The Complete Guide To Cream Shiba Inu

Have you ever looked at a cream Shiba Inu and thought that it doesn’t really look like a Shiba? Despite being one of the main Shiba Inu coat colors, the cream color is the least desirable. In this article, we’ll go through the characteristics of a cream Shiba Inu coat and explain why it isn’t a proper representation of the breed.

cream shiba inu

Characteristics of the cream Shiba Inu coat

The most frequent Shiba Inu colors include red, black and tan, and sable. Sesame, which is a subgroup of sable, is a very popular color among Shiba Inu breed lovers. However, sesame Shiba Inus are quite rare as their color depends on a special type of genotype. The reason why Shibas have so many colors is the breed’s evolution. The colors evolved in order to help the dog adapt to its homeland’s environment. Even today, Shiba Inus coats can change color as they grow older.

When it comes to cream Shiba Inus, saying they cause controversy among the breeders wouldn’t be an overstatement. It goes up to the point that some breeders want to exclude the cream-colored genes from the gene pool. The reason behind it is that such a light coat makes it difficult to see the Urajiro – the unique white markings characteristic of Shiba Inus. The Urajiro is located on the sides of the mouth and cheeks, as well as on the neck, chest, and stomach. Strong and vibrant colors are another important aspect of the breed standard. As opposed to that, some cream Shiba Inus are so light they resemble white ones.

cream shiba inu


White vs. cream Shiba Inu – is there a difference?


The cream Shiba Inu is a variation of the red Shiba. Its color is quite rare and comes as a result of two recessive ‘e’ genes. These recessive genes are the reason why black hair doesn’t appear on a cream Shiba Inu’s body. Cream Shibas usually have some pigment on their ears, which makes them look like they’re wearing little earmuffs. Even though their coat is very light, it is not considered an albino coat.

Despite the fact that cream and white Shibas look alike, they are not exactly the same. The cream Shiba Inu’s fair coat has some red or grey shades, while truly white Shiba is usually albino or piebald. The puppies will be born white if they inherit two recessive alleles for white color. However, Shiba Inus can’t have both dominant piebaldism and recessive white genes. If by any chance that happens, they will be born blind due to eye deformities. To sum up, all cream Shibas can be perceived as white ones in a broader sense of the word. Still, for all the reasons mentioned above, not all white Shibas can be considered cream.

The cream Shiba Inu is usually not bred as the Japanese hold high standards for their national dog. For the same reason, the cream Shiba won’t be able to enter a show competition. But when we put all the standards and requirements aside, the cream Shiba Inus are unique and beautiful. They make great pets and devoted companions like all other Shibas.