Refresh your interior with lovely details inspired by Shiba Inus! Besides statues, ornaments, and mugs with the Shiba character, you’ll also find adorable Shiba Inu stickers that will help you decorate your favorite corner in the house.

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Box Of Shiba Inu's Decorative Stationery Stickers


'Perfect decoration for my favorite items that will remind me of my Shiba Inu.'

Ariadne Z., our customer The cutest way to decorate your special belongings: Decorate every item with your favorite Shiba Inu stickers because nothing can beat the love for these furry foxes. You know that perfect emoji? That’s our favorite breed of dog. Now, if only there was a way you could put their face on things all the time, everywhere! Yes, yes there is! Cute Shiba sticker packs are waiting to be ordered for everyone at home or work who has a soft spot for this highly intelligent breed. Ever seen one smile before? Well, now you can every day by simply slapping on some Shibas and getting ready to play with your new friend in sticker form (or doodle them up in notebooks). So don't wait- make your favorite look even cuter when it's applied to anything from calendars and notebooks to books and glasses cases by ordering them.
In life, you can't have too many stickers. These adorable Shiba Stickers are the perfect way to decorate your favorite pens, notebooks, laptops and more! From now on, you can turn anything into your lovely pet...maybe we should rename this product as 'Box of Super Cute Shiba Inu Decorative Stationery Stickers!' Features:
  1. 45 stickers in the box
  2. cute and cuddly Shiba Inu stickers for everyone's taste
  3. an ideal present for Shiba owners
  4. the size of one sticker is 4 cm x4 cm
Why we love it? From now on, a smile will be your only facial expression thanks to items that will hold lovely Shiba Inu faces. What's a better surprise than seeing your friends or family open up your package and see these adorable Shiba Inu stickers? These cat-dogs will team up with you to make anything more awesome! So what are you waiting for?    

Cute & Lovely Shiba Inu Doormat


'I placed it in my bath and it absorbs the water so quickly. What a wonderful addition to my interior.'

Michelle V., our customer Super-absorbing fibers for your interior: Welcome your guests by showing how much you adore Shiba Inus! Made of high-quality polyester fibers, this doormat features super absorbent capacity, fast evaporation, and floor protection from moisture. A lovely and fluffy Shiba will always be there to greet you and put a smile on everyone's face.
This super-soft Shiba Inu doormat will decorate your bathroom, bedroom entrance, and other places that are exposed to outdoor elements. By placing this doormat to specific places in your house, you'll keep your floors clean from dirt. Since it's made of soft and shaggy fibers, this mat will absorb the moisture in only a few seconds. Another great feature is that you can wash it in a washing machine and let it air dry. Features:
  1. Material: Polyester fiber
  2. Item size: 80*50cm/31.44*19.65inch(L*W)
  3. Package Weight: 450g/15.387oz
  4. Machine and hand washable. Simply toss the whole mat into the washing machine, wash cold, hang to dry, or air dry flat.
  5. Non-slip bottom
  6. A great idea for a gift for Shiba Inu owners
  7. High-absorbent fibers protect the floor from water
Why we love it? Not only because of the cute pattern of a Shiba but also because of the quality, you're gonna love to see this doormat in front of your door. It can be used in your bedroom, hallway, home entrance as an indoor mat, in the kitchen, or as an outside door mat. A non-slip bottom provides an excellent grip that is suitable for tiles, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, etc.    

Hooded Shiba Inu Blanket


'This is an awesome blanket snuggler for spending chilling moments on the couch.'

Maria T., our customer Made of soft and warm fleece for snuggly moments: This fleece hooded blanket is the perfect way to snuggle up on chilly mornings! The only thing better than waking up after a good night's sleep is enjoying a morning coffee on the balcony with the snuggly Shiba Inu-inspired blanket. Slip this snug and warm fleece over those cold toes and curl back up for another delightfully peaceful nap.
Besides a Shiba Inu-inspired hood, the adult blanket size comes with sewn warm gloves. In that way, your cold hands will easier hold a mug of hot tea or chocolate. This luxurious and comfortable blanket is perfect for those cozy moments with their favorite pup! Use it in your bedroom, living room, and even when relaxing in your yard. Features:
  1. Made of soft and warm fleece
  2. Machine washable at 30 c
  3. Emblazoned with Shiba Inu hood
  4. Ideal to use as a warm covering when chilling on the couch
  5. An ideal pick for Shiba Inu lovers and owners
  6. Adult size: 170*100cm
  7. Children's size: 140*80cm
  8. Children's models without gloves
Why we love it? Dogs and their humans always know what is cold. That's why the best way to keep you and your Shiba Inu warm this winter season is with the new super soft and cozy fleece Shiba Inu Winter Blanket. Available in two sizes, they're made of an ultra-soft, high-quality material that celebrates everything we love about our favorite dog breed. 3D ear flaps show off the cuteness factor with a little hoodie that is snuggly big enough to keep your ears and neck warm.

Peeking Shiba Inu Decorative Sticker


'This cute peeking Shiba is looking at my roommate every time she approaches the fridge in the night!'

Alexandra G., our customer Specially made for Shiba Inu lovers and admirers: The Shiba Inu is finally back to bring some more mischief into your life. Every time you're feeling down, just look at this cute peeking face and it'll instantly make you smile! The sticker is made of vinyl and it's self-adhesive. Decorate your special corner of the house and even your car with this amazing decorative sticker.
We're all about dogs here, and these stickers go on without gunk. Put them anywhere you want to bring a smile with the cute Shiba Inu dog taking shelter in your home. The sticker is easy to apply and remove because it doesn't ruin the surface where you place it. Features:
  1. size 13cm x 5.7cm
  2. made of vinyl
  3. easy to adhere and remove
  4. it doesn't ruin the surfaces
  5. 5+ life expectancy
Why we love it? Go ahead and Shiba-shake your life! This Peeking Shiba Inu Decorative Wall Sticker is perfect for anyone who loves canines. Stick it on someone's wall, laptop, fridge, or car - there's plenty of room to shake things up a bit with this vibrant sticker. And the process couldn't be easier: just peel off the back layer and stick it wherever you want! You'll be laughing all over again in no time.

Sherpa Fleece Shiba Inu Blanket


'My kids adore these soft and thick blankets because they're decorated with their favorite dog breed.'

Kylie T., our customer Colorful design and warm fleece for cozy nights: Stay warm and cozy this winter with a Shiba Inu blanket! It's great for snuggling up to on the couch while watching Netflix. Plus, our Shiba Inu design is super cute. It wraps around you like a hug on those cold nights (but don't worry about it grabbing too tight) and cuddles up close to your furry friend (they deserve their own snuggle session after what they do for us!).
The blanket features super silky fleece and the quality and colorful prints of Shiba Inu dogs. Whether you're looking for a covering for your child or you want to surprise your favorite person, this blanket will suit them both. Features:
  1. The blanket is made of silky fleece
  2. Thick and warm layer for chilling on the couch
  3. Machine washable
  4. Available in many colors and sizes
  5. Decorated with cute Shiba Inu faces
Why we love it? Make your loved ones cuddle up with this Sherpa Fleece Winter Blanket. It is made of soft and cozy fleece, which will soothe you and your kiddos in the winter. Besides its lovely design, it also comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit everybody! Make your weekend laziness even more exciting with the Sherpa Fleece Winter Blanket! There'll be enough place for your dog too.

Shiba Inu 3D Mug


' Cute popping Shiba Inu figure on the front really makes my day!'

Hiroto Z., our customer Unique details and quality craftsmanship: Let your day start with a cup of good and strong black coffee. Shiba Inu 3D Mug will be enough reason to put a smile on your face every day!  Who doesn't enjoy a nice hot drink? There's nothing quite like the perfect mug paired with a soothing breakfast and an invigorating cup of coffee. You may have been guilty of accidentally breaking your lovely cups in the past - but please not worry! Now you can easily tote around this durable ceramic mug and use the spoon to add brown sugar or honey to your tea. When these details are combined there's a cuteness overload! Be sure to take good care of these Shiba Inu mugs by following all instructions closely and making sure you never microwave because they're made for optimal heating.
The perfect mug that will make your friends and family jealous - we've never seen anyone with a mug like this before. With an adorable Shiba inu dog on the side, not to mention it comes with a lid and a spoon (and who doesn't need both of those?). Features:
  1. A handle that looks like a wooden stick
  2. The practical lid on the top
  3. Capacity: 420 ml
  4. The set contains the cup, lid, and spoon
  5. Dishwasher safe
  6. Available in 4 colors
  7. Ideal gift for Shiba Inu lovers and owners
Why we love it? Whether you're a coffee or tea lover, this cute Shiba Inu Mug will be practical for enjoying any type of drink. Just remove the lid and spoon, and turn this mug into your favorite cup for a coffee. You can choose between 4 colors, and the peeking Shiba will always remind you of your cute fluffy friend. The mug is made of ceramic and it's also dishwasher safe. The handle that reminds of wooden sticks gives a raw and natural appearance.  

Shiba Inu Anti-Slip Doormat


' I use this doormat in front of my bathroom and it firmly stands on tiles even when they're wet.'

Rhoda S., our customer Provide a warm welcome to every guest:

Be the best doormat owner in the neighborhood! With our super cute Shiba Inu Doormat, you'll wipe that dirt off your guests' shoes. You're not just getting a mat, you're getting a friend to greet your guests on their way in! Use it wherever you want. Whether it's your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or your kid's room, this sleepy Shiba Inu will make sure your interior gets a cuddly and lovely detail.

Thanks to a shaggy texture, we bet even your pooch would love to lay on it and use it as an occasional mat for napping. The anti-slip bottom will keep the doormat in one place, so you don't have to worry about your and your guests' safety. Features:
  1. made of shaggy PVC fabric
  2. it features an anti-slip bottom
  3. made in the shape of a Shiba Inu
  4. perfect for indoor use
  5. sleepy Shiba doormat will be a cute addition to your bathroom, bedroom and other corners in the house
Why we love it? To make your mornings less disastrous in the bathroom, bedroom, and indoors on all types of surfaces, a Shiba Inu slobber all over this doormat freshly before each entrance to help you slide into your destination with ease. Watch out for this life-saving yet adorable mat that will keep you from making unnecessary messes or looking like a safety hazard yourself.

Shiba Inu Bedding Set


' Adorable bedding set that makes me feel like I'm sleeping on clouds.'

Tao Q., our customer The coziest and softest touch of Shiba-inspired bedding set: Refresh your bedroom with a colorful Shiba Inu-inspired bedding set made of 100% soft microfiber. This lovely bedding, made of high-quality microfiber and emblazoned with printed Shiba Inus, will provide you a cozy, warm shelter when sleeping. The available sizes not only fit beds of kids but also offer plenty of space for grownups who need some comfort during their sleepless nights. If you love seeing this lovely creation in your bedroom interior - go ahead and bring it home!
Permanent colors that won't fade, smiling Shiba Inu prints, and soft fabric are only some of the reasons why to buy this adorable bedding set. You can wash it at 60 c, and the bedsheets will be ready for use without a need to be ironed. Features:
  1. Made of 100 % superior microfiber
  2. Available in different sizes
  3. Machine washable at 40 C
  4. Sizes Available: United States Size US Twin (2pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (172x218cm), 1 Pillowcase (50x75cm). US Full (3pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (200x229cm), 2 Pillowcases (50x75cm). US Queen (3pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (229x229cm), 2 Pillowcases (50x75cm). US King (3pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (259x229cm), 2 Pillowcases (51x91cm). ------------------------------------------------------- Europe Size EU Single (2pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (140x200cm) ,1 Pillowcase (50x75cm). EU Double (3pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (200x200cm), 2 Pillowcases (50x75cm). EU King (3pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (240x220cm), 2 Pillowcases (50x75cm). EU Super King (3pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (260x220cm), 2 Pillowcases (50x75cm). ------------------------------------------------------- Australia Size AU Single (2pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (140x210cm),1 Pillowcase (50x75cm). AU Double (3pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (180x210cm), 2 Pillowcases (50x75cm). AU Queen (3pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (210x210cm), 2 Pillowcases (50x75cm). AU King (3pcs) : 1 Duvet Cover (245x210cm), 2 Pillowcases (50x75cm).
Why we love it? Emblazoned with lovely Shibas, this bedding set will provide a new and fresh look to your living space. Ironing is not needed, and the colors won't fade even after many washes. Whether it's your master or kid's bedroom, this bedding set will provide you with pleasant and cozy dreams. And, is there anything better than sharing your bed with a furry friend by your side? We're sure that every dog owner will agree that it's the best feeling in the world.

Shiba Inu Carpet


' My kids adoooree the carpet! We bought the biggest size so they can play on it.'

Lydia M., our customer Machine washable carpet for every indoor corner:
  • Material: high-quality polyester
  • Feature: water-absorbing, anti-slip
  • Applicable space: living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, balcony, children's room
  • Machine washable design
  • Air dry only
How to clean the carpet?
  • Step 1 - Turn the front of the mat to the ground and tap it a few times Step 2 - Use a soft brush to add detergent and gently scrub Step 3 - Soak the water and dry it in a ventilated place or air dry it after washing
  • Another option is to put it on a low cycle program in a washing machine at 30 C
Why we love it? Your kids' carpets are going to be a lot more colorful and charming, thanks to these Carpet Shiba Inu dogs. Simply pair it with your existing decor or even buy a rug for each room. This would also make an adorable gift for someone who loves cute artwork. Comes in different sizes that work well in any space.  

Shiba Inu Decorative Doormat


'It turns out that my Shiba adores the mat, so she likes to sit there and chew bone on it.'

Renee Z., our customer Anti-slip bottom and high-absorbent fabric maximum comfort:
Give your guests and yourself a warm welcome with the Shiba Inu doormat! With an anti-slip bottom and durable polyester, it's perfect for indoor use. It can also be washed in a machine when it gets dirty! Add a unique and lovely Shiba Inu detail in front of your door and let every guest feel welcome with this adorable Shiba Inu Decorative Doormat!

It can also be used in a bathroom thanks to anti-slip bottom that will keep it in one place. The mat is also convenient to use in front of your kitchen or kid's room. The dog-shaped design will perfectly go with any interior that needs an eye-catching detail.
  1. made of high-quality polyester material
  2. anti-skid PVC material backing
  3. an anti-slipping surface that prevents leakage
  4. cute dog-shaped design
  5. it can also serve as a lovely addition to your room
  6. material: Polyester+PVC
  7. color: A Brown, B Yellow
  8. size: approx. 45x75cm(17.72x29.53in)
Why we love it? Unique technology makes this doormat washable and durable, so you don't have to worry about losing fibers. It's suitable for bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, hotel, laundry room, bay window, etc. Beautiful and cute design, perfect to light up the festive atmosphere and provide your home with new and fresh detail. There are two designs to choose from, and both are inspired by the love for Shiba Inus! Let every guest know that you're a Shiba person!    

Shiba Inu Decorative Sticker


'Perfect detail to my kid's room! She loves it soo much!'

Anna R., our customer Easy to attach to different surfaces: Surprise a friend, loved one, or even yourself with this insanely cute and easy-to-adhere Shiba Inu smiling sticker! Made of durable vinyl, our stickers are perfect for laptops, textbooks, and all other types of surfaces. Add a lovely Shiba Inu sticker to your door, car window, or some other special corner, and let everyone know that you're a proud owner of this cutie.
Just go ahead and peel away the backing off this glorious Shiba Inu smiling vinyl sticker to reveal a cute little pup who is all ready for your white jokes! Get one of these puppies today, but be sure to order it before we sell out. Why we love it?
  1. easy to attach
  2. long durability
  3. available in 3 sizes
  4. it doesn't ruin the surface
  5. reposition to perfection
  6. peel away in seconds
  7. no damage to walls
  8. won’t leave sticky residue behind
  9. printed on high-quality vinyl
Why we love it? Discover the most affordable way to decorate your living place or some other special corner/ item with this adorable Shiba Inu decorative sticker. To attach this sticker, you just need to clean the surface with alcohol and dry cloth and simply lean it. Since it's self-adhesive, you'll need only a minute to install it.  

Shiba Inu Decorative Wall Sticker


'It's like a reminder that my lovely pooch is waiting for me to come home.'

Jessica T., our customer Perfect for kid's rooms, office, and other special corners: A Shiba Inu smiles brighter than the sun! With some serious wiener skills, these little creatures are known for their impeccable tracking abilities. So why not dress up your laptop with one of these irresistibly cute vinyl stickers? Is there anything better than decorating your favorite item or corner with a Shiba Inu sticker? This smiling Shiba Inu sticker will always be there to remind you of how much you adore your fluffy creature. Features:
  1. The sticker is made of vinyl
  2. It doesn't ruin the surface
  3. Easy to install and remove
  4. Cute detail to your car interior, office, bedroom, and even fridge
  5. Long-lasting, 5+ year life expectancy
Application Instructions: 1. Rub the sticker to be sure the transfer tape has properly adhered to the sticker. 2. Clean and dry the area. Stickers will stick best to install on smooth surfaces. 3. Remove the wax backing slowly making sure the sticker stays adhered to the transparent transfer tape. 4. Carefully position the sticker to the desired area. 5. Rub the sticker from one side to the other, eliminating any air bubbles. 6. Use an item like a credit card to make sure the entire sticker has fully adhered to the surface. 7. Slowly remove the transfer tape, making sure no part of the sticker remains on the transfer tape. Why we love it? You're gonna love to turn your interior into a Shiba Inu-inspired place! Made of vinyl that will last for years, this Shiba Inu sticker will decorate your special corner in the most beautiful way. A smiling Shiba will be there to make you smile and remind you of how much you love your four-legged friend. Choose the metal, plastic, and wooden surfaces and even your wall to install this glossy Shiba sticker.

Homeware items to suit everyone’s taste

When in doubt about what to buy for a Shibu Inu parent, you can never go wrong with an item emblazoned with creatures they love the most. Whether it’s a mug, wall clock, statue, or some other ornament, they will never get enough of being surrounded by Shibas.

Those cute fluffy faces can really make our days better. Therefore, why not have a good start with coffee in one of our ceramic mugs. Available in different sizes, these picks will totally blow your mind!

A Shiba Inu wall clock or a statue will add a unique and lovely decoration to your home or office. Place them in your favorite corner and let everyone know that you’re a Shiba admirer!