How To Prevent Shiba Inu Biting And Nipping Behavior?

shiba inu biting

Shiba Inus belong to hunting dogs, so they should exhibit some of their innate characteristics. Does your Shiba Inu bark and chase other animals? This is an innate trait that every individual of this breed possesses. Do you see any habits like biting when playing or getting worked up over food frustrations? Although these behaviors may be amusing at first, it’s important to teach your dog how to properly act in certain situations. Shiba Inu biting and nipping behavior can cause many troubles in the future if left untreated. Therefore, training a Shiba Inu is essential to living with an obedient and confident pet.

Why is important to teach your Shiba Inu to stop biting?

Training your Shiba Inu to stop biting may not be easy. However, it will help you tailor your Shiba Inu personality and grow into a healthy pet.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to prevent him from biting and then focus on obedience training and asserting yourself as a pack leader. In that way, your Shiba will learn who’s ultimately responsible for his behavior. You’ll also want to look at other more productive outlets that will keep your Shiba occupied instead of engaging in negative behaviors like chewing up furniture or eating things off the floor. That could make them sick because dogs rely heavily on scent and taste when identifying objects around a home environment.

shiba inu biting

Shiba Inu biting and nipping- How to start with training lessons?

One of the first things you have to do is to teach your Shiba to walk on the leash. Even though they can act stubbornly in the beginning, you should stay consistent and use different training methods. Keep your Shiba Inu busy and focused with snacks and set aside min 20 min for a training lessons. With constant repetitive sessions, you’ll sooner see the results. Every training should be ‘filled’ with positive energy so your pet can show improvement. Dogs don’t like feeling bored during training lessons. They’re just like kids. With positive reinforcement in teaching, they can learn many tricks and commands.

shiba inu biting

What are the best redirecting methods?      

Since Shiba Inus are highly active dogs, they need adequate activity to release excessive energy. It’s only one of the steps to prevent them from biting behavior. Therefore, exercise is the first step to achieve the goal.

Go on long strolls            

Take your dog to long daily walks. Do not allow your Shiba to walk or run unleashed because they’re famous ‘escape artists’. Their hunting scent is very strong, so they’ll wait for an opportunity to run away whenever they can. Shiba Inu biting behavior can be triggered by their excessive energy, so we have to devise creative training lessons to satisfy their temperant.

Play tug of war

Tug of war is a useful game that will help you channel your Shiba Inu’s aggression into a safe outlet.

shiba inu biting

Play fetch in your yard

Playing fetch with your Shiba Inu is recommended only in a closed and well-secured yard or inside the house. As we already mentioned, these furry friends are prone to escape behavior.

Schedule your Shiba Inu’s meals

Does your Shiba Inu get meals always at the same time of day? A Shiba Inu’s diet is important to maintain, and the owner should make sure they feed them at specific times each day. This will prevent bellyaches or frustration from lack of food throughout the day. It would also be helpful if there was an always topped-up water bowl for efficient hydration as well as regular bathroom breaks to avoid biting behaviors later on down the road due to a full bladder!

shiba inu biting

Spend time with your Shiba        

Although Shiba Inus are independent dogs, they still need to spend a certain amount of time with their owners. As a dog owner, you’re the only person in your pet’s life who he can rely on. Therefore, one of the steps to prevent Shiba Inu biting behavior is to satisfy his attention-seeking needs.

Use dog chew toys

Shiba Inu toys can help you redirect your dog’s attention from biting and chewing on home items. Buy interactive dog toys for your pet to show him there are better things to chew on than your shoes, sneakers, or furniture.

Use interactive Shiba Inu toys

Interactive dog toys such as puzzles, treat balls, and stuffed toys can keep your dog occupied and prevent biting behavior. Besides they can improve a dog’s intelligence, but they’ll also teach him what is allowed to chew.

Important tips to keep in mind when preventing a Shiba Inu biting behavior

Don’t use punishment methods

Punishment methods are not allowed because they can only worsen the problems. Shiba Inus are quite stubborn dogs, so they can respond with aggression if you use force or punishment. Therefore, play wisely, and outwit your pooch.

Obedience lessons          

Obedience lessons will teach your Shiba Inu the types of behavior that are and aren’t acceptable. Socialization is also important for socializing with other dogs to learn appropriate behaviors from them. Dogs often learn best by watching others do something first, so they can follow in their footsteps. It will improve both you and your dog’s ability to control each other when necessary.

Does your Shiba Inu suffer from separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety disorder can be followed by symptoms such as excessive barking, howling, chewing on home items, shaking, trembling, and even self-destructive behavior. If your dog seems over-attached and becomes anxious every time you have to leave the house, then you have to monitor his behavior and check whether he suffers from separation anxiety.

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