Keep your Shiba Inu safe and in style when going on strolls by choosing one of our harnesses and collars. Harnesses and collars for Shiba Inus are specially made to suit their petite and fluffy bodies. Let your dog experience complete comfort and support while enjoying outdoor adventures.

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4-in-1 Shiba Inu Leash


' This magical leash keeps my dog hydrated wherever we go!'

Sophia R., our customer 4 in 1 leash for your Shiba Inu: Have you ever seen a bottle of water hidden in a dog leash? Yes, that's right! This 4 in 1 Shiba Inu leash is retractable, comes with an integrated bottle of water, collapsible bowl, and box for potty bags. From now on, you'll have complete eating and drinking gear for your four-legged friend in only one product.
For all those dog owners who want to stop carrying their dog's bottle of water, collapsible eating bowl, and potty bags, we've prepared a product that can stand in your hand. This marvelous dog leash features all the previously mentioned items, plus the retractable design for extra safety. Therefore, if you need a professional leash for any occasion, this pick will definitely be a money-saving option. Features:
  1. the leash features an integrated bottle of water
  2. comes with a collapsible bowl
  3. it comes with a box for potty bags
  4. retractable design to keep your dog safe in unplanned situations
Why we love it?
Choice of Three Colors You'll be able to get one of these leashes in a shade of red, black or blue. Durable Materials Each Leash features a safety catch that's made of solid steel, and the leash itself is made of double-strength nylon. Due to these durable materials, each leash may last you for several years or more without breaking. One may even last you for a dog's entire lifetime, regardless of how rowdily they behave while attached to their leash. Bowl, Dispenser Both the water dispenser and the water bowl are attached to each Leash. They are made from silicone rubber and plastic, so you don't need to worry about the quality or toxicity of this product. Promotes Good Hydration Just as humans should stay well-hydrated while walking outdoors in the summer, our dogs should too. Unfortunately, there aren't many public sources of water available for dogs, so this 4 in 1 leash with be a life savior solution.

Geometric Personalized Shiba Inu Collar


'I love how this collar looks on my dog's neck. It's adjustable, trendy, and soo quality!'

Noa K., our customer One of the best engraved collars for Shiba Inus: Let your Shiba Inu wear a personalized dog collar that can help others find him quickly in case he decides to escape. Keeping in mind Shiba Inu's witty personality, wandering actions are nothing uncommon for these pooches.
Do you love dogs, but need to travel for business or pleasure? Well, now you can take your pup with you. You'll never have one of those awkward moments when he's abandoned at the airport while people stare at him through the glass. Our buckle features genuine nylon webbing with canvas and 18-karat gold writing on the buckle, letting everyone know that this is a well taken care of pup who has plenty of friends willing to take him home if they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. It also includes an adjustable design which makes it possible for any sized pooch to wear it comfortably. The padding will not rub against their skin because it's made from nylon threads covered with a soft and pleasant canvas. The buckle is made of metal and it comes in golden color. Don't forget to send us your dog's name, and your phone number so we can engrave it. Features:
  • made of solid nylon webbing
  • padded with soft fabric that is skin-friendly
  • emblazoned with geometric details
  • adjustable design
  • comes with a durable metal buckle
  • don't forget to leave us your dog's name, your phone number, and your address
Why we love it? We all know that Shiba Inus should never be leashed off when spending time outdoors. However, since we sometimes cannot predict our dog's intentions, it would be a good idea to buy a collar that will carry his name and your phone number. This Shiba Inu Collar features high-quality nylon webbing and an attractive geometrical pattern. The golden-colored metal buckle comes engraved with your dog's info and replaces a classic ID tag.

Mesh Padded Shiba Inu Harness


'This is the first harness I bought for my pup and it makes my dog comfy and relaxed during walks.'

Tony G., our customer A perfect pick for untrained puppies: Calm down your Shiba Inu's witty spirit and keep him safe on the leash with our Mesh Padded Shiba Inu Harness! It's made of breathable mesh, so it won't cause skin irritations in your pet.
Made from high-quality materials, this item is a great choice for your furry sidekick! Not only does it function as an effective restraint in the event of a run-in with a not-so-friendly dog or situation that necessitates being pulled away from danger, but it also helps keep them visible to anyone coming up behind you at night. Available in plenty of different sizes, this dog harness is a perfect present for anyone with a puppy. Features:
  1. Size: XS, S, M,   L
  2. Colors: Green,orange,blue,black
  3. Reflective sewing
  4. Suitable for summer months
  5. It doesn't cause pressure on the neck
  6. Suitable for untrained puppies
Why we love it? Make your Shiba Inu comfortable when going on relaxing summer strolls with this Mesh Padded Dog Harness. It is available in 4 colors and comes with a durable D ring on the back. Your dog will love wearing it because the strap goes over his chest, so he won't have a choking feeling. You can also use it on untrained puppies who need to learn to obediently walk on the leash. The mesh straps are ensured with nylon-webbing straps that give better support to your dog's whole body.

Pastel Engraved Shiba Inu Collar & Leash


'My furry princess got a 'final touch' to her style and an important dose of safety during walks'

Liliana Z., our customer Trendy pastel-colored leashes and collars for Shiba Inus: Pastel Engraved Shiba Inu Collar & Leash is an excellent option for pet owners who want their dogs to feel comfortable but still secure.
There's nothing more frustrating than seeing your pup running away from you. For those moments when you need an extra measure of protection for one of the family members that can't talk, why not let this pastel-colored dog collar help? Engraved with your dog's first name plus an identifying phone number or home address, you can rest easier knowing should he ever run astray he'll be back where he belongs in no time. Features:
  1. comes in blue, brown, gray, and pink colors
  2. made of nylon webbing, padded with soft canvas
  3. comes with a matching leash
  4. leave us your dog's name, your phone number, and address so we can engrave the buckle
  5. adjustable size
  6. easy to put on and take off
  7. hand washable
  8. soft in touch, skin-friendly
Why we love it? Give your furry friend a fresh new look with this amazing collar! You're gonna love to see your Shiba Inu wearing this collar and leash set because it comes in trendy pastel colors. The design is easy to match with different outfits, and the collar comes with a high-quality engraved metal buckle. This set is recommended to use on fully trained dogs who obediently walk beside owners' legs. Neck injuries can be especially dangerous in young puppies who pull a lot when they're on the leash.

Personalized Leather Shiba Inu Collar


'It suits my dog who suffers from allergies. What a revealing experience!'

Jake F., our customer Best Shiba Inu collar for dogs with sensitive skin: Choose a skin and neck-friendly Shiba Inu collar that will keep your dog safe when going to pawdventures! This soft and cozy dog collar doesn't make cuts and irritations to a dog's neck.  The adjustable size helps me set the size as my dog grows, while the engraved front part keeps him safe.
This dog collar is durable, well-padded, and incredibly soft. It comes in a variety of colors and can fit any size pup because it has an adjustable strap to dial-up or down the amount of slackiness you want. The front plate is engraved with your dog's name, your phone number (you're never too old for safety), and will come in handy if they happen to run away or get lost amongst all these people! Since Shiba Inus are famous for their curious natures, buying an engraved dog collar is highly recommended. Features:
  1. made of extremely soft PU leather
  2. the PU leather is very similar to genuine leather
  3. adjustable belt buckle made of metal
  4. available in different colors
  5. don't forget to leave us your dog's name and your phone number
  6. padded edges to prevent skin irritations
Why we love it? This Shiba Inu collar will be a perfect pick for dogs who suffer from skin allergies. Since it's soft and elastic, your lovely pooch will enjoy wearing it when going on strolls. It also comes with your dog's engraved name and phone number that will be of great help in case of escape!

Personalized Shiba Inu ID Collar


'A protective gear we don't forget when going on a walk. It's well-padded and very lightweight!'

Melissa G., our customer Padded dog collar with an engraved ID: A custom Shiba Inu collar gives your pup his own wearable ID card in case he ever gets lost. It features a nylon webbing that has been padded with a cotton canvas for a better feeling. Since the edges are double stitched, your dog won't get any cuts and develop skin irritations around his neck.
Since collars represent a much better choice for trained dogs, we recommend you to attach the leash only if your dog walks obediently beside you.  Using collars on pooches who pull a lot while on the leash can cause permanent neck and spine injuries. The Engraved Shiba Inu collar represents a 2in1 solution when going on walks. You don't need to buy the ID tag separately, thanks to a quality buckle that comes engraved with your dog's name and your phone number. Features:
  1. made of durable nylon webbing and padded with canvas
  2. available in many printed patterns
  3. metal buckle that carries your dog's name, and your phone number
  4. metal D ring to attach the leash
  5. perfect for fully-trained dogs who obediently walk on the leash
Why we love it? By using this collar, you won't need to attach the ID tag. This Shiba Inu collar is a 2 in 1 solution for keeping your dog safe on a leash and in case of escape. It's made of durable nylon webbing and has been padded with soft canvas to provide comfort and coziness. The collar is easy to use and attach, and a durable buckle will never break or lose durability.

Personalized Shiba Inu ID Tag


'What a lovely addition to my dog's collar! She got a dose of safety when going on walks.'

Mariah D., our customer Traditional yet trendy and safety detail: Keep your dog safe from thieves and in case of escape by using our Personalized Shiba Inu ID Tag! Available in different colors and made of durable metal, your pet will also get a wonderful piece of accessories around his/her neck.
You want your pup to be safe and protected, but this ID tag does way more than just that. It's a conversation starter! With an interesting design and engraved name for the best personalization, it'll do more than just hold up as identification. Dogs love them too so now you have a reason to share your pet's unique qualities with those around you. Features:
  1. made of durable metal and emblazoned with glitter
  2. don't forget to leave us your dog's name, your phone number, and your address
  3. available in different colors
  4. easy to attach to any Shiba Inu collar
  5. useful option to keep your dog safe
Why we love it? From now on your fluffy four-legged friend will stay safe when going outside. This ID tag will hold your dog's name, your phone number, and your address which will be a great help to find your dog in case of escape. The ID tag features a side decorated with glitters while another one is meant to carry the info about your Shiba Inu. The ID tag is also prescribed by law, so this item represents an over-needed item for your pet.

Personalized Summer Shiba Inu Collar


'What a practical solution for my Shiba Inu! The collar is high-quality and very lightweight!'

Jason S., our customer A dog collar that is built to last: If you want to get rid of buying poor-quality ID tags for your pet, then you gotta check this Personalized Summer Shiba Inu Collar. It represents 2 in 1 solution for your dog when going to explore the great outdoors.
For all those dog owners who want to keep their pooches safe when on the leash, this Shiba Inu collar represents one of the best picks. Since it's made of durable nylon webbing and it's been padded with soft and cozy canvas, your dog will get a comfortable feeling while wearing it. To get this collar with an engraved metal buckle, you have to leave us your dog's name and your address/phone number. Features:
  1. made of solid nylon webbing
  2. padded with soft fabric that is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin
  3. neck-friendly design
  4. don't forget to leave us your dog's name, your phone number, and your address
  5. emblazoned with tropical fruits to celebrate the summer season
  6. ideal for trained dogs
  7. it features a durable metal buckle
Why we love it? We all know that Shiba Inus are one of the most energetic dog breeds. Therefore, they'll find the best wearing practical collars or harnesses that will be easy to put on and take off. Luckily, this Personalized Summer Shiba Inu Collar comes with your dog's info engraved on a quality metal buckle. It's adjustable, made of nylon webbing, and padded with soft fabric to make your pet comfy.    

Reflective & Padded Shiba Inu Harness and Leash


'The fabric is so soft and cozy that I can see my dog smiling when going on walks.'

Liam P., our customer
Suede fabric for dogs with sensitive skin:
Keep your Shiba Inu safe and comfortable when going on strolls by using a high-quality harness and leash set. Every dog needs to wear a neck-friendly harness that will keep the spine in a healthy posture.

Trust us: pet ownership is a long and challenging journey. Spare your little fur-baby the frustration of pulling on her leash by giving her this super comfy, adorable dog harness! Available in three super stylish colors, it's made of soft suede with padded edges that cover barks and scratches from collars or zippers. Comes with a matching leash to make hooking up simple peasy AND totally cute! Don't let another day go by without rescuing this buddy from total despair.
  1. Available in many colors and sizes
  2. Made of soft microfiber
  3. Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin
  4. Reflective straps on edges
  5. Comes with a matching leash
Why we love it? This Shiba Inu harness will be the right pick for untrained puppies who tend to pull a lot. A harness represents a healthier option for a dog's spine and neck and prevents it from developing injuries. This harness is available in many colors and sizes and even features reflective parts to improve the dog's visibility in dark. Dog harnesses provide better support to a dog's body and help owners during training.

Reflective and Breathable Shiba Inu Harness and Leash


'I finally found a harness for my Shiba that can be used throughout the year!'

Luca F., our customer
Padded Shiba Inu harness for superior comfort:
Shiba Inus might be the perkiest dogs in the world, but with the right harness, your walks will turn into an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

We've just found the perfect dog harness that's durable, comfortable, and doesn't restrict your pup! Say hello to the new Shiba Inu harness with a special mesh layer. Never put up with uncomfortable leashes or tight collars again. Replace the old-fashioned restraining device of yesterday with this trendy design for today's canine lifestyle of leisurely walks. It will be pleasant to see our animal friends are so excited on busy streets all hours of day or night.
  1. outer layer made of oxford cloth, sponge filling, mesh
  2. available in 3 colors
  3. provides a chest support
  4. prevents pulling behavior
  5. hand washable
  6. choke free design
  7. padded edges for a better feeling
Why we love it?
This Shiba Inu harness is soft, breathable, and padded. It relocates the pulling pressure to the dog's chest instead of the neck. It's perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventures, and more! The dual elastic construction is set on belly straps, so your dog will feel more comfortable during strolls. There is also a breathable mesh on the inside to improve the breathability of the skin.

Retractable Shiba Inu Lead


'I'm very pleased with the durable handle and safety button that makes my Shiba walk close to my legs'

Zǐhán P., our customer A colorful and safe leash for Shiba Inus: Provide your pet with a dose of freedom and safety when going on walks by using this Retractable Shiba Inu Lead. Why worry about any escapees? Let this retractable dog leash take care of that. With nylon webbing and a portable holder, pets are always safe on the escapade. The only problem with retractable dog leashes is that the other dogs will want to get close and sniff your pup. Keeping your four-legged best friend safe for any adventure!
Between you and your pup’s adoring furry friends, it is always a party—especially when the snacks and sniffs are being passed around. Your dog can spring to action unexpectedly with our special Shiba Inu leash! It has nylon webbing for easy grip on an unpredictable pooch (and comes in festive floral patterns), while the holder is made of durable plastic that won't rust or corrode. Ready? Set? Lucky you! Features:
  1. retractable design helps you save the dog from danger
  2. available in many patterns
  3. the nylon strap features reflective sewing
  4. durable metal hook
Why we love it? The ergonomic handle will help you easier maneuver your dog during walks. This lead features a retractable design and even reflective thread to improve visibility. Choose between many gorgeous patterns and let your Shiba Inu taste freedom by staying safe all the time.

Retractable Shiba Inu Leash


' Durable and so cozy to carry in hands! This leash keeps my pooch safe when going on strolls through busy streets.'

Monia Q., our customer The best ergonomic design for leisure walks:

Keep your four-legged friend safe and provide him/her with a dose of freedom when exploring the great outdoors with our Retractable Shiba Inu Leash.

Tangle-free 360° swivel leash and easy-adjust retraction save your dog from getting twisted while walking. It also allows your dogs to walk freely in your vicinity. Quick-lock, pause, and unlock button- easy to operate with your thumb. Tangle-free dog leash, great for walking, jogging, running, camping, and hiking, or out for a leisurely stroll. The ergonomic TPE anti-slip handle is easy and safe to grip and provides an enjoyable walking experience with your pet. Features:
  1. Material: Plastic+Nylon
  2. Color: Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White
  3. The ergonomic handle
  4. Retractable design to keep the dog safe
  5. Nylon-webbing rope
  6. Metal buckle for better safety
Why we love it? If you’ve ever dreaded your walk with your pup, the retractable dog lead is for you. Worries about getting tangled in a leash or having it drag behind can be solved with this innovative product! The shorter length of the belt makes it easy to take your pooch on an adventure and not worry about anything trailing behind them.

How to choose the right harness or collar for your Shiba Inu?

Depending on your dog’s age, temperament, and size, you should know to determine what type of dog harness he/she needs. Young puppies who need to learn to obediently walk on the leash should wear harnesses first. Unlike collars, Shiba Inu harnesses provide full-body support. They help in teaching a dog to walk beside the owner’s legs and are also recommended for senior pooches. Senior dogs who deal with painful joints or mobility issues should wear harnesses.  In our wide selection of Shiba Inu harnesses, you can find types with double handles that serve to help your dog to climb the stairs and jump into the car easier.

When we talk about collars for Shiba Inus, they are recommended for adult pooches who obediently walk on the leash. Collars also serve to carry ID tags that are required by law. You can choose between nylon webbing collars, leather collars, and padded collars that are soft in touch.