Keep your feet comfortable and dry because they work a lot for our bodies! What would be a better way to refresh your sock drawer than adding a pair of socks inspired by the love for your Shiba Inu? Made of soft and breathable fabrics, we have got you covered from work to workouts.

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Combed Cotton Shiba Inu Socks


'I adore wearing these cotton socks with Shiba Inus when I want to spice up my outfit with something cute and eye-catching.'

Kimberly C., our customerLightweight and breathable pick for daily wear:Girls love to have their women's socks with the "coolest" picture on them, and these are no exception. You may see a variety of Shiba Inus' in different pairs, but they all have a colorful design that's perfect for everyday wear. Made out of combed cotton for comfort and elasticity, they're breathable yet lightweight enough not to feel too bulky in your shoes or boots. The patterns might be geeky, but there's nothing stopping you from owning them! So slip into something cute with these great socks!
Gone are the days of standard white socks that disappear into shoes. Shiba Inu socks were designed with a woman in mind and their love for these furry creatures. These puppies come in different colors to match any outfit or mood.Features:
  1. made of combed cotton
  2. emblazoned with Shiba Inus
  3. available in 3 colors
  4. universal size (from 36-45)
  5. machine washable
Why we love it?Why settle for generic, boring socks? Use your personality to express yourself. Share the one thing that gets you out of bed in the morning - loving Shiba Inu puppies! Promote cuteness and love with these unique Shiba Inu socks for women. Their snug fit and smooth texture will keep you feeling warm and cozy all day long! These socks are made with elastic at the top so they won't slip down throughout your day. Wear them one day, wash them another – these socks make it easy for busy ladies like yourselves. Lastly, a pair of dainty baby Shiba Inu pets adorn each sock!

Shiba Inu Cotton Socks


'Eye-catching pick for breaking boring and basic-looking clothes.'

Michelle D., our customerA pair of socks that will make you stand out from the crowd:

Choose quality and functional pair of Shiba Inu-inspired socks that can make or break your daily comfort. They're made of 100% cotton that will provide you with superior comfort throughout the day. Since they're emblazoned with Shiba Inus, you'll let everyone know who is the biggest fan of these creatures.

These badass Shiba Inu socks will make you unstoppable during the cold winter months! Soft cotton made these one killer combo ... plus they'll be cute to match with ugly Christmas sweaters! They are comfortable enough for everyday wear and durable to withstand tough laundry cycles. We bet every occasion will go great with these Shiba-inspired socks.


  1. made of 100 % cotton
  2. one size suits no 35-40
  3. ideal for breaking basic outfits
  4. machine washable
  5. functionality, breathability, odor control, and style
Why we love it?The fun prints and colors are something that we especially like about these socks. Emblazoned with lovely Shiba Kens, you'll always keep in mind the love you have for your furry friend that waits for you to come back. Shiba Inu cotton socks are extremely comfortable on the skin and the fit is tight but in a comforting foot-hugging sort of way. You would enjoy combining these socks with different outfits not only because they'll keep your feet moving forward in style and comfort. Life is always better by having a Shiba Inu by your side, even on your socks!

Shiba Inu Cotton Socks


'I love how the Shiba Inu's ears on the socks peek from my sneakers!'

Angela Q., our customerUnique details of a dog's peeking ears to stand out from the crowd:Dress to impress with these lovely and cozy Shiba Inu socks! For the woman who is not ashamed to flaunt her Shiba Inu devotion, these socks are perfect for you. From the playful Shiba Inu to homemade hot dogs, these socks are a must for any woman who loves dogs. Available in different colors, these are made from combed cotton that is elastic and breathable so your feet can feel nice and cozy all day long.
Irresistible for dog lovers and those who want an occasional hipster workout moment. The socks feature 3D Shiba Inu's ears that will peek from your footwear. Choose between 2 colors, and let them become inevitable items for casual outfits.Features:
  1. made of stretchable and breathable cotton fabric
  2. emblazoned with lovely Shiba Inu head
  3. perfect for everyday wear
  4. cozy and lightweight
Why we love it?Shiba Inu's Owner Socks are just a sample of your loving personality and good taste. They will make you stand out from the crowd by adding a bit of humor into everyday wear. Shiba Inus are bred in Japan as elite animals, and they have such cute little faces! The fresh cotton fabric feels pleasant to the skin while it is stretchable enough to be easily put on. What do people say about every pup? That he or she is "adorable!" So if everyone has compliments about how adorably you're wearing these socks, now let's see them laughing uncontrollably over your other purchase that goes perfectly with these socks. The generous fit makes them comfortable and ensures they won't slip off while a good game of chase in your backyard or running errands around town.

Shiba Inu Female Socks


' I love the engraved Shiba Inu's face and how it peeks from my jeans and leggings! '

Sheron R.,our customerThe Best Moisture Wicking Socks:Trim down your wardrobe with a pack of these cotton hot dog socks. They're the perfect pairing for sneaker or even an ankle boot! Mesh it out with the matching sweater and look spotted on any occasion!
These socks for dog lovers are perfect for those who adore Shiba Inu breed. They're made out of breathable and stretchy fabric that won't be uncomfortable to wear and they come in cute, vibrantly colored patterns. These will make the best fashion accessory you ever had!Features:
  1. made of breathable, lightweight, and quality cotton fabric
  2. machine washable at 40 c
  3. engraved with a Shiba Inu's face
  4. available in universal size (35-45)
  5. ribbed wrist for extra comfort feeling
Why we love it?Coming at a reasonable price,  you’ll get socks that are made to last for ages. And that's not all! They feature a cute Shiba Inu face around the wrist you show everyone how much you love your cute pup. They come in bright orange color, and can be an eye-catching detail to get rid of boring-looking outfits!

Shiba Inu Overload Socks


'They're lightweight and so stretchy. Perfect for long wear!'

Maria F., our customer
Lightweight and stretchable pick for the summer season:
Treat your feet right and renew your drawing essentials by choosing one of our Shiba Inu Overload Socks. Next to our footwear, socks are our most important gear to buy.

Think what it's like to be completely comfortable for the first time in years. That's how your feet feel when you put on these cotton socks with Shiba Inu dogs creeping over them. They offer a pleasant feeling and the elastic fabric is giving and breathable, too!
  1. These socks offer you style and performance
  2. Made of 100 % cotton
  3. Fibers pull moisture away
  4. Machine washable
  5. Stretchable and breathable
  6. Skin-friendly
  7. Emblazoned with cuddly Shiba Inus
Why we love it?These adorable Shiba Inu Overload Socks feature a range of pretty colors that are sure to make you happy and comfy. Combine it with your favorite jeans and sneakers, and let your Shiba follows you wherever you go. When taking your Shiba Inu's shaggy feet for a stroll around town, you're going to want to make sure that you stay nice and comfy. Introducing our line of socks specially made just for all dog lovers out there looking to feel the comfort in the blistering summer sun! Made with breathable fabric, these soft cotton socks will keep you feeling delightfully cool all day long.

Shiba Inu Short Socks


'How can I feel bad when I'm wearing the cutest pair of socks emblazoned with lovely Shiba Inus?!'

Monya E., our customerCute pick for sunny days:Refresh your collection of socks by adding a pair inspired by lovely Shiba Inus. Made of combed cotton, they'll make you confident and pleasant wherever you go.
You'll be running through the town with this pair of socks on! Featuring Shiba Inu dogs, these cotton socks are great for the summer heat. Made of stretchy elastic fabric and breathable material, it's always nice to feel good in your clothes. Be the envy of your neighborhood with this adorable pick! Show off how much you love this dog breed and enjoy buzzing wherever you want!Features:
  1. made of combed cotton
  2. breathable, pleasant, and soft
  3. cozy to wear
  4. short ankle cut for summer wear
  5. one size fits feet from 35 -43
  6. machine washable at 30 C
Why we love it?We can never get enough of buying socks because they represent inevitable items for stepping outdoor. These awesome short ankle socks are emblazoned with adorable fluffy Shibas, so we bet every owner of this breed would love to have one. Feel like you're walking on a cloud in these buttery-soft socks that fit sizes from 35-43. Arch-hugging support brings stay-put comfort to these stretchy Shiba Inu socks with a smart blister tab providing additional protection.

Shiba Inu Women Socks


'Cheerful addition to every basic-looking outfit.'

Christine P., our customerThe softest touch of premium cotton fabric for your feet:Get your favorite pair of socks inspired by the love for Shiba Inus. Made of cozy and breathable cotton, your feet will enjoy the coziness all day long.
Our Shiba Inu socks come in three different colors. What made us decide to create these? Well, it all starts with our first release of the year. Talking about how last year was anything but normal for everyone--it sure wasn't normal for us! So what did we do? We brainstormed some ideas on how you might want to start this new beginning with something special--like an extra sidekick who loves you more than words can say-your lovable pup! These cute cotton socks are lightweight, breathable, and feature moisture-wicking performance! We bet you'll feel so cozy and relaxed to wear them throughout the year!Features:
  1. Made of elastic cotton
  2. Breathable and natural fabric
  3. Perfect for daily wear
  4. Available in different sizes
  5. Machine washable
  6. They feature an elastic hem
  7. Emblazoned with cuddly Shibas
Why we love them?Socks represent inevitable items in everyone's closet. Regardless of your style, nothing can replace cozy and breathable socks. This adorable piece is emblazoned with lovely and fluffy Shiba Inus. The socks are available in many sizes, and they provide maximum comfort and stretchability while wearing them. They’re thin enough to wear with shoes and thick enough to wear with sneakers. They'll also never fall down, but at the same time, they won’t cinch your leg so hard. 

Choose socks inspired by Shiba Inus!

We wear them daily. That’s why it’s important to choose quality socks that will provide us with daily comfort. If you’re in search of socks inspired by the love for your Shiba, we’re sure that you’ll find one in our great selection. From simple and affordable, to those colorful and unique for persons who like to stand out from the crowd! Every pair of socks is versatile for many different outfits and activities. Wearing quality and comfortable socks can really put us in a better mood! Made of pure cotton, cotton blend, or bamboo, each pair features sustainable fabric. They never fall down or lose shape.