Whether you’re searching for a casual tee to enjoy a sunny day, or to surprise your special person, our Shiba Inu T-shirts for humans will be the right pick. Made of pleasant fabrics and emblazoned with quality prints, our t-shirts will be ready to add fresh and stylish detail to your outfit.

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Coffee Lover Shiba Inu Hoodie


'These are two things I love the most- a strong morning coffee and my dog!'

Antony B., our customer The coziest hoodie for crispy days: Step into the warmest and coziest men hoodie that celebrates the love for the Shiba Inu breed. The preshrunk cotton blend will provide you with a breathable effect and the kangaroo pocket will help you to carry small essentials. Whether you need a warm layer for relaxing strolls and when hanging out with friends, this hoodie will make you feel confident and comfortable wherever you go.
The awesome fact that will thrill many customers is the fact that this hoodie comes both in kids' and adult sizes. Therefore, if you're a proud parent, wearing a matching combination will make you both stand out from the crowd. Features:
  1. Made from a preshrunk cotton blend
  2. It has a kangaroo pocket for carrying essentials
  3. The hood with adjustable drawstrings
  4. A cute Shiba Inu print on the front and caption on sleeves
  5. Ribbed hem and cuffs
  6. Available both in kids and adult sizes
Why we love it? Go for a walk in this attractive hoodie. Wear it while you're running wild downtown as you take on the day. The design will help you show off your creative side, and the pocket placement will ensure that your valuables stay safe with you at all times - without any worries of it sliding out even if it does make contact with those pesky wet spots! Who doesn't want to let their inner Shiba Inu roam free? You'll feel sporty and comfortable in this durable, breathable hoodie that lets you be you.  

Funny Anatomy Shiba Inu's Owner T-Shirt


'Great for the summer! Very pleased with the quality of the print and fabric.'

Jesús H., our customer T-shirt to suit the taste of every Shiba Inu owner: You need this shirt in your life, and let's face it, you're not really the type of guy to be caught wearing a pink sassy pants-looking thing. You can't catch up with friends if they see you coming from a mile away because of all the flashing colors on your form-fitting t-shirt. Get ready to take off into summertime with style, one Shiba Inu print Men t-shirt at a time!
Made from lightweight cotton and emblazoned with a cute print on the front, you'll be able to match this men's tee with many clothing styles. The fabric won't shrink or stretch even after many wearings. Thanks to well-sewn edges and quality colors, the tee keeps the original cut and shades. Features:
  1. High-quality print on the chest that won't crack even after many washes
  2. Elastic fabric that keeps the original cut and shape
  3. Perfect for everyday wear when you want to have a unique appearance
  4. Inspired by the love for Shiba Inus. An ideal pick for Shiba Inu dads.
  5. Machine washable at 30 C,  and hand washable as well.
Why we love it? Hailing from Japan, the cute Shiba Inu has traveled to America in this new t-shirt design! Brighten up your summer with this cotton essential and get a playful pup on your chest. Available in different colors and sizes so it will be perfect for any guy - big or small.

Fuzzy Shiba Inu Winter Hoodie


'I feel like I'm wearing a blanket while in this soft and warm hoodie!'

Stacy O., our customer
Perfect warmer for the winter season:
Feel the comfort and warmth in this amazing Fuzzy Shiba Inu Winter Hoodie made of soft fleece.
You're gonna feel like you have wrapped yourself in a blanket thanks to this pleasant and thick piece of clothing! Carefully made of the softest plush on Earth, this hoodie for Shiba Inu moms will be the cutest gift they'll be able to get.

When you're dreaming of being outside all day but it's too cold to go anywhere, turn your house into a winter wonderland just for you. The warm kangaroo pocket is perfect for holding extra stuff that needs keeping close without taking up space. There are Shiba Inu ears, nose and eyes on the hood, and tail on the back too. Don't spend the next period just wishing you could be out exploring. Wrap into this warm hoodie and feel the comfort wherever you go. Features:
  1. Made of soft and fuzzy fleece
  2. Ideal for the winter season
  3. Perfect costume for a Halloween party
  4. Emblazoned with Shiba Inu's tail on the back and ears on the hood
  5. Machine washable in cold water
  6. Double cuffs and hem
Why we love it? Not only because of the warmth but also because of the cutest design you'll ever find, we think that you would enjoy wearing this Shiba Inu hoodie. It's soft in touch and represents an ideal thermal layer for chilling on cold days. Since it's emblazoned with Shiba Inu's tail and ears and eyes on the hood, you can even wear it at costume parties. If you ask us, this is the ultimate piece of wardrobe for spending a lazy weekend. Just imagine a cup of hot tea, watching your favorite movie, and chilling with your dog on the couch. The only thing you'll need is a warm layer to fulfill the moment...and what would be better than a Fuzzy Shiba Inu Winter Hoodie?

Girly Vibes Shiba Inu T-Shirts


'The material is breathable and the design is just lovely. I'm really happy with my purchase.'

Hannah F., our customer Lightweight and cozy pick of summer wear:
Spice up your wardrobe by adding one of these adorable Girly Vibes Shiba Inu T-Shirts. Made of soft and breathable cotton, they'll provide you with a comfortable feeling regardless of your activities. The tee features a smiling Shiba Inu print on the front and it can be an ideal gift for Shiba Inu moms who love to show love for their furry friends.

When in doubt about what to wear on a hot summer day, choose a lightweight, breathable and cozy summer tee. Since it's made of cotton fabric, it will provide you with superior comfort in extreme temperatures. Let your love for these adorable dogs glow with every movement. The cute print of a smiling Shiba Inu can really make your day!
  1. Made of superior cotton fabric, very lightweight and breathable
  2. Machine washable
  3. Skin-friendly and stretchable; supports all your daily activities
  4. O-neckline
  5. Available in different patterns and sizes
  6. Relaxed cut, suitable for different body types
  7. Perfect gift for Shiba Inu lovers
  8. High-quality prints on the front
Why we love it? When it comes to buying tees, we all want to wear something cozy and pleasant. That's why we decided to create these Shiba Inu t-shirts that have been inspired by the love for these foxy creatures. Each piece features a relaxed fit that suits different body types. Besides, lovely smiling Shibas will bring a cute detail to your casual and sporty outfits. Choose between chubby cheeks Shiba, Shiba daily moods, Shiba nerd, and many other adorable prints.

Japanese Shiba Vibes Men T-Shirts


' Definitely, the best men's tee inspired by Shiba Inus and Japanese culture. They totally hit the design!'

Marco P., our customer
Best T-shirt for Shiba Inu dads:
Feel the vibes of Japan and enjoy wearing tees emblazoned with Shiba Inus in different pawdventures. We carefully designed every print to celebrate the love for these dogs and their Japanese origins. They can be worn on any occasion, and are easy to match with different outfits.

Whether you're going on a walk, to work, or hang out with friend, this tee can look great if combined with certain clothes. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly shrunk cotton in the summer. It’s durable, breathable and can be combined with any color you desire! With our variety of sizes to choose from, we can pretty much guarantee that there's a shirt for everyone at our store! Whether you're looking for an inexpensive addition to your wardrobe or something cute and comfortable without breaking the bank, look no further than right here at Shiba Inu Shop.
  1. made of preshrunk cotton fabric
  2. soft and pleasant in touch
  3. available in different patterns and sizes
  4. casual piece of clothing
  5. elastic neckline
  6. regular fit
  7. durable, odorless and passed through anti fading process
  8. unique design with excellent durable fabric
Why we love it? When in doubt about what to wear, choose a tee printed with lovely Shibas. These t-shirts impersonate the fluffy pooches in many adventures. From eating Ramen to going to exploring adventures...we bet the choice will be difficult. Shiba Inu dads will surely like to have a tee inspired by the love for these foxy pets, so they can also be ideal gift ideas. Combine it with jeans, trousers, shorts and stay comfortable on every step!

Lazy Shiba Inu Men's T-Shirt


' A sluggish Shiba print really gives my 'Monday outfit' a final touch!'

Antonio W., our customer. The best t-shirt for sleep lovers: Best men's t-shirts for the summer season are ready to be worn! This men's tee is available in different colors, and it's made of breathable cotton fabric. Specially created for Shiba Inu lovers and admirers, it will add a unique detail to your casual and sporty outfits.
This lazy Shiba Inu just wants to make it through the day without a fight. And when you're getting dressed after taking on this dog's challenge, you may feel just like him or her: exhausted and ready for a nap. But since we can't always go home for our clothes, you need some that won't get too hot during the summer heat and will match anything else in your closet. Enter this tired-looking t-shirt! It'll never say no to throwing an outfit together because it loves its new job of looking good with any color of shorts that may come up as well as being comfortable in whatever temperature is thrown at 'em. Features:
  1. Lightweight and preshrunk cotton fabric
  2. Ideal for daily wear
  3. It features a funny print on the chest. Easy to match with different clothes.
  4. Machine washable at 30 c
  5. Ideal gift for Shiba Inu lovers
  6. The tee keeps the original shape and quality of the print.
Why we love it? Forget the regular boring t-shirt. Let your Shiba Inu help you show off who you are this summer, at work, and around town! Choose from a variety of colors and sizes so you can find the one that suits you best. Go ahead, take me home today to show off my good looks!  

Mona Lisa's Shiba Inu Men T-Shirt


The art and my favorite creature in the world in one clothing piece! I'm sooo in love with this tee!'

Michael P.,our customer
The T-shirt where two centuries collide:
Nothing can beat a trendy and comfy tee that will make your outfit complete. Mona Lisa's Shiba Inu Men T-Shirt will bring a dose of urban and vintage spirit at the same time. Even though it looks like Mona Lisa and Shiba Inus don't have anything in common, the truth is actually different. Their 'smiles' were our inspirational muses when we decided to create this t-shirt.

Made of the highest quality cotton fabric, this tee will suit even people with sensitive skin. It's lightweight, breathable, and features high-absorbing power. In that case, you won't feel overheated even on the hottest summer day.
  1. Made of 100 % preshrunk cotton
  2. High-quality print on the front, non-toxic colors
  3. Vintage and urban style in one. The t-shirt inspired by art and history.
  4. Perfect for everyday wear
  5. Casual piece of clothing with a unique design
  6. Machine washable
  7. Colors that won't fade
Why we love it? Did you know that Shiba Inus are older than Mona Lisa? Well, if you take a look at their history, you'll realize they're one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. That's why we think this tee represents a good combination of vintage, ancient, and modern. Show everyone that you're a proud Shiba Ken's dad and wear this original and unique tee wherever you go. Made of breathable and preshrunk cotton, this T-shirt will provide you with a pleasant and comfortable effect.

Morning Routine Shiba Inu Hoodie


'When nothing goes my way, this hoodie brightens up my mood like a cup of hot chocolate.' 

Hollie Q., our customer Cozy women's hoodie for casual days and nights: Spice up your outfit by wearing a comfy and relaxing hoodie emblazoned with lovely Shiba prints. Available in different prints, sizes, and colors, this hoodie will shine positive vibes wherever you step in. With a kangaroo pocket on the front, you'll be able to carry the essentials when going on a stroll. The inner side features soft fleece, so you'll feel warm and snugged on crispy fall and winter nights.
Modern women, millennials, and all fashionistas alike need a hoodie outfit to take over the season. Add this cozy and adorable Women's hoodie to complete your look today. This cotton piece of clothing is perfect for those chilly days and nights and will keep you warm through the winter months ahead (and beyond). Features:
  1. Available in many sizes, colors, and patterns
  2. Made of poly-cotton blend
  3. Regular fit to suit different body types
  4. Machine washable
  5. Adjustable drawstring on the hood
Why we love it? Whether you want to chill at home, go to brunch with your friends or spend most of the time in the gym, a hoodie will always sound like a good idea. This amazing girly hoodie will keep you snug, comfy, and safe on those crispy fall and winter days. And....we have to admit that wearing a hoodie under a biker jacket can look kinda badass, right? Anyway, this Shiba Inu hoodie will make you look trendy, casual, relaxed, and what is most important- it gives you confidence!  

Oversized Shiba Inu T-Shirt


' I love the oversized and casual cut. It's easy to match it with skirts and shorts on hot summer days.'

Emma T., our customer Oversized cut for casual occasions: Feel the ultimate comfort and wear a tee that will put a smile on your face. Thanks to a breathable and lightweight cotton, you'll enjoy wearing it both on casual and sporty occasions. The t-shirt has been emblazoned with a lovely Shiba Inu's face at the front that is intentionally placed to celebrate the love for those lovely foxy creatures.
You'd smile too if you were as cute and mischievous as these Shiba Inu puppies. The best friends to keep by your side, our Women's T-shirt has a playful print on the front for easy day-to-day dressing. This cotton t-shirt is perfect for adding your own creative spin in the drawing or illustration section, featuring up to 8 different colors that will make any outfit pop. Totally comfortable to wear with jeans or joggers so you can be primed and ready at all times! Features:
  1. Made of lightweight and breathable cotton
  2. O-neckline
  3. Oversized tee for casual wear
  4. Machine washable at 30 c
  5. Easy to match with different outfits
Why we love it? Tired of feeling anxious about the state of our world? Try slipping into an oversized T-shirt! It is a welcome distraction from how chaotic things have been lately. You can match it with jeans, skirts, and shorts and choose between many colors. P.S. Green and yellow options are among our favorites this season. When that long day at the office is finally over and you're ready to come home, nothing feels better than slipping on an oversized T-shirt for some much-needed comfort.

Peeking Shiba Inu Men's Sweatshirt


'A comfy fleece-back fabric is designed to break in and mould to my body with daily wear.'

James O., our customer The ultimate comfort for everyday wear: The Men hoodie is made of 100% premium cotton that will keep you warm for the winter. The fabric has been stitched with cute Shiba Inu to make it look stylish and cool. If you're looking for a great and casual piece of clothing to wear this winter, this Men hoodie is the best choice!
Be a part of the Shiba Inu craze and be stylish at the same time! This stylish and comfy fleece-lined hoodie is decorated with the cute Shiba Inu on the front side. It's made of premium cotton fabric, so it's suitable for daily activities. With ribbed hem and cuffs, the fit of the hoodie will stay as new. The Men Hoodie comes in many colors and sizes, so you're sure to find your favorite one! Features:
  1. made of premium cotton
  2. backside is made from fleece
  3. available in classic colors
  4. easy to match with different outfits
  5. decorated with a 'peeking Shiba Inu' on the left front side
  6. machine washable
  7. ribbed cuffs and hem for a better fit
Why we love it? This Sporty Men Hoodie is made of cotton and it comes in classic grey, black, blue, and white colors. The ribbed cuffs and hem provide better support during different activities. And not only does this sweatshirt match well with a lot of your clothes but they also come in even more styles! Here's an excuse to snuggle up with a fuzzy friend! This sweatshirt features a tiny chest pocket that contains 3 inches of cuteness: our beloved peeking Shiba Inu. Stop by and get your favorite color of sporty sweatshirt today!

Shiba Inu Cartoon T-Shirt


'What a cute shirt. Feels very soft, the material is thin and light. Good for the summer months!

Heidi M., our customer Breathable and lightweight women's tee for the summer season:

Whether you need a unique tee for casual wear or a witty piece of clothing to become noticed, the Shiba Inu Cartoon T-shirt will be ready to step in. You may be getting ready to spend the weekend cuddled up on the couch with your favorite movie and eating ice cream. But what if you want something more from those hours? Say, laughter for example? Fear not, dear friends! Introducing our Women's Shiba Inu Tee, here to put a smile on your face as well as style! The print is crisp and bold - it won't disappoint even the fussiest designer. This relaxed fit cotton tee will work for any mood or activity-from jeans to skirts too.

Akin to an enthusiastic welcome mat, our Women Shiba Inu Print Tee will make you feel like the favorite guest every time. The soft cotton t-shirt with a relaxed fit makes it easy to wear alone or layer for more comfort. Features:
  1. Preshrunk 100 % cotton
  2. Durable colors and prints
  3. Machine washable
  4. Breathable and stretchable fabric
  5. Easy to combine with different outfits
  6. Inspired by Shiba Inus
Why we love it? We adore this Shiba Inu T-shirt not only because of its cute print but also because it's suitable for all types of activities. You can match it both with sporty and casual clothes and for making a capsule wardrobe. If there's one thing every human needs right now more than ever, it's the unique tee hanging in their wardrobes. Whether you pair it with joggers or jeans is up to you ...we assure you that you'll look spotted wherever you appear. Thanks to its generous fit and wide sleeves, this Shiba Inu tee does not look only comfortable but also elevates everyday outfits.

Shiba Inu Hoodies For Humans


'I love the snug effect this hoodie provides! It's thick enough to be worn during winter months too.'

Bred U., our customer Unisex design for Shiba Inu owners: Shiba Inu Hoodies For Humans will become your favorite clothing piece for cold days! Emblazoned with lovely printed Shibas at the front, they'll make you warm, snug, and comfy wherever you go. Unisex design makes this hoodie an equally cool pick for Shiba Inu moms and dads. Choose your favorite color and enjoy matching it with different casual clothing.
This hoodie is perfect for those cooler days! It'll keep you warm and cozy with its fleece lining on the inside. And a smiling Shiba on the front will bright up your mood and make you spotted wherever you appear. Features:
  1. made of soft and elastic poly-cotton blend
  2. available in 5 colors
  3. emblazoned with cute and sleepy Shiba Inus
  4. elastic and ribbed cuffs and hem
  5. comfort fit for any type of body
  6. machine washable
  7. easy to match with jeans and sweatsuits

Why we love it?

A quality hoodie is the pillar of the casual wardrobe. Regardless of the fact whether you're sports or classy type of person, every human has at least one hoodie in his/her closet. A soft poly-cotton blend looks and feels like the coziest touch of a blanket in the winter season. These Shiba Inu Hoodies For Humans will add a cute and fashionable detail to your outfit regardless of the occasion. The hoodie is perfect for spending a relaxing day with friends, family or when you want to go for a walk with your pooch.  

Shiba Inu T-shirts for everyone’s taste!

They may be a humble wardrobe essential, but t-shirts inspired by Shiba Inus are must-have items for their owners. We can never have too many of them. We wear them throughout the year because no outfit is complete without the perfect t-shirt. Perfect for layering and getting a cozy appearance, tees are one of the best-selling items around the Globe.

Shiba Inu t-shirts will be a great addition to your casual and sporty days when you want to get a relaxed look. They are made of breathable, soft, and skin-friendly fabrics that won’t shrink or stretch even after many wearings. The prints are made of non-toxic colors that don’t fade. We offer you V-neck t-shirts, turtlenecks, and many others varying from crew to boatnecks. For those hot summer calls, we have prepared crisp crop tops and tanks emblazoned with lovely Shiba Inus. Both men and women will be able to find the picks that will suit their tastes.