Snuggle up yourself into Shiba Inu-inspired blankets made of the softest and coziest fleece and cotton fabrics. Perfect to use during crispy days and nights, you and your Shiba will enjoy the time of rest covered with our finest selection of blankets both for you and your pet.

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Hooded Shiba Inu Blanket


'This is an awesome blanket snuggler for spending chilling moments on the couch.'

Maria T., our customer Made of soft and warm fleece for snuggly moments: This fleece hooded blanket is the perfect way to snuggle up on chilly mornings! The only thing better than waking up after a good night's sleep is enjoying a morning coffee on the balcony with the snuggly Shiba Inu-inspired blanket. Slip this snug and warm fleece over those cold toes and curl back up for another delightfully peaceful nap.
Besides a Shiba Inu-inspired hood, the adult blanket size comes with sewn warm gloves. In that way, your cold hands will easier hold a mug of hot tea or chocolate. This luxurious and comfortable blanket is perfect for those cozy moments with their favorite pup! Use it in your bedroom, living room, and even when relaxing in your yard. Features:
  1. Made of soft and warm fleece
  2. Machine washable at 30 c
  3. Emblazoned with Shiba Inu hood
  4. Ideal to use as a warm covering when chilling on the couch
  5. An ideal pick for Shiba Inu lovers and owners
  6. Adult size: 170*100cm
  7. Children's size: 140*80cm
  8. Children's models without gloves
Why we love it? Dogs and their humans always know what is cold. That's why the best way to keep you and your Shiba Inu warm this winter season is with the new super soft and cozy fleece Shiba Inu Winter Blanket. Available in two sizes, they're made of an ultra-soft, high-quality material that celebrates everything we love about our favorite dog breed. 3D ear flaps show off the cuteness factor with a little hoodie that is snuggly big enough to keep your ears and neck warm.

Sherpa Fleece Shiba Inu Blanket


'My kids adore these soft and thick blankets because they're decorated with their favorite dog breed.'

Kylie T., our customer Colorful design and warm fleece for cozy nights: Stay warm and cozy this winter with a Shiba Inu blanket! It's great for snuggling up to on the couch while watching Netflix. Plus, our Shiba Inu design is super cute. It wraps around you like a hug on those cold nights (but don't worry about it grabbing too tight) and cuddles up close to your furry friend (they deserve their own snuggle session after what they do for us!).
The blanket features super silky fleece and the quality and colorful prints of Shiba Inu dogs. Whether you're looking for a covering for your child or you want to surprise your favorite person, this blanket will suit them both. Features:
  1. The blanket is made of silky fleece
  2. Thick and warm layer for chilling on the couch
  3. Machine washable
  4. Available in many colors and sizes
  5. Decorated with cute Shiba Inu faces
Why we love it? Make your loved ones cuddle up with this Sherpa Fleece Winter Blanket. It is made of soft and cozy fleece, which will soothe you and your kiddos in the winter. Besides its lovely design, it also comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit everybody! Make your weekend laziness even more exciting with the Sherpa Fleece Winter Blanket! There'll be enough place for your dog too.

Shiba Inu Plush Blanket & Pillow


'The blankets are so cuddly and my kiddos adore the option it transforms into a pillow.'

Niko R., our customer 2 in 1 product that youngest family members will adore: You can't get any warmer than this cozy blanket! Transform it into a Shiba Inu dog that will serve as a pillow during noon chill. The blanket is made from fleece to create warmth and comfort all year long. It's perfect for just relaxing by the fireplace or curling up on the couch. Use it as a gift idea for your favorite Shiba persons or even give it to yourself!
Since this cute blanket comes in a small size, it will be enough to warm up your feet or snuggle up your child. Choose among three colors and let one of these fuzzy creatures become your fav item when traveling, relaxing in nature, or enjoying weekend in your house. Features:
  1. Size: 80cm x 1 m
  2. Made of plushy fleece
  3. Available in 3 colors
  4. Kids gonna love this 2 in 1 product
  5. Practical layer for cold days
  6. Machine washable at 30 C
Why we love it? There's isn't anything better than spending a lazy weekend and watching movies with your four-legged friend. The only thing you'll need is our Shiba Inu Plush Blanket & Pillow to warm you up and make you feel cozy. The blanket can be packed in a 3D Shiba Inu pillowcase when you want to use it as a pillow. On the other hand, you can also use it as a soft blanket while chilling on your couch. Another great feature about this product is that it's machine washable at 30 C.

Shiba Inu Throw Blanket


'It became my fav partner when enjoying a movie marathon on Sunday. Soft, lightweight, and warm enough for crispy evenings.'

Natasha Q., our customer The blanket that every Shiba Inu owners needs to own: Feel the warmest and the softest touch of fleece every time you want to have a rest in your bedroom or living room. Use it wherever you want, even when you go on a picnic. Thanks to its lightweight design, this blanket is easy to pack and carry around. It features printed Shiba Inus that will always remind you of how much you adore these furry creatures.
A perfect blanket that is warm, soft, and fits all occasions. Whether you're sleeping in bed or cuddling on the couch with your favorite movie, this fleece blanket will be completely comfortable for any time of day or night. And with its adorable printed Shiba Inu dogs on the front side. It might even make your dog jealous! Features:
  1. Made from soft, warm, and silky fleece
  2. Ideal gift for Shiba Inu owners
  3. Machine washable at 30 C
  4. Available in different sizes
Why we love it? Who doesn't love cuddling up with their pup? Cuddle in its warmth and try not to drool on it. This Shiba Inu blanket is available in a wide variety of designs so you can pick one that matches your room's decor the best. You will be glad to have this gift for any occasion, whether it's Christmas or just as an excuse to spend more time snuggling your favorite furball. The blanket is perfect for staying warm and cozy when you're curled up in bed, caught up in front of the TV, or wasting away by the fire. This soft blanket features cuddly little Shibas in different poses so it's easy to find one that is just right for you--whether you prefer lounging around like a lazy cat or can't get enough time out exercising. You'll always be able to snuggle down with this both indoors and outdoors because there are dozens of patterns available!  

Shiba Inus Overload Soft Blanket


'I got all of the cuteness and warmth of my Shiba Inu in a blanket! '

Arya L., our customer The warmest touch for crispy days: Whether you're relaxing on the couch after a long day, taking a nap in your dorm room, or staying cozy at home on a chilly autumn evening, our Shiba Inu Fleece Blanket is perfect for any occasion. The blanket features an ultra-soft fleece exterior and a comfortable polyester interior. It's lightweight but still provides superior warmth!
Perfect for chilling on the couch after an exhausting and long day, this fleece blanket features Shiba Inu dogs emblazoned on it. Available in different sizes, this lightweight blanket provides superior warmth. It is perfect for cuddling with your favorite pup or partner! Features:
  • Size: 100cmx120cm,120cmx150cm,150cmx200cm,150cmx220cm
  • Made of super soft micro plush
  • Emblazoned with adorable Shiba Inus
  • Machine washable at 30 c
  • Ideal for chilly temperatures
  • Silky and soft in touch
Why we love it?  Who says the warmth and fuzziness of a blanket are only for people? With our SHIBA INU blanket, your loveable Shiba Inu buddy can get in on the cuddling action--perfect for couples or longtime pet owners. Made with beautiful plush cotton Sherpa fabric to keep you both warm, this cozy piece is the best gift for someone who loves their adorable canine companion. This cozy design has all the cute of an illustrated pup. Grab one for yourself or someone you know who loves these pooches with us.

Swimming Shiba Inu Blanket


' There's no better feeling than getting a warm and silky touch of this blanket when I snug on the couch after work.'

Ben W., our customer If you've ever wanted to snuggle up with cute Shiba Inu puppies, now's your chance! This cozy fleece blanket features a warming fuzzy side and a fluffy smooth side so whatever mood suits you there's always an option. Nothing feels more fulfilling than using it as a decorative covering to bring some life into your bedroom.
You know that moment when you're relaxing on the couch after an especially long day and all of a sudden you can't find your favorite fleece blanket? This is the perfect solution. With Shiba Inu dogs printed right on this ultra-soft double-sided blanket, there are no more worries about having to search for it again. Put it anywhere in your home—end table, bedroom, living room—and get full enjoyment from its cozy goodness anytime. Features:
  1. Dimensions: 100x125cm, 125x150cm, 125x200cm, 150x200cm
  2. Made of super soft micro plush
  3. Extremely soft and cozy in touch
  4. Embellished with Shiba Inus
  5. Ideal gift for kids
Why we love it? If you love Shiba dogs, this is the perfect blanket for your bed. It's soft and cozy with a fun design that will make it an instant favorite. The exquisite Shiba Inu blanket is here to save you from a cold night! Made of the softest material that will warm up any room, this long furry blanket is perfect for snuggling in bed or on the couch. Imbued with love and patience, these blankets come embroidered with your favorite breed of dog - the Shiba Inu. This one-of-a-kind item makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves this adorable canine or has been devoted to raising one themselves.

Why you’re gonna love our Shiba Inu blankets for dogs and their parents?

At the end of the day, we all want to curl up on the couch with our furry friends. Thanks to our affectionate four-legged friends, we never feel lonely because their cuddly faces really make our days better. Since we can’t imagine spending a lazy weekend without our favorite blankets, it’s the ultimate time to check our wide assortment for dogs and their parents. Blankets for Shiba Inus and their parents feature the softest and the finest mix of fabrics that are skin-friendly and provide a feeling of warmth.

Whether you’re searching for a blanket that you’ll use daily when you jump on the couch after work, or to stay snug during cold nights, we have them all! Shiba Inu-inspired blankets will be there to make you comfy, relaxed, and safe.