Specially selected to provide your living place with luxurious, unique, and elegant details, Shiba Inu ornaments will show everyone that these pooches take a special place in your heart. Whether you want to buy a statue, wall clock, or a classy wooden ornament, our wide selection will help you make the right decision.

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Shiba Inu Night Lamp


' With this lovely night lamp, my kids are no longer afraid of the dark. It shines exactly as it should.'

Luna B., our customer A stylish lamp for every type of interior: Introducing the newest member of your household, Shiba Inu LED lamp. You can't turn off his stellar cuteness. With cool colors and terrific colorful skills, it's sure to be a hit in your house. There are so many pre-programmed light modes that it'll never get boring either. Changing colors and enjoying a pleasant glow will decorate your living place with a special detail.
The lamp is made of transparent acrylic and features different color modes. Since it's USB rechargeable, it represents a money-saving option. It can also work on batteries, and the remote controller allows you to set different light modes. Whether you're searching for a night lamp for your kids' bedroom or just to use it as a decoration in evening hours, this lamp will surely become your favorite pick. The quality acrylic material is durable and double-layered, so it will last for years. Features:
  1. 7 colors to choose from and automatically color-changing mode with a touch-button switch.
  2. 16 Color modes with a touch button switch and remote controller.
  3. the light can be controlled both by the touch button and remote controller
  4. 1x Acrylic Plate, 1x Base, 1x Remote Controller ( optional ), 1x USB Cable, 1x English Instructions
  5. Power Mode: USB/Battery (Battery not included), Light Source: LED, Light Color: 7 Color Change or 16
  6. Color Change, Light Pattern: 3D Stereoscopic Figure (As Pictures Show), Switch Mode: Touch Switch
  7. Touch Switch+Remote controller, Product voltage: 5v, Product power: 3w
Why we love it? Wake up or go to bed with the adorable Shiba Inu lamp each and every night. This mini lamp will illuminate your space in a comforting soft white light while it watches over you until you fall asleep. Shiba Inu night lamp is the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room. Kids will love it because let's be honest, who doesn't love Shiba Inus?? The lamp is made of ABS plastic and allows you to change the color as much as you want! You know what they say, "Nighty-night!"

Shiba Inu Space Capsule Power Bank


'It doesn't only look incredibly cute but it also helps my phone stay fully charged while I'm out'

Vladimir E., our customer The first aid for your tablet or phone while you're outdoors: Choose a fun way to recharge your phone and tablet by using this cute Shiba Inu Space Capsule Power Bank. Thanks to this supercharger, your phone battery will always stay full. We can all agree that empty batteries on our phones and tablets are hair-raising experiences, especially during working hours. Therefore, this Shiba Inu Space Capsule Power Bank will become your first aid wherever you go.
Whether you're traveling or spending plenty of time outdoors, this cute Shiba Inu charger will always be ready to step in. Besides, in case you love the design, you can also use it as a cute home decoration. The lovely space Shiba will shine and serve as a pleasant evening light up to 30 days when it's fully charged. Features:
  1. Rechargeable
  2. It has an integrated10000 mA Li-ion battery.
  3. The iPhone 11 can be charged 2.5 times, while the iPad mini can be charged 1.5 times.
  4. It features a light effect during charging
  5. It can serve as a cool evening light. It can last for more than 30 days when it's fully charged
  6. Charging base
  7. The product is made of ABS+PVC, durable, environmentally friendly, and safe.
  8. Fast charging ability
  9. The bottom features silicone buttons and protective pads, which support an 18w fast charge.
  10. The space capsule and the power bank base are separable and connected by magnetic attraction. The multiple contacts below are connected to the mobile power supply for charging.
  11. Material: ABS+PVC
  12. Power supply: Built-in lithium battery
  13. Battery capacity: 10000MAH
  14. USB 1 interface: Normal fast charge(5V/2A); USB 2 interface: 5V/3.6A(18W fast charge); Type-C: Two-way fast charge(18W)
  15. Input: DC 5-12V/18W; Input1: DC 5V/2A; Input2: DC 5-12V/18W; Charging time: 3-4H
Why we love it? Shiba Inu owners would definitely love to have this power capsule because it'll always remind them of their fluffy creatures. This power bank will be of great help when traveling and spending a day outdoors. It takes up little space and can also work as a LED lamp.    

Shiba Inu Wooden Lamp


'A stylish night lamp that can serve a variety of purposes. I love the eco-friendly elements on it.'

Mario Q., our customer Choose a unique way to decorate your bedroom: Help fight your fear of the dark alongside this adorable Shiba Inu Wooden Lamp! Get a relaxing bedtime experience because no one can guard you better than a Shiba. It's made of durable wood and has gently crafted edges. You can attach it to the wall or place it on your night table if you love reading books before sleep. The lamp features a LED strip and provides up to 50.000 hours of work.
The best lamp you'll get next to your bed is one with a Shiba Inu on it. This LED night lamp made of wood will make an excellent addition to your desk, living room, or wherever you need some good lighting while catching up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones and reading about which spin-off show HBO has in the works. Features:
  1. LED strip includes
  2. It provides up to 50.000 hours of work
  3. It's made of eco-friendly elements
  4. Perfect idea for a gift
  5. Inspired by the love for Shiba Inus
  6. Size: 190x190x30mm
  7. Product color: warm white light
  8. Switch mode: button
  9. Product Specifications: 5V 1A 2.5W
  10. Power supply method: USB cable (included)
  11. Product weight: 0.55kg
  12. Single package: 24x20x3.8cm
Why we love it? This Shiba Inu lamp provides a soft and sweet warm-white light. A unique shape carving makes it look attractive, romantic, and ideal for the living room, bedroom, study room, and dormitory. It's extremely lightweight and environmentally friendly and made of high-quality wood plastic composite material.    

A perfect selection of Shiba ornaments for moms and dads

Choosing the right gift for a Shiba mom or dad might sound challenging. However, with ornaments- you can never go wrong! A lovely Shiba Inu statue made of resin will perfectly sit on the office desk or night table.

On the other hand, a wall clock will always be there to remind you of your pooch who always stays by your side. Regardless of what item you choose, you can be sure that you’ll stay surrounded by your Shiba’s love and spirit wherever you step in. Those energetic and affectionate pooches definitely deserve to find special places in our interiors. Our beautifully crafted Shiba Inu ornaments make a great addition to every corner in the house.