A quality dog harness will provide complete body support to your Shiba Inu. Whether you’re going to take your pooch to a memorable pawdventure or just a daily walk through the park, our Shiba Inu harnesses will keep him/her safe and comfy at every corner.

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Mesh Padded Shiba Inu Harness


'This is the first harness I bought for my pup and it makes my dog comfy and relaxed during walks.'

Tony G., our customer A perfect pick for untrained puppies: Calm down your Shiba Inu's witty spirit and keep him safe on the leash with our Mesh Padded Shiba Inu Harness! It's made of breathable mesh, so it won't cause skin irritations in your pet.
Made from high-quality materials, this item is a great choice for your furry sidekick! Not only does it function as an effective restraint in the event of a run-in with a not-so-friendly dog or situation that necessitates being pulled away from danger, but it also helps keep them visible to anyone coming up behind you at night. Available in plenty of different sizes, this dog harness is a perfect present for anyone with a puppy. Features:
  1. Size: XS, S, M,   L
  2. Colors: Green,orange,blue,black
  3. Reflective sewing
  4. Suitable for summer months
  5. It doesn't cause pressure on the neck
  6. Suitable for untrained puppies
Why we love it? Make your Shiba Inu comfortable when going on relaxing summer strolls with this Mesh Padded Dog Harness. It is available in 4 colors and comes with a durable D ring on the back. Your dog will love wearing it because the strap goes over his chest, so he won't have a choking feeling. You can also use it on untrained puppies who need to learn to obediently walk on the leash. The mesh straps are ensured with nylon-webbing straps that give better support to your dog's whole body.

Reflective & Padded Shiba Inu Harness and Leash


'The fabric is so soft and cozy that I can see my dog smiling when going on walks.'

Liam P., our customer
Suede fabric for dogs with sensitive skin:
Keep your Shiba Inu safe and comfortable when going on strolls by using a high-quality harness and leash set. Every dog needs to wear a neck-friendly harness that will keep the spine in a healthy posture.

Trust us: pet ownership is a long and challenging journey. Spare your little fur-baby the frustration of pulling on her leash by giving her this super comfy, adorable dog harness! Available in three super stylish colors, it's made of soft suede with padded edges that cover barks and scratches from collars or zippers. Comes with a matching leash to make hooking up simple peasy AND totally cute! Don't let another day go by without rescuing this buddy from total despair.
  1. Available in many colors and sizes
  2. Made of soft microfiber
  3. Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin
  4. Reflective straps on edges
  5. Comes with a matching leash
Why we love it? This Shiba Inu harness will be the right pick for untrained puppies who tend to pull a lot. A harness represents a healthier option for a dog's spine and neck and prevents it from developing injuries. This harness is available in many colors and sizes and even features reflective parts to improve the dog's visibility in dark. Dog harnesses provide better support to a dog's body and help owners during training.

Reflective and Breathable Shiba Inu Harness and Leash


'I finally found a harness for my Shiba that can be used throughout the year!'

Luca F., our customer
Padded Shiba Inu harness for superior comfort:
Shiba Inus might be the perkiest dogs in the world, but with the right harness, your walks will turn into an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

We've just found the perfect dog harness that's durable, comfortable, and doesn't restrict your pup! Say hello to the new Shiba Inu harness with a special mesh layer. Never put up with uncomfortable leashes or tight collars again. Replace the old-fashioned restraining device of yesterday with this trendy design for today's canine lifestyle of leisurely walks. It will be pleasant to see our animal friends are so excited on busy streets all hours of day or night.
  1. outer layer made of oxford cloth, sponge filling, mesh
  2. available in 3 colors
  3. provides a chest support
  4. prevents pulling behavior
  5. hand washable
  6. choke free design
  7. padded edges for a better feeling
Why we love it?
This Shiba Inu harness is soft, breathable, and padded. It relocates the pulling pressure to the dog's chest instead of the neck. It's perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventures, and more! The dual elastic construction is set on belly straps, so your dog will feel more comfortable during strolls. There is also a breathable mesh on the inside to improve the breathability of the skin.

Shiba Inu Harness, Leash & Collar Set


' The harness helped my dog to learn how to walk beside me without making pressure on her neck and spine.'

Jayden K., our customer Durable dog harness for stubborn pooches: Ain't no neckline like a low neckline. Do you want to know why? The lower the better. If you're looking for a comfortable dog harness, come and get this durable walk gear that will teach your pooch how to walk obediently.
Buying a quality Shiba Inu harness is priceless. It will help you during training sessions and will make your dog comfortable when on a leash. Thanks to a low strap that goes across your dog's chest, your Shiba Inu won't feel nervous and pull a lot. In case you need a collar as well, there is an option to make a matching set of a harness, leash, and collar. Features:
  1. Made of durable nylon webbing
  2. Waxed coating for a better feeling
  3. Suitable for untrained dogs as well
  4. Hand washable
  5. Available in different colors and sizes
  6. Adjustable straps on the harness
  7. Adjustable collar
Why we love it? Are you in need of some new Shiba Inu gear? Get this durable Shiba Inu Harness, Leash & Collar Set, and match it with an adorable harness and collar so your pup is ready to go walkies! The world becomes a better place when dogs are by our sides! Your pet deserves to be treated like a gentle snowflake. Help your pet to learn good walking behavior and make him comfy and safe when going on strolls!

Why use a harness over a collar during puppyhood?

No one is born learned. Therefore, you can’t expect your Shiba puppy to behave obediently from the first stroll. Shiba Inu harnesses cover a great part of a dog’s back and chest and relocate the pressure from the neck area. In that way, you keep your pet safe from spinal, hip, and neck injuries. Shiba Inus have strong personalities and they are extremely curious beings, so using harnesses would be a much better choice because it gives you better control on walks.

Dog harnesses are also great for training lessons. They don’t cause choking and allow pets to breathe normally. Depending on your dog’s age and temperament, you can choose between vest harnesses, classic harnesses, no-pull harnesses, and orthopedic harnesses.