Ensure your Shiba Inu with quality leashes and leads that will help you keep your dog comfy and relaxed during walks. Made of quality fabrics, they’ll resist the force of even the strongest fluffy pullers. Leashes and leads for Shiba Inus also come in gorgeous patterns, so they can be perfectly matched with the rest of the outfit.

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4-in-1 Shiba Inu Leash


' This magical leash keeps my dog hydrated wherever we go!'

Sophia R., our customer4 in 1 leash for your Shiba Inu:Have you ever seen a bottle of water hidden in a dog leash? Yes, that's right! This 4 in 1 Shiba Inu leash is retractable, comes with an integrated bottle of water, collapsible bowl, and box for potty bags. From now on, you'll have complete eating and drinking gear for your four-legged friend in only one product.
For all those dog owners who want to stop carrying their dog's bottle of water, collapsible eating bowl, and potty bags, we've prepared a product that can stand in your hand. This marvelous dog leash features all the previously mentioned items, plus the retractable design for extra safety. Therefore, if you need a professional leash for any occasion, this pick will definitely be a money-saving option.Features:
  1. the leash features an integrated bottle of water
  2. comes with a collapsible bowl
  3. it comes with a box for potty bags
  4. retractable design to keep your dog safe in unplanned situations
Why we love it?
Choice of Three ColorsYou'll be able to get one of these leashes in a shade of red, black or blue.Durable MaterialsEach Leash features a safety catch that's made of solid steel, and the leash itself is made of double-strength nylon. Due to these durable materials, each leash may last you for several years or more without breaking. One may even last you for a dog's entire lifetime, regardless of how rowdily they behave while attached to their leash.Bowl, DispenserBoth the water dispenser and the water bowl are attached to each Leash. They are made from silicone rubber and plastic, so you don't need to worry about the quality or toxicity of this product.Promotes Good HydrationJust as humans should stay well-hydrated while walking outdoors in the summer, our dogs should too. Unfortunately, there aren't many public sources of water available for dogs, so this 4 in 1 leash with be a life savior solution.

Retractable Shiba Inu Lead


'I'm very pleased with the durable handle and safety button that makes my Shiba walk close to my legs'

Zǐhán P., our customerA colorful and safe leash for Shiba Inus:Provide your pet with a dose of freedom and safety when going on walks by using this Retractable Shiba Inu Lead. Why worry about any escapees? Let this retractable dog leash take care of that. With nylon webbing and a portable holder, pets are always safe on the escapade. The only problem with retractable dog leashes is that the other dogs will want to get close and sniff your pup. Keeping your four-legged best friend safe for any adventure!
Between you and your pup’s adoring furry friends, it is always a party—especially when the snacks and sniffs are being passed around. Your dog can spring to action unexpectedly with our special Shiba Inu leash! It has nylon webbing for easy grip on an unpredictable pooch (and comes in festive floral patterns), while the holder is made of durable plastic that won't rust or corrode. Ready? Set? Lucky you!Features:
  1. retractable design helps you save the dog from danger
  2. available in many patterns
  3. the nylon strap features reflective sewing
  4. durable metal hook
Why we love it?The ergonomic handle will help you easier maneuver your dog during walks. This lead features a retractable design and even reflective thread to improve visibility. Choose between many gorgeous patterns and let your Shiba Inu taste freedom by staying safe all the time.

Retractable Shiba Inu Leash


' Durable and so cozy to carry in hands! This leash keeps my pooch safe when going on strolls through busy streets.'

Monia Q., our customerThe best ergonomic design for leisure walks:

Keep your four-legged friend safe and provide him/her with a dose of freedom when exploring the great outdoors with our Retractable Shiba Inu Leash.

Tangle-free 360° swivel leash and easy-adjust retraction save your dog from getting twisted while walking. It also allows your dogs to walk freely in your vicinity. Quick-lock, pause, and unlock button- easy to operate with your thumb. Tangle-free dog leash, great for walking, jogging, running, camping, and hiking, or out for a leisurely stroll. The ergonomic TPE anti-slip handle is easy and safe to grip and provides an enjoyable walking experience with your pet.Features:
  1. Material: Plastic+Nylon
  2. Color: Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White
  3. The ergonomic handle
  4. Retractable design to keep the dog safe
  5. Nylon-webbing rope
  6. Metal buckle for better safety
Why we love it?If you’ve ever dreaded your walk with your pup, the retractable dog lead is for you. Worries about getting tangled in a leash or having it drag behind can be solved with this innovative product! The shorter length of the belt makes it easy to take your pooch on an adventure and not worry about anything trailing behind them.

Shiba Inu Harness, Leash & Collar Set


' The harness helped my dog to learn how to walk beside me without making pressure on her neck and spine.'

Jayden K., our customerDurable dog harness for stubborn pooches:Ain't no neckline like a low neckline. Do you want to know why? The lower the better. If you're looking for a comfortable dog harness, come and get this durable walk gear that will teach your pooch how to walk obediently.
Buying a quality Shiba Inu harness is priceless. It will help you during training sessions and will make your dog comfortable when on a leash. Thanks to a low strap that goes across your dog's chest, your Shiba Inu won't feel nervous and pull a lot. In case you need a collar as well, there is an option to make a matching set of a harness, leash, and collar.Features:
  1. Made of durable nylon webbing
  2. Waxed coating for a better feeling
  3. Suitable for untrained dogs as well
  4. Hand washable
  5. Available in different colors and sizes
  6. Adjustable straps on the harness
  7. Adjustable collar
Why we love it?Are you in need of some new Shiba Inu gear? Get this durable Shiba Inu Harness, Leash & Collar Set, and match it with an adorable harness and collar so your pup is ready to go walkies! The world becomes a better place when dogs are by our sides! Your pet deserves to be treated like a gentle snowflake. Help your pet to learn good walking behavior and make him comfy and safe when going on strolls!

Why is important to choose quality leashes and leads?

Dog owners often think they should pay attention only to collars and harnesses. However, leashes and leads also play an important role in teaching a dog to obediently walk on the leash. Since puppies tend to pull a lot, you need to buy a leash made of solid fabric. You can choose between a chain leash, leather leash, and nylon webbing leash because they can resist the puppy’s biting and pull.

On the other hand, for adult Siba Inus that have already learned to obediently walk beside the owner’s legs, you can choose a fashionable dog leash that features one of the adorable printed designs. You can even choose a matching collar in case you want your pet to have a fancy detail when going outside.