Should I Get a Male or a Female Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inus are widely famous for their pointy ears, fox-like appearance, and rich curled tails. On the other hand, owning a Shiba puppy might sound challenging mostly because this breed is known for its stubborn nature and strong hunting instinct. However, there are some differences between a male and a female Shiba Inu that you have to know before bringing a puppy to your home.

A male of a female Shiba Inu- Which one should I get?

Visible differences between a male and a female Shiba Inu

As we all know, these cute foxes have rich and double-layered coats. If we would compare males and females, we will notice that females have slightly rounder heads and smaller ears. Both genders have pointy ears, but females have a bit shorter than males.

Besides, male Shiba Inus are bigger. The average weight of male Shiba Inus goes between 9-10kg, while females usually weigh between 6-8 kg. The height of male Shiba goes between 35-43 cm, while the height of females is approximately 33-41 cm.

male or a female shiba inu


Dog behavior specialists often say that male Shiba Inus are friendlier than female Shibas. Female Shiba Inus often deal with hormonal changes especially when they go into heat. That’s the time when they become more aggressive and nervous, especially toward strangers and unknown dogs.

Male Shiba Inus are easier to handle and train. They are outgoing, playful, and also more affectionate than females. So, sorry girls! This time males win!


Training lessons will be less challenging with males than with females. It’s because female Shiba Inus are more stubborn, they are trickier and more difficult to outwit. Just like human females, right? 

On the other hand, both genders are easy to potty train. You won’t have trouble with that part because Shibas are one of the cleanest dogs in the world. They love to lick themselves in order to stay clean. That’s why we can often hear they’re called ‘cats in dog bodies’.


Male Shiba Inus possess higher energy levels than females. So, in case you’re an active type of person who enjoys outdoor activities, then living with a male Shiba Inu will be the right decision. Male Shiba Inus also have stronger hunting instincts, so you have to be careful when choosing a harness and leash for your Shiba Inu. They should be made of solid fabrics that will sustain your pet’s pulling in case he sees a squirrel, a bird, or some other small prey.


There is no great difference between grooming male and female Shiba Inus. Both have double coats, however, females tend to lose more hair during the shedding season due to frequent changes in hormone levels.  

Lifespan expectancy

Shiba Inus are considered a healthy breed and tend to live between 13-16 years. Since male dogs are bigger in size, they’re on a higher tendency to develop hip dysplasia. However, the health of a dog will mostly depend on its inherited genes. That’s why it’s of great importance to check a puppy’s health history before you decide to buy it.