perfect pick for a gift.

925 Sterling Silver Shiba Inu Earrings


'I love anything that I purchase from you. The details and quality are well-done, and I wear these earrings daily.'

Anna E.,our customer Perfect woman's earrings for everyday wear: They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. But we all know that Shiba Inu dogs are the real gems of society! Show off your dog parenting and style expertise with these one-of-a-kind earrings. Show up to parties, weddings, and other events wearing these little metal buddies, and your stylish persona will be practically speaking for you! They're cute earrings made out of silver, but we call 'em doggie bling!
Women’s earrings in the shape of a Shiba Inu dog. Who doesn't want to wear a little puppy on their ears every day? Plus, these puppies are high quality with gorgeous and shiny zircons--seriously, everyone needs to get themselves some! Features:
  1. woman's earrings for everyday wear
  2. emblazoned with quality zircons
  3. made of 925 sterling silver
  4. cute gift for Shiba Inu moms
Why we love it? Shiba Inu earrings for women are 925 Sterling silver plated, with colorful and shiny zircons to be worn throughout the year. They come in fancy and fashion styles for casual wear, sensitive ears, or bold yet feminine style statements! Wear them plain while cold-storing your human head or match them up with your unique outfit for a head-to-toe coordinate! Made from 925 sterling silver plating over brass and nickel free, these dog-inspired earrings will be a trendy accessory you'll love wearing all day long

Biting Shiba Inu Earrings


'I love how these tiny Shiba Inu earrings are 'biting' my ears'

Natasha G., our customer Unique Shiba Inu earrings for daily wear: This pair of handmade Shiba Inu earrings is simply stunning! Carefully crafted for Shiba moms, you'll have a unique and piece of jewelry for every occasion.
For those with a Shiba Inu as their spirit animal, now your earrings can be too! A cute 3d Shiba Inu is carefully sculpted and painted onto these women's earrings. These come in the form of an aesthetically pleasing pair of earrings, so people who adore pottery art will appreciate them as much as we do! The pottery has been made soft to make it more comfortable for everyday wear. They are safe for you, but not so much all those other barking dogs out there--this one has got the last howl! Features:
  1. biting Shiba Inu design
  2. ideal gift for Shiba Inu moms
  3. hand made piece of jewelry
  4. Material: Soft pottery
Why we love it? With this amazing and unique piece of jewelry, you'll have a distinctive detail wherever you go because a lovely Shiba looks like it's biting your ear. The earrings are made of soft pottery and they are easy to match with different casual clothing. We are sure that every Shiba Inu mom would love to include this pair of earrings in her jewelry collection.

Coffee Lover Shiba Inu Hoodie


'These are two things I love the most- a strong morning coffee and my dog!'

Antony B., our customer The coziest hoodie for crispy days: Step into the warmest and coziest men hoodie that celebrates the love for the Shiba Inu breed. The preshrunk cotton blend will provide you with a breathable effect and the kangaroo pocket will help you to carry small essentials. Whether you need a warm layer for relaxing strolls and when hanging out with friends, this hoodie will make you feel confident and comfortable wherever you go.
The awesome fact that will thrill many customers is the fact that this hoodie comes both in kids' and adult sizes. Therefore, if you're a proud parent, wearing a matching combination will make you both stand out from the crowd. Features:
  1. Made from a preshrunk cotton blend
  2. It has a kangaroo pocket for carrying essentials
  3. The hood with adjustable drawstrings
  4. A cute Shiba Inu print on the front and caption on sleeves
  5. Ribbed hem and cuffs
  6. Available both in kids and adult sizes
Why we love it? Go for a walk in this attractive hoodie. Wear it while you're running wild downtown as you take on the day. The design will help you show off your creative side, and the pocket placement will ensure that your valuables stay safe with you at all times - without any worries of it sliding out even if it does make contact with those pesky wet spots! Who doesn't want to let their inner Shiba Inu roam free? You'll feel sporty and comfortable in this durable, breathable hoodie that lets you be you.  

Combed Cotton Shiba Inu Socks


'I adore wearing these cotton socks with Shiba Inus when I want to spice up my outfit with something cute and eye-catching.'

Kimberly C., our customer Lightweight and breathable pick for daily wear: Girls love to have their women's socks with the "coolest" picture on them, and these are no exception. You may see a variety of Shiba Inus' in different pairs, but they all have a colorful design that's perfect for everyday wear. Made out of combed cotton for comfort and elasticity, they're breathable yet lightweight enough not to feel too bulky in your shoes or boots. The patterns might be geeky, but there's nothing stopping you from owning them! So slip into something cute with these great socks!
Gone are the days of standard white socks that disappear into shoes. Shiba Inu socks were designed with a woman in mind and their love for these furry creatures. These puppies come in different colors to match any outfit or mood. Features:
  1. made of combed cotton
  2. emblazoned with Shiba Inus
  3. available in 3 colors
  4. universal size (from 36-45)
  5. machine washable
Why we love it? Why settle for generic, boring socks? Use your personality to express yourself. Share the one thing that gets you out of bed in the morning - loving Shiba Inu puppies! Promote cuteness and love with these unique Shiba Inu socks for women. Their snug fit and smooth texture will keep you feeling warm and cozy all day long! These socks are made with elastic at the top so they won't slip down throughout your day. Wear them one day, wash them another – these socks make it easy for busy ladies like yourselves. Lastly, a pair of dainty baby Shiba Inu pets adorn each sock!

Cuddly Shiba Inu Plush Slippers


'I never separate from my cuddly feet warmer. My Shiba loves to follow me through the house every time I wear them.'

Samanta P., our customer. Warm and soft slippers for chilly days: What are you waiting for? These little pup pillows have anti-slipping soles just like your pup, and they're 'oh so soft'. We'll go ahead and let them out of the dog house for you - they're as fluffy and comfy as a teddy bear!
These cute and cuddly home slippers fit the size of feet from 36-40. They will keep your feet warm and give you the feeling of walking on clouds. The sole is soft and features anti-slip padding to improve traction. Since they feature a lovely 3D Shiba Inu head, we're sure every dog parent would love to own them. Features:
  1. Made of soft plush and filled with pp cotton
  2. Anti-slip sole for indoor use
  3. Ideal gift for Shina Inu moms
  4. Hand washable in cold water
Why we love it? You're going to love these plush slippers. I mean like woof woof loves these. They're made with plush 3D dog heads that will look awesome on your feet all day long - from sun up to sun down! You're not just buying a pair of slippers, you're buying comfort. The plush material will feel like heaven on your feet and the 3D head is sure to put a grin on your face. Give the pup parent in your life these slippers as a special gift! And when they get dirty, wash them in cold soapy water and dry them in the air.

Cuddly Shiba Inu Women's Hoodie


' I match it with leggings, trousers, and even skirts when buzzing through the town.'

Tanya T., our customer The best hoodie for casual occasions: Whether you're planning to spend a relaxing day at home, or you want to explore the great outdoors, this amazing Shiba Inu hoodie will always be at your service. You can choose between a classic hoodie and a sweatshirt and match it with jeans, leggings, and other casual clothing pieces. It's available in trendy pastel colors and one nude color that will easily assimilate with different clothes.
Since we all want to stay comfy all day long, choosing the right fabric is also essential. This hoodie is made of 100 % cotton, so your skin will breathe and you won't feel any sort of discomfort. Both hoodies and sweatshirts are decorated with a chubby-cheeked Shiba Inu which brings a dose of cuteness to your outfit. Features:
  1. The hoodie is made of 100% cotton
  2. It's available in trendy pastel colors
  3. You can choose between a sweatshirt and hoodie
  4. Adorable & cozy pick for everyday wear
  5. Decorated with insanely cute Shiba Inu print
  6. It features a ribbed hem and cuffs
  7. Machine washable
Why we love it? This women's hoodie is so soft, it might as well be rubbing your cheek. The fabric is very easy to dress up or down and has a cozy warm lining for optimal warmth when you're running around on a cool day. A cute Shiba Inu print adorns the frontal part making these pastel colors a perfect staple in any wardrobe. It also features ribbed cuffs and hem to provide more shape without constricting movement during your active times!

Curious Shiba Inu's Owner Cap


' Great addition to my summer outfit when I want to stay safe from summer hotness.'

Alexandra U., our customer Essential sun protection for outdoor adventures: This sporty baseball cap is characterized by a simple yet stylish look. Embellished with a printed Shiba Inu, it will look good with any outfit and is a definite must-wear for the sunny season! Just remember how many times you felt nervous about a strong light obstructing your view. Well, thanks to this sporty cap, you can enjoy spending sunny days outdoors without feeling uncomfortable.
This baseball cap is made of lightweight and breathable fabric that doesn't cause sweating. It's available in many colors, and the unisex design makes it a perfect gift for Shiba Inu moms and dads. You can set the size by adjusting a velcro closure on the back, and handwash it in cold water when it gets dirty. Features:
  1. It's made of pleasant and breathable canvas fabric
  2. Available in different colors
  3. Adjustable velcro on behind to set the size
  4. Hand washable or dry cleaning
  5. A must-have item for everyday wear
Why we love it? This sporty Shiba Inu baseball cap features an unstructured and lightweight design. Therefore, it will be good to go for both the great outdoors or a night in town. Embellished with a printed Shiba Inu sticker, this cap will be easy to match both with sporty and casual outfits. It rocks a classic unstructured design, so it will be a  welcome addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Fruity Shiba Inu Keychain


'The combination of green details caught my eye! Exactly what every keychain should provide.'

Sharlotte F., our customer
Cheerful details and fresh colors for better visibility:
Let your lovely Shiba Inu follow you wherever you go and always remind you to bring your keys!  Fruity Shiba Inu Keychain is a great way to show your love for this foxy-looking dog breed. It's made of soft yet durable rubber. It's very practical but also super cute, which makes it the perfect gift for Shiba Inu owners and lovers of this breed!

This is not an ordinary keychain. It is a delightful dog-shaped keychain, perfect for the most charming of pet lovers. The Shiba Inu Keychain is made of rubber with a zinc alloy base, and it will remind you where you've left your keys every day. So go on, spend some time cuddling with this pup - your keys are safe in its little paws. Features:
  1. Made of elastic rubber
  2. Inspired by the love for Shibas
  3. Emblazoned with avocado and watermelons
  4. Golden color keyring and hook up
  5. You can attach it to your bag, purse, wallet, and even your dog's leash as a cute detail.
Why we love it? We bet you won't find a cuter keychain than this one! Choose between Avocado and Watermelon Shibas and let your furry friend always stay with you. The keychain is made of durable rubber so it can't crack. Besides for carrying keys, you can also use it as a lovely detail to your backpack, purse, bag, or some special item. If you're in doubt about what to buy for a Shiba Inu lover, we ensure you that you won't make a mistake by buying this gift.

Funny Anatomy Shiba Inu's Owner T-Shirt


'Great for the summer! Very pleased with the quality of the print and fabric.'

Jesús H., our customer T-shirt to suit the taste of every Shiba Inu owner: You need this shirt in your life, and let's face it, you're not really the type of guy to be caught wearing a pink sassy pants-looking thing. You can't catch up with friends if they see you coming from a mile away because of all the flashing colors on your form-fitting t-shirt. Get ready to take off into summertime with style, one Shiba Inu print Men t-shirt at a time!
Made from lightweight cotton and emblazoned with a cute print on the front, you'll be able to match this men's tee with many clothing styles. The fabric won't shrink or stretch even after many wearings. Thanks to well-sewn edges and quality colors, the tee keeps the original cut and shades. Features:
  1. High-quality print on the chest that won't crack even after many washes
  2. Elastic fabric that keeps the original cut and shape
  3. Perfect for everyday wear when you want to have a unique appearance
  4. Inspired by the love for Shiba Inus. An ideal pick for Shiba Inu dads.
  5. Machine washable at 30 C,  and hand washable as well.
Why we love it? Hailing from Japan, the cute Shiba Inu has traveled to America in this new t-shirt design! Brighten up your summer with this cotton essential and get a playful pup on your chest. Available in different colors and sizes so it will be perfect for any guy - big or small.

Fuzzy Shiba Inu Winter Hoodie


'I feel like I'm wearing a blanket while in this soft and warm hoodie!'

Stacy O., our customer
Perfect warmer for the winter season:
Feel the comfort and warmth in this amazing Fuzzy Shiba Inu Winter Hoodie made of soft fleece.
You're gonna feel like you have wrapped yourself in a blanket thanks to this pleasant and thick piece of clothing! Carefully made of the softest plush on Earth, this hoodie for Shiba Inu moms will be the cutest gift they'll be able to get.

When you're dreaming of being outside all day but it's too cold to go anywhere, turn your house into a winter wonderland just for you. The warm kangaroo pocket is perfect for holding extra stuff that needs keeping close without taking up space. There are Shiba Inu ears, nose and eyes on the hood, and tail on the back too. Don't spend the next period just wishing you could be out exploring. Wrap into this warm hoodie and feel the comfort wherever you go. Features:
  1. Made of soft and fuzzy fleece
  2. Ideal for the winter season
  3. Perfect costume for a Halloween party
  4. Emblazoned with Shiba Inu's tail on the back and ears on the hood
  5. Machine washable in cold water
  6. Double cuffs and hem
Why we love it? Not only because of the warmth but also because of the cutest design you'll ever find, we think that you would enjoy wearing this Shiba Inu hoodie. It's soft in touch and represents an ideal thermal layer for chilling on cold days. Since it's emblazoned with Shiba Inu's tail and ears and eyes on the hood, you can even wear it at costume parties. If you ask us, this is the ultimate piece of wardrobe for spending a lazy weekend. Just imagine a cup of hot tea, watching your favorite movie, and chilling with your dog on the couch. The only thing you'll need is a warm layer to fulfill the moment...and what would be better than a Fuzzy Shiba Inu Winter Hoodie?

What are the most popular Shiba Inu items for humans?

Only dog owners can explain the love they feel for their dogs. Our furry friends are the only creatures that truly get excited about our home arrival. If you want to cheer your special person or you want to reward yourself with a Shiba Inu-inspired gift, you’re in the right place.

Shiba Inu for humans collection offers you a wide selection of accessories, t-shirts, hoodies, slippers, and other items that celebrate the love for these pooches. You would definitely love to carry an item inspired by your pet wherever you go. Whether it’s a phone case, keychain, or even a Shiba Inu statue for your interior, you would be happy to see that cuddly face in your vicinity.