Have a good start of the day with our mugs emblazoned with Shiba Inus. Whether you’re a coffee or a tea person, mugs are definitely the first items we search for from the moment we wake up. Available in different sizes and embellished with inspiring messages and Shiba Inu characters, moments of joy and happiness are guaranteed!

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Shiba Inu 3D Mug


' Cute popping Shiba Inu figure on the front really makes my day!'

Hiroto Z., our customer Unique details and quality craftsmanship: Let your day start with a cup of good and strong black coffee. Shiba Inu 3D Mug will be enough reason to put a smile on your face every day!  Who doesn't enjoy a nice hot drink? There's nothing quite like the perfect mug paired with a soothing breakfast and an invigorating cup of coffee. You may have been guilty of accidentally breaking your lovely cups in the past - but please not worry! Now you can easily tote around this durable ceramic mug and use the spoon to add brown sugar or honey to your tea. When these details are combined there's a cuteness overload! Be sure to take good care of these Shiba Inu mugs by following all instructions closely and making sure you never microwave because they're made for optimal heating.
The perfect mug that will make your friends and family jealous - we've never seen anyone with a mug like this before. With an adorable Shiba inu dog on the side, not to mention it comes with a lid and a spoon (and who doesn't need both of those?). Features:
  1. A handle that looks like a wooden stick
  2. The practical lid on the top
  3. Capacity: 420 ml
  4. The set contains the cup, lid, and spoon
  5. Dishwasher safe
  6. Available in 4 colors
  7. Ideal gift for Shiba Inu lovers and owners
Why we love it? Whether you're a coffee or tea lover, this cute Shiba Inu Mug will be practical for enjoying any type of drink. Just remove the lid and spoon, and turn this mug into your favorite cup for a coffee. You can choose between 4 colors, and the peeking Shiba will always remind you of your cute fluffy friend. The mug is made of ceramic and it's also dishwasher safe. The handle that reminds of wooden sticks gives a raw and natural appearance.  

Shiba Inu Double Glass


'It's perfect for juice, water, and other soft drinks. Shiba Inu shop has the best dog-inspired items around!'

Juan H., our customer Unique 3D design inspired by Shiba Inus: This is the ideal way to enjoy a fizzy beverage without worry. Other glasses can crack and leak all they want, but our just laughs at them from on high. This Shiba Inu-inspired glass has a rocking 3D design of the Shiba Inu head that will make every sip pleasant. A perfect gift for any devoted owner! The 3D head looks so real, it'll make your dog want to lick the glass!
Made of borosilicate glass, this adorable glass will bring a unique and stylish pick to your collection of glasses and mugs. Surprise your favorite person and celebrate the love for these fluffy creatures. Nothing can make your day like a Shiba Inu smile, so that's why we decided to decorate it with a smiling Shiba's head. Features:
  1. Size: 8.5*8.5*9cm (handmade)
  2. Packing size: 10*10*10cm
  3. Capacity: 220 ml ( 7.4 oz )
  4. Material: borosilicate glass
  5. Manufacturing: Handmade
  6. Temperature: -20 ° C to 150 ° C
Why we love it? Show us your love for Shiba Inus and get this super cute drinking glass! This 220 ml cup features a double borosilicate glass on the inside with the adorable head of a Shiba Inu. Quality made, easy to drink from; it's perfect for juice, water or other cold beverages. You can even drink your favorite liquor in style from now on. Available in 4 colors, now is not only time to make some room on the shelf but also show off that awesome new kitchen accessory!

Shiba Inu Glass


'It can be used to drink anything from juice to water and soft drinks like Fresca® around the house.'

Kate U., our customer Unique design and double glass for a better quality: Enjoy the relaxing moments of sipping your favorite drink from this adorable Shiba Inu Glass! Introducing glass with a 3D shape of a Shiba Inu's head on the inner layer, it's made from double glass that is built to last. This kitchen accessory is suitable for drinking juice, water, and other soft drinks.
The glass is a perfect way to show your love for Shiba Inu. Since it's available in transparent design, your Shiba will turn red, green, and white whenever you pour your favorite drink inside. Just imagine you're enjoying an icy cocktail while sunbathing by the pool on a hot summer day. This glass and a smiling Shiba's face will be the only things you'll need besides your four-legged friend. Let your kitchen gear become cute and stylish with this awesome collection of glasses! Features:
  • made of double glass
  • ideal for drinking juice, cocktails, and water
  • emblazoned with cute and smiling Shiba Inu face
  • ideal gift for Shiba Inu owners
Why we love it? Add a cute and lovely Shiba Inu glass to your collection of items inspired by the fluffiest creatures on Earth. Emblazoned with an adorable Shiba Inu's face, you'll show everyone how much you love your four-legged friend.  The glass features a volume of 200ml and it's made of double glass.  

Shiba Inu Mug & Lid


'The mug with the cutest lid that displays the most adorable smile in the canine world.'

Nikolay Z., our customer One of the best gifts for Shiba Inu owners: Let your day start with a cup of good and strong black coffee! If you're one of those Shiba Inu owners who adore buying items inspired by lovely Shibas, then this mug will be your favorite pick for a morning routine. The ceramic much is available in two colors and it comes with a cute Shiba Inu lead and a ceramic spoon. The lid is made in the shape of a Shiba Inu's head, and it's suitable to use when drinking hot drinks. When you use it without a lid, this mug will be a perfect pick for coffee, milk, and hot chocolate. 
It will bring happiness to your hands as you sip away at an old memory or make new ones with this adorable smiling Shiba Inu mug. There are so many reasons to love this cozy ceramic piece! There's nothing like drinking hot, steamy tea on a cold snowy day. It's the perfect way to wrap up in cozy blankets while you sip slowly on your mug of coffee or tea with honey or sugar. Don't be surprised if your dog joins you for an impromptu cuddle session just because they want to get closer to that lovely warmth. There is one problem though. Many mugs available are either too heavy and bulky to grip when it's not warm anymore or come with all sorts of clunky handles that litter the table so much. This ceramic mug solves all those woes by being lightweight but sturdy at the same time. Features:
  1. Made of high-quality ceramics
  2. The capacity of the lid- 150 ml
  3. The capacity of the cup- 350 ml
  4. The lid can serve as a bowl for milk and cereals
  5. Comes with a ceramic spoon
  6. Available in 2 colors
Why we love it? Besides this mug looks gorgeous, it's also very practical to use for serving breakfast. The lid can be used for milk and cereals, while the mug is perfect for a coffee or tea. The lid looks like a Shiba Inu's head and it's available in grey and beige colors. We are sure that every Shiba Inu lover and admire would love to have this mug in his/her collection. Choose your favorite color and let your day start with plenty of love for these foxy creatures.  

Why you should start a day with Shiba Inu Mugs?

Taking the first sip of a morning coffee is a pretty intimate moment, isn’t it? Since it’s something that only coffee lovers can describe, we should let them enjoy their morning routine. However, for Shiba Inu parents, those moments of happiness would be complete if they drink their favorite drink from a mug emblazoned with Shiba Inus.

Whether you’re searching for a gift to surprise your special person or to refresh your mug collection, we’re sure you’ll find everything you need. Perfect for the moments of chill, these mugs with Shiba Inus will improve your mood instantly. And, that’s not all! You’ll also find mugs embellished with funny quotes about Shibas!