How To Deal With Shiba Inu Shedding?

Finding your dog’s fur all over your clothes, furniture, and carpets is definitely not a thrilling moment at all. Dealing with Shiba Inu shedding is an inevitable part of dog ownership, however, there are things you can do to ease the season of nerve-wracking cleaning. These tips will reveal to you a lot about the type of your Shiba Inu coat and what are the easiest ways to deal with quite a bit of fur.

What do you need to know about the Shiba Inu coat?

Originated from Japan, Shiba Inus were bred as hunting dogs. Since they used to spend a lot of time in nature, they possess double layers of coat that keep them warm and cozy in harsh weather conditions. As you may guess, double coats end up with excessive shedding. Their undercoat is soft and works as an isolator, while the outer layer is straight and thick.

When we talk about the Shiba Inu shedding season, they shed heavily twice a year. However, moderate shedding will also be present throughout the year.

shiba inu shedding

How to deal with your Shiba Inu shedding?

Since we all want to live with odorless and clean dogs, the best way to keep your Shiba’s coat in good condition is to perform regular brushing.

Shiba Inu’s coat should be brushed approximately once a week. In that way, you’ll evenly distribute the natural skin oils through the whole coat and make it look more shiny and nourished. Besides, brushing will also help you release the dander from the coat which is one of the greatest allergy triggers in humans.

During the shedding season, it’s advisable to perform brushing twice a week. To perform the brushing process, we recommend you do it in your bathroom or outside your house. For example, you can use your bathtub or spread an old blanket on your floor that will serve this purpose only. In case you choose your yard or some other open space, make sure you pick up as much hair as you can.

shiba inu shedding

What type of brush to choose for your Shiba Inu coat?

Even though Shibas have quite thick coats, you should avoid using hard brushes because they can cause bruises and cuts. Therefore, choose a brush with soft bristles as well as a comb with wider pins. Start by using a brush with soft bristles to brush through your Shiba’s coat. Brush in a circular motion, loosening up the fur and getting rid of any mats or tangles you find along the way. Make sure you get rid of knots and tangling while also massaging his skin for extra comfort before bathing.

shiba inu shedding

What else can help in dealing with Shiba Inu shedding?

Grooming visits can also help

Although Shibas don’t need a haircut like Poodles, they still need grooming sessions that will help them loosen the dead fur. With the help of a pet blow dryer and a high-powered hand sprayer, your little pup will get a complete ‘spa treatment.

shiba inu shedding

Regular bathing is ‘a must’

Shiba Inus are known as generally clean dogs. They love to lick their body parts to remove the dirt and allergens, so that’s why we often call them ‘cats in dogs’ suits’. A Shiba Inu’s fur is resilient to water and dirt, so they don’t need bathing very often. They can be bathed once a month or every two months on average to avoid skin allergies. Unfortunately, Shibas can develop allergies from excess washing along with the natural oil drying up too much.

Wear clothes

The last option to deal with your Shiba Inu shedding is to dress him/her into a lightweight jumpsuit. There are special lightweight dog jumpsuits that will keep the hair under until you take them off. This is advisable to perform outdoor because the dead hair can spread all over your living place.

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