Keep your Shiba Inu entertained and happy every day with our great selection of dog toys. Shiba Inu toys will keep the dogs’ minds engaged and will help them get a daily dose of physical and mental exercise. Let your dog spend his excess energy and wake up his intelligence in the best way!

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Cute Shiba Inu Plush Toy


'My little girl got thrilled with this plush Shiba Inu toy that reminds us of our dog.'

Travis G., our customer
The cutest pick of Shiba Inu plush toys:
When in need of something soft, cuddly, and snuggly, make sure you have a Cute Shiba Inu Plush Toy by your side! The cuteness of the Shiba Inu is captured in this soft toy. The fluffy, fuzzy toy can be a great gift for a loved one or a child who has an obsession with these furry creatures to brighten their day and heart.

The newest craze on Instagram, the Shiba Inu-shaped Plush Toy takes love into consideration for those who are often surrounded by their many pets. From house breakers to pent-up aggressors, these toys will never betray them! With two colors of plush options - brown or cinnamon -, there's always a friend waiting at home for new owners ready to be committed head over heels.
  1. Ideal decoration to place it on the sofa
  2. Made of soft plush
  3. Filled with pp cotton
  4. Width: 10cm/7.87", Length: 20cm/7.87" (Approx.)
Why we love it? Being a Shiba Inu owner brings so many great things to your life. Besides having a loyal companion, you'll also have a great protector who is always in the mood to explore the environment. Therefore, playing with toys is over needed to prevent these fluffy friends from chewing. If your pooch often carries around toys, then you gotta know it's only one of the ways to satisfy his hunting instinct. Plush toys will also help your Shiba to feel entertained and occupied when spending time alone. Since they possess quite high energy levels, toys represent a real treasure for these foxy pooches.  

Giant Shiba Inu Plush Toy


'The softest plush toy I adore using as a pillow!'

Tucker D., our customer The softest plush toy & pillow in one:
Complete your plush toy collection with a giant smiling Shiba Inu that will always be in the mood for cuddling. Famous for its fluffy coat, this toy is like no other pillow you've ever had. Our fluffy animal is about to tear your heart out with its tiny charm and lets you hug it all night long! Made with high-quality material, this plush toy will make your furry friend happy to carry it around. With its pastel and neutral colors and soft coat, this giant Shiba Inu toy will be taking center stage for years to come.

Say no to gifts that are boring, ugly, unimaginative. This huggable character can be given to anyone you desire whether it be your child or girlfriend who will definitely find every reason to fall in love with this furry cutie pie. Features:
  1. Made of soft and silky plush
  2. Ideal to use as a decoration to a kid's room
  3. Perfect gift for Shiba owners
  4. Available in two sizes and colors
Why we love it?
A cuddly plush dog with cute stumpy legs and arms can be the perfect first canine friend for your little one. Besides, adults will also love it too. This Giant Shiba will be the perfect cuddly companion both for kids and humans of all ages. The toy will even be suitable for dogs who need emotional support during the time of loneliness. In that way, we can prevent them from suffering from separation anxiety. This plush Shiba features smiling and sleepy faces and it's available in two colors and sizes. in case you want to surprise a Shiba Inu owner with a special gift, this would definitely be the right pick.  

Interactive Shiba Inu Puzzle Toy


'My Shiba plays hours and hours with this toy while I'm finishing my errands'

Tom U., our customer The best Shiba Inu toy to keep a dog occupied and entertained: Keep your dog entertained, improve his intelligence, and teach him to eat slowly with this fun and interactive Shiba Inu Puzzle Toy. This clever toy features hidden compartments that require tricky sniffing and paw-work to score a delicious diet obstacle. A dog's appetite will stay in check, while he improves his intelligence with this companion game designed expressly to keep them busy during the owner's absence.
A good, old-fashioned dog puzzle toy is the perfect way to spend those long hours without your beloved 4-legged friend. This one not only has hidden compartments that you fill with irresistible treats for pooches to find as they work their little canine brains, but also helps teach them to eat slowly -- just like humans! Features:
  1. The toy is available in different shapes and designs
  2. It's made of wood or non-toxic PVC
  3. An ideal choice for anxious dogs who chew home items
  4. Improves the dog's intelligence and makes a dog to work for the food
Why we love it? This Shiba Inu toy is available in many shapes and options, and it allows you to teach your dog to eat slowly. At the same time, it will help your Shiba to work for his food and distract the attention from the owner's absence. To use this toy, you should hid the treats inside of hidden boxes and your Shiba will have to discover how to reach them.

Interactive Shiba Inu Tableware


'It became my favorite pick to serve my Shiba's meal and teach him to eat slowly.'

Klaus G., our customer Specially designed for greedy eaters and anxious pups: Choose a fun way to serve your dog's meal by putting his dry kibble food into secrets boxes. This treat puzzle will become one of your dog's favorite toys. It can provide days’ worth of entertainment to keep your pup happy while you're away at work, school, or on vacation. Your furry companion will become smarter because his brain needs constant interaction! The nice trick is that since it's so complex and appealing, your Shiba will be happy with just a few treats each day.
It is no secret that our canine companions desperately cling to us when we leave the house. That's why it's essential to keep their minds occupied and entertained. The puzzle feeder features hidden spaces perfect for hiding delicious treats, so your Fido stays diverted and engaged while you are away. As he figures out where the food is hidden inside of each container, he will pleasantly spend his time instead of showing signs of anxiety. Features:
  1. The ideal training box for anxious pooches
  2. It helps in training a dog to eat slowly
  3. It features an anti-slip surface
  4. Perfect pick for greedy eaters
  5. It can be used to serve the dog's meal
  6. Improves the dog's intelligence
  7. Made of durable and non-toxic PVC
  8. You can place the dog's dry kibble or treats inside the hidden boxes
Why we love it? Your Shiba Inu will stay curious to find out how this interactive mat works. You just need to choose your favorite shape and put the dog's dry kibble into each hidden box. Since the dog will become attracted by the smell of treats, he will need to open/move the lids to reach the food. This Shiba Inu toy will also be the perfect solution for greedy eaters who eat fast and choke. Therefore, choose your favorite shape and let your dog eat with a style!    

Interactive Shiba Inu Toothbrush


'I found the best and easiest way to keep my Shiba Inu's teeth clean'

Angelina Q., our customer A dog toothbrush and chewing treat in one product: Keeping your Shiba Inu's teeth and gums healthy will help prevent oral pain and different dental diseases. Luckily, with our Interactive Shiba Inu Toothbrush, your dog's teeth will remain healthy, free of tartar, plaque, and other potential issues. Since dog dental hygiene is equally important as yours, choosing the appropriate dental cleaning toy will be the least you can do for him.
The toy features dozens of rubber pins that will gently and thoroughly clean the plaque and tartar from your Shiba Inu's teeth. It comes with a non-slip bottom that will firmly stand on tiles and other glossy surfaces. Your pooch can use it during the teething phase to release the pain and later through his lifetime to remove tartar and plaque. Features:
  1. made of non-toxic and durable rubber
  2. available in different colors
  3. the rubber pins massage the dog's gums and successfully clean his teeth
  4. easy to clean
  5. it features a hidden hole to add a dog toothpaste
Why we love it? This dog toy represents the ultimate solution for brushing the dog's teeth. You can choose when you want to use it as a toy or brush because it features a hole in the middle where you can add peanut butter or dog toothpaste. The durable yet soft pins will massage the dog's gums and help in removing tartar and plaque. At the same time, the toy is great for releasing stress, especially if your pup is going through a teething phase.

Round and Witty Shiba Inu Toy


'I found a perfect pillow and a toy inspired by my favorite dog breed. It's round and big enough for noon naps!'

Tiffany V., our customer
Unique and funny design that catches everyone's eye:
A supersoft, snuggly, and round Shiba Inu is a perfect playtime companion and bedtime buddy that will make your little one tucked away and peaceful. This fatty plush pup isn't just for kids. Whether you want to surprise your friend, girlfriend, or some other special person, this cuddly Shiba Inu Plush toy will get everyone excited. Choose among three colors, and celebrate the love for these witty creatures.

We’ve got the fluffiest toy for you. This shaggy Shiba is more than just adorable, with his playful expression and curly tail. Plus our designers spared no effort to make this cutie pie as comfy as can be; with soft PP cotton filling, it’s not hard to see why we call him the most lovable plush around! Grab this furry friend without delay and let him know how long you waited by giving him lots of loving squeezes. Features:
  1. It can be used both as a pillow and a toy
  2. Perfect for bedtime cuddles
  3. Suitable for kids, adults, and dogs
  4. Hand washable in cold water, air dry.
  5. Available in different colors
Why we love it? Just one look at this toy is enough for Shiba Inu fans to decide to add it to their toy collection. Specially crafted with plenty of love for these foxy creatures, this toy (or a pillow) represents the right pick for kids, dogs, and even adults. The hilarious facial expression and size are something that we especially love about this toy. Plush toys are practical for dogs to carry around, use as pillows and play during the owner's absence.

Shiba Inu Bite-Resistant Plush Toys


' This toy really helped my puppy easier deal with painful gums and teeth growing process.'

Karl C., our customer Durable toy that supports the dog's teething phase: Made from durable and ribbed plush, these Shiba Inu chew toys release a squeaky sound whenever your pup bites. The loud sound serves as a great deterrent against gnawing. And when they're done with those shenanigans, you can have some fun too with these unique squeaks.
This Shiba Inu toy is available in so many designs that you'll have a hard time choosing. Don't buy a cheap chew toy for your pooch because you will have to pick up the pieces every day. Try our plush squeaky toy for a better way to soothe your pup's gums during the teething process. The ribbed material stimulates teeth and reduces pain from chewing while looking adorable at the same time. Don't forget that very important safety feature: the squeaker adds extra entertainment when they're down for a good time with their favorite squeaky pal! Features:
  1. Available in 3 varieties
  2. Releases a squeaky sound
  3. Machine washable
  4. Made from ribbed plush that massage the gums
  5. Ideal for dealing with a teething phase
Why we love them? Give your dog the coolest chew toy around! These plush Shiba Inu toys will bring a fun time to any pet parent and make your dog drool with delight. Since they are made of durable and ribbed plush, they'll provide a pleasant massage to a dog's painful gums and trigger its attention with squeaky sounds. When they get dirty, you can wash them in a machine at 30c.

Shiba Inu Chew Toys


' Perfect for playing fetch in the house. The rope details and rubber plush are so durable.'

Martina B., our customer Help your furry friend implement positive chew behavior:  Take care of your dog's teeth and help him have a good chew habit by playing with one of our Shiba Inu Chew Toys. Get your forever friend a toy that will make him want to chew for hours on end. The tough fabric is durable while the rope will satisfy their teeth with every bite. Whether you have a small puppy or an old pooch, this toy will be perfect for all of your cuddles. Available in many shapes and colors to fit any personality, animal lovers rejoice!
In case you've been searching for Shiba Inu toys that will handle your dog's sharp teeth and powerful jaw, then this is the right pick. Shiba Inus were bred to catch small prays, so these plush toys will remind him/her to one of those. If you start teaching your pup what to chew from an early age, then you'll be able to leave the house cold head without being worried whether he'll make accidents. Features:
  1. Made of plush and durable rope
  2. Ideal for puppies who deal with the teething phase
  3. It helps in removing tartar and plaque
  4. Machine washable
  5. Made of non-toxic and safe materials
Why we love it? Your dog will enjoy playing with these Shiba Inu toys because the ropes and ribbed plush will trigger his/her attention. You can choose between many varieties, and your pooch will get a thorough tooth cleaning. By allowing your pet to chew these toys, you'll prevent him from unwanted chewing. Besides, the ribbed plush and ropes will help in removing tartar and plaque which is one more reason why to include them in your dog's toy collection.  

Shiba Inu Coffee Time Plush Toy


'I'm in love with the giant version of a Shiba! It looks so cute in my bedroom!'

Giulia T., our customer The cutest gift a Shiba Inu owner could get: A huggable, snuggly Shiba Inu toy can be your and your dog's best friend. With their snuggly faces and squeezable bodies, these plush toys make great loveys for cuddling and chilling. And, do you think it's time for a coffee or tea? This Shiba Inu Plush Toy will keep your break more enjoyable. A soft plush toy of the Shiba Inu is perfect for dog lovers, coffee aficionados, and those who love to relax. Give your favorite pup a snuggle buddy that will always be there to share his unconditional love with you, no matter how late you're up working or a long day at work. This one may not want to let go if bedtime comes around again!
Carefully made of the softest plush you've ever touched, these cutie pies will decorate your bedroom, living room, and other special corners of the house. And when you feel down or nervous, just remember that a giant Shiba will be the perfect pillow to have a nap. Features:
  1. Available in three sizes
  2. Made of short, silky, and soft plush
  3. Filled with pp cotton
  4. Perfect for bedtime cuddling
  5. BPA, phthalate and lead-free.
  6. Hand washable
  7. Cute gift for kids and adults who love Shiba Inus
Why we love it? Choose between small, medium, big, and giant Shiba Inu plush toy that carries a cup of coffee or tea. These wonderful stuffed and snuggly creatures can serve as pillows while chilling on the couch or as a decoration to your and your kid's room. Besides, your dog will also love to spend time with toys because they can keep him/her entertained. Dogs often carry around toys through the house because of their hunting instinct.  

Shiba Inu Cooling Chew Bone


'My dog gets an immediate cooling relief to her painful and swollen gums.'

Greta E., our customer First aid for a dog's painful gums: Provide your Shiba Inu with immediate pain relief in his swollen and irritated gums by using our Cooling Chew Bone. It works as a cooling compress when you place it in the fridge before use. Your dog will enjoy chewing it and will get a pleasant effect at the same time thanks to soft silicone pins. This Shiba Inu toy features a non-toxic material and will affect faster teeth growing.
We all know that the teething phase is the most irritating period in every dog’s life. Excessive slobbering, the constant need for chewing, and dealing with pains can severely affect not only your but also your Shiba's life. That's why buying different chew toys is a must-do task for every dog owner. The good news about this toy is that you can use it when applying a dog-approved gel for painful gums. Just pour a little bit of gel on the bone, and gently cross over the dog's gums. Features:
  1. The toy is made of durable and elastic silicone
  2. Non-toxic material
  3. The bone should be soaked in the bowl with water and placed in the fridge to cool off
  4. Works as a cold compress to a dog's painful gums
Why we love it? Dealing with the painful teething phase is definitely not a thrilling moment both for you and your pet. Therefore, it's essential to help your Shiba by providing him/her with adequate teeth pain relief. This cooling chew bone can be used as a daily chew toy or a cooling treat. To use it as a cooling toy, you can put it in a bowl with cold water and place it in the fridge to cool off. The rubber pins will trigger the dog's attention and provide a pain-relief massage to the gums.  

Shiba Inu Interactive Bone Toy


'It really helps my Shiba Inu to become pleasantly tired at home.'

Alessandro G., our customer
The best dog interactive bone for home conditions:
Help your Shiba Inu release his pent-up energy by providing him/her with an endless time of playing. This bone toy will never stop rolling even when colliding with walls and furniture. Wheels on the bus go round and round - like those of our rubber dog toy! But unlike other obnoxious rolling toys, this one won't stop until your pup is worn out. Made from durable high-quality rubber and PVC rings; we even set it to different modes to tire out more active dogs at their own pace!

With this Shiba Inu toy, you'll never run out of bones. You can make your dog entertained during the hours of your absence and prevent him from feeling anxious and depressed. Let your pooch have an exhausting afternoon with the flick of a switch! Take a load off and watch those doggy eyes light up for miles!
  1. Bone Weight: 570G
  2. Bone Size: 151.5*64*64mm
  3. Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
  4. Wireless connection: above BT4.0, 2.4GHz
  5. Maximum speed: 3.5 m/s
  6. Battery capacity: 470mAh
  7. Control distance: 20 meters
  8. Compatible devices: ios9.0 (or above) or Android (or above)
  9. Material: FDA class plastic and rubber
Why we love it?
Let your dog stay busy and entertained all day long. Choose between interactive auto-play modes or control the toy by installing an app on your phone. The toy is programmed to attract your dog’s attention and does not require manual operation! It features 12 types of emotionally driven systems and acts responsively to chasing, teasing, avoiding, etc.
Drive Mode: The great thing about this Shiba Inu toy is that you can control the dog toy through the Wicked bone available for iOS and Android), and move it with its virtual joystick.
Safe & durable: FDA food-grade polycarbonate of the body, cover, and tires, strong and soft, protects your puppy's claws and teeth. Long battery life: Built-in 470 mAh lithium polymer battery. USB charging for 1 hour, lasts more than 30 minutes in App mode, more than 2 hours in interactive mode, and 1 month in sleep mode!

Shiba Inu Interactive Feeding Egg


'One of the best toys that keeps my dog's mind occupied and a belly full!'

Martin U., our customer
The best exercise for your dog's mind and body:
Keep your Shiba Inu entertained and happy to spend time alone by allowing him/her to play with this Interactive Feeding Egg. You know that face when your dog finds a new toy? That's the face your pup will have when they find his/her very own grocery cart filled with goodies. The Interactive Feeding Egg is a toy in the shape of an egg or ball, perfectly sized for your Shiba Inu. With each movement of the toy, perforations are formed to release tasty kibble treats! With every move, this Shiba Inu toy will become more intriguing to your furry friend.

When your furry best friend is looking for a toy to keep them on their toes, turn to this interactive egg! This clever toy delivers kibble as they move it around. Keep things exciting by mixing up the treats! Choose the level of difficulty, and your Shiba Inu will spend hours and hours in playing. Features:
  1. The toy features different levels of difficulty
  2. You should add your dog's dry kibble inside of the egg
  3. Made of high-quality and non-toxic plastic
  4. It prevents a dog from fast eating
  5. A useful tool for preventing a dog from a separation anxiety
  6. Improves a dog's intelligence and make it occupied
Why we love it? This interactive feeding egg represents the ultimate solution for keeping your Shiba Ina entertained and occupied while you're at work. It features different levels of difficulty and every time your dog rolls it, the secret hole will release the dry kibble. This egg can also be a great option for dogs who eat fast or tend to chew on home items. Since food and toys are the main motivational tools for every dog in the world, what would be a better item for your vivacious pet? You can use this egg to improve Shiba Inu's intelligence, prevent him from fast eating, and keeping him occupied.

Why do I need to buy Shiba Inu Toys?

Shiba Inus are highly active, energic dogs that are bred to chase birds and enjoy outdoor adventures with their humans. Due to these facts, their owners should occupy their minds with toys that will keep them entertained. Shiba Inu puppies especially need mental stimulation in order to build calm and confident personalities. Since they tend to chew a lot during the painful teething phase, we need to prevent them from destructive chewing on home items by teaching them to play with toys.

Shiba Inu toys can also help during training lessons because they can be used for rewards. On the other hand, for anxious pooches, we’ve also prepared interactive dog toys that distract the attention and teach them to use their minds to get rewards.