Are Shiba Inus A Good Pick For First-Time Dog Owners?

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If you’re still having a dilemma about what dog breed to buy, there’re a few things to do before making a final decision. Since not every dog breed will fit every type of family, it’s essential to discover all the dog’s characteristics and needs before bringing it to a new home. When we talk about Shiba Inus and whether they’ll be a good pick for first-time dog owners, the answer of breeders is pretty clear. Shiba Inu breed is not recommended for humans who have never owned a dog before. Read on, and discover the reasons.

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Shiba Inus belong to primitive dog breeds

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Looks can be deceiving’. Shibas might look cute and fluffy, but they also possess strong personalities. Due to this, their owners should find the most appropriate way to outfox those foxy creatures.

Shiba Inus belong to primitive breeds. In other words, it’s a label given to the oldest dog breeds in the world. Unlike many of today’s breeds, primitive dogs avoided being crossed with other breeds and remain similar to their original form.

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Shiba Inus have pointed muzzles, wedge-shaped heads, long-curved tails, and upright ears just like their ancestors wolfs and foxes.

Are Shiba Inus difficult to train?

Since Shiba Inus have independent natures, they simply can’t be trained by using punishment. Otherwise, they can become stubborn and only show regression in training. Unlike other breeds that have been developed to respond with obedience when using punishment methods, Shibas have not developed this ability.

Therefore, Shiba Inus can’t be a good pick for inexperienced dog owners. You have to find the right methods and motivational tools to properly train your Shiba. In most cases, using treats and toys will help, as well as telling praise words.

The success depends only on you

Even if you decide to buy some other dog breed instead of Shiba Inu, it’s important to note that success in training depends only on you. Every dog needs a responsible owner who will be willing to invest plenty of time and energy in their dog’s training. Even French bulldogs who are known as one of the friendliest dog breeds in the world can show aggression and disobedience by living beside irresponsible owners.

Primitive Shiba Inus are very loyal, honest, and intelligent. If you’re being too challenging or you can’t find the way to outwit your pooch, then he/she will be less inclined to interact with you. Smart Shibas will always be ready to explicate your acts, behavior, and emotions.

How to live with an obedient Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inus will be the best pick for devoted dog owners who love to spend plenty of time outdoors. They are highly active dogs, so they need to get daily training to release the pent up energy. Otherwise, they can become destructive chewers at home.

shiba inu shedding

Socialization is the first step to acclimate your pooch with his/her environment, new people and other animals. This process should begin from your dog’s early age when he/she is approximately 2 months old. The so-called rapid mental development lasts from the 2nd to the 4th month, so during this period, your dog should be allowed to explore the outside world.

Be careful of their ‘escape’ spirit

We all know that Shibas originate from Japan and that have been bred to hunt small prey. Therefore, it’s nothing odd to see your pet pulling on the leash when he sees a squirrel, cat, or bird. Due to this fact, they should never be allowed to spend time unleashed when going on strolls.

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