Make your outfit special by wearing a piece of jewelry inspired by your best furry friend. Whether you want to find earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, we have them all! Our wide selection of jewelry promises you that you’ll even find a special gift for your favorite person.

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925 Sterling Silver Shiba Inu Earrings


'I love anything that I purchase from you. The details and quality are well-done, and I wear these earrings daily.'

Anna E.,our customer Perfect woman's earrings for everyday wear: They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. But we all know that Shiba Inu dogs are the real gems of society! Show off your dog parenting and style expertise with these one-of-a-kind earrings. Show up to parties, weddings, and other events wearing these little metal buddies, and your stylish persona will be practically speaking for you! They're cute earrings made out of silver, but we call 'em doggie bling!
Women’s earrings in the shape of a Shiba Inu dog. Who doesn't want to wear a little puppy on their ears every day? Plus, these puppies are high quality with gorgeous and shiny zircons--seriously, everyone needs to get themselves some! Features:
  1. woman's earrings for everyday wear
  2. emblazoned with quality zircons
  3. made of 925 sterling silver
  4. cute gift for Shiba Inu moms
Why we love it? Shiba Inu earrings for women are 925 Sterling silver plated, with colorful and shiny zircons to be worn throughout the year. They come in fancy and fashion styles for casual wear, sensitive ears, or bold yet feminine style statements! Wear them plain while cold-storing your human head or match them up with your unique outfit for a head-to-toe coordinate! Made from 925 sterling silver plating over brass and nickel free, these dog-inspired earrings will be a trendy accessory you'll love wearing all day long

Biting Shiba Inu Earrings


'I love how these tiny Shiba Inu earrings are 'biting' my ears'

Natasha G., our customer Unique Shiba Inu earrings for daily wear: This pair of handmade Shiba Inu earrings is simply stunning! Carefully crafted for Shiba moms, you'll have a unique and piece of jewelry for every occasion.
For those with a Shiba Inu as their spirit animal, now your earrings can be too! A cute 3d Shiba Inu is carefully sculpted and painted onto these women's earrings. These come in the form of an aesthetically pleasing pair of earrings, so people who adore pottery art will appreciate them as much as we do! The pottery has been made soft to make it more comfortable for everyday wear. They are safe for you, but not so much all those other barking dogs out there--this one has got the last howl! Features:
  1. biting Shiba Inu design
  2. ideal gift for Shiba Inu moms
  3. hand made piece of jewelry
  4. Material: Soft pottery
Why we love it? With this amazing and unique piece of jewelry, you'll have a distinctive detail wherever you go because a lovely Shiba looks like it's biting your ear. The earrings are made of soft pottery and they are easy to match with different casual clothing. We are sure that every Shiba Inu mom would love to include this pair of earrings in her jewelry collection.

Geometric Shiba Inu Necklace


' The quality craftsmanship and gorgeous rose-gold color were the reasons why I ordered this piece of jewelry.'

Christina S., our customer The elegant piece of Shiba Inu-inspired jewelry: Shiba Inu mom wants the best necklace to go with her when she leaves the house. Our Shiba Inu Women Necklace lets you show your love for these fluffy dogs. Shiba moms are amazing and deserve an even more amazing accessory: a smart, durable metal piece of necklace that goes perfect with everything. And the cherry on top? Choose from 3 colors that will match any outfit or mood you're in - just like your puppy does for you!
We want you to show off your love for dogs in style with this intricately crafted Shiba Inu necklace. Whether you're an owner, or just adore doggos, don't miss out on this chance to get up close and personal with the cutest breed of dog around. The geometrical shape gives a dose of elegance and uniqueness to your everyday wear. Features:
  1. made from zinc alloy
  2. the geometric shape of the Shiba Inu figure
  3. available in 3 colors
  4. awesome pick for standing out from the crowd
Why we love it? Nobody likes when somebody's staring at them, but with this necklace, you'll stand out and make a statement.  Wear the Shiba Inu- inspired pendant necklace - fashionable & functional to wear anytime. Become the newest member of our pack and how the love for your dog. This stylish necklace features a quality zinc alloy chain with an adorable, geometric Shiba Inu pendant. Why make any other fashion statement when this one is already perfect? Perfect to match with every outfit and one of the favorite items of Shiba Inu moms.  

Lovely Shiba Inu Necklace


' I love the tiny engraved heart in this Shiba Inu-shaped pendant. Definitely, the best item to surprise every Shiba Inu mom!'

Juana G., our customer A unique and elegant necklace for Shiba Inu moms: This necklace is super cute for the Shiba Inu lovers out there or anyone who has a Shiba Inu dog in their life. You can wear it to spice up your everyday outfits and look spotted on special occasions too. The necklace and pendant are made of zinc alloy which is silver plated.
Wear your Shiba Inu pride wherever you go with this cute and elegant necklace. It's a playful alternative to the standard big-chain statement piece, and it has such a unique pendant decorated with a tiny heart. The Shiba Inu necklace is a perfect conversational starter and goes well with any aesthetic you could fancy. Features:
  1. silver plated, made from zinc alloy
  2. a pendant shaped like a Shiba Inu dog
  3. engraved heart on the Shiba Inu pendant
  4. cute piece of jewelry both for special and everyday occasions
Why we love it? Sophisticated, but also a bit of flair. This necklace and pendant combo will make any outfit pop with cuteness! Having an idea of what occasion you might need this for? Well, no worries. This sleek necklace and pendant combo will work even if it's your birthday - or maybe just a random Tuesday gift-giving day to yourself. With a dog-shaped pendant that is absolutely irresistible with the small lovely heart engraved on the front, we're sure every dog mom would be flattered by this unique twist on her classic pearl necklace.

Origami Shiba Inu Necklace


' Affordable, stylish, and unique! I love how this necklace goes with my shirts and dresses!'

Elizabeth B., our customer A necklace inspired by Origami art: Your heart is barking madly, and we're gonna join in. Show your love for Shiba Inus with this necklace inspired by Origami art. No need to save it for the next family pet: give it as a gift or wear it proudly!
This necklace made of zinc alloy is durable enough to last through anything and is available in a golden color. The shape of this necklace was inspired by origami art, which makes it more elegant and classy. Rich in tradition, this cute pup offers just the cuteness you need with a dash of wisdom. Features:
  1. made from Zinc Alloy material
  2. origami-inspired design
  3. necklace and pendant in a pack
  4. cute and stylish piece of jewelry for every occasion
  5. wonderful detail for Shiba Inu moms
Why we love it? One strand of joy is all you need to encapsulate your happiness with this excellent combo necklace and pendant set. We recommend it for women, who deserve a crossover design that’s nothing short of inspiring. It's the most precious accessory in your wardrobe and displays your personality to people at a distance with its adorable design. A beautiful piece of jewelry that will make any girl feel good from the inside out!

Shiba Inu Cute Pin


' The cutest way to add a unique piece of art to every piece of clothing.'

Alejandra P., our customer Adorable Shiba Inu clothing pin both for kids and adults: This product is the perfect gift that is not just for kids. Whether they're dressing up in their favorite outfit or sneaking one more peek at themselves before they join their friends for lunch, these adorable pins are sure to make any outfit complete!
Have a nose by any other name that smells as sweet. These metal clothes pins are adorable and ready to be pinned on your toddler's shirt, your backpack, jacket, the corner of a box top, or anything you can think of. Lovely little underdogs from Japan with an enamel finish. Features:
  1. quality enamel finish
  2. it's made from zinc alloy
  3. crafted in the shape of a Shiba Inu dog who's drinking a cocktail
  4. lovely detail for looking cute
  5. it can be attached to different items such as backpacks, caps, jackets, and shirts
Why we love it? With this brooch by your side, you'll show everyone that you're a proud Shiba Inu owner. If you are tired of using plain old pins to pin your clothes or just want something a little more unique, this Shiba Inu-inspired brooch will be the perfect addition to your fashion closet. Made from zinc alloy and decorated with colorful Shiba, this handmade jewelry piece is not only stylish but also durable. Introducing the most loyal and adorable drinking buddy that's always thirsty for more!  

Shiba Inu Mom Bracelet


' There is always something at Shiba Inu Shop that I just have to have! This bracelet is my fav accessory for everyday wear.'

Lisa D., our customer A woman's bracelet with a special note: Tired of those stiff, conventional bracelets parading as meaningful fashion? From now on, your wrist can be adorned with this stylish and versatile piece: the Shiba Inu mom bracelet! Proudly wear it to express your individuality with its cute pendant letters and a sentimental inscription about moms. But there's more. Dress up any outfit - work, play, athleisure looks - by adding a pop of cool color! Sweet mother of dog finish is too good to pass up.
With this genuine PU leather bracelet, every day of the year is a celebration. Wear it on hiking trails and to birthday parties, because this versatile bracelet works for whatever occasion you need! Features: Material: PU leather and zinc alloy
  • Specially made for Shiba Inu moms
  • Package Weight: 0.200kg (0.441lb.)
  • Package Size: 25cm x 15cm x 10cm (9.84in x 5.91in x 3.94in)
Why we love it? Your favorite Shiba Inu mom deserves something special! She's always taking care of her pup, so this present will also take on the task. This dog-inspired bracelet has a cute pun and represents an ideal gift for moms who equally adore their Shiba Inus as much as they enjoy being one. Treat her to some stylish accessories while making sure she knows how appreciated she is!

When in doubt- choose Shiba Inu-inspired jewelry!

Nothing can beat the quality and unique pieces of jewelry. That’s why we think you should forget about wearing basic and ‘already seen’ jewelry. Our selection of jewelry offers you adorable beads, earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that will make every outfit special. Whether you’re going to a business meeting or you’re planning to hang out with friends, Shiba Inu jewelry will show everyone how much you adore your furry friend. Show everyone that your dog means everything in this world for you!

On the other hand, if you’re searching to buy a gift for your favorite person, we’re sure that you won’t make mistake. Each piece of jewelry is skin-friendly, made of stainless steel, silver, or surgical steel.